CAP 29 - Part 6 - Defining Moves Discussion

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Alrighty, lets close up Defining Moves here:

The last moves I'm going to add to Optional is Ice Beam. There's been a lot of debate around what else could and should make the cut, and I view these as the best options that had a great deal of popular support. Ice coverage has consistently been pointed at as strong, and an effective half of many pairs of two move coverage- the exact thing that we've been pointing to the entire time as what we need to succeed. This ideally should give us a good deal of moves to calc with when it comes to stats without defining effectively the entire movepool of this CAP here and now.

I agree almost entirely with Quziel's post on Boomburst: it's a strong move, sure, but it doesn't fit this stage well because of its calc implications (or more clearly, its lack thereof). Normal type coverage has also been a split topic throughout this stage, with some supporting and others against it pretty clearly. I'm not opposed to circling back around to this when we finish up our movesets later on, but I'm leaving it off the Optional stage for Defining here.

To wrap us up, here's the official list of the Required and Optional Defining Moves for CAP 29:

Required: Calm Mind, Consistent 50% Recovery (Recover and it's clones, alongside Roost), Sludge Bomb, Dark Pulse
Optional: Coil, Strength Sap, Gunk Shot, Knock Off, Scald, Ice Beam

A few reminders, as well: Stat submissions with Optional moves will be under a different level of scrutiny when we get to those, and that this stage does not lock us out of much of anything. A move listed as Optional here can still be on a moveset even if the submission ignores it.

To quote the OP for emphasis on what Required and Optional moves mean here:

  1. Required: Stat spreads (or other future stages) must account for this move, these moves, or a choice of moves.
  2. Optional: Stat spreads (or other future stages) can elect to use this move, these moves, or a choice of moves.
Thank you guys for helping this step run as well as it has for the first one in CAP history. Up next is Threats!
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