CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

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WIP (1/3)


Bactrian + magnificent


WIP (2/3)


Grandiose + diamond


WIP (3/3)


Grandeur + mound

Intentional portmanteau of these words to sound like diamond.



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WIP (3/3)


A portmanteau of "camel" and "million"

Pronounced: "ca-MIL-lee-un"
IPA: [cæ'mɪliən]

did you know that CAP 31 was the first movie in history to sell one camillion tickets at the box office?
WIP 1/3


Camel (even-toed ungulates belonging to the suborder Tylopoda, known for their distinctive fatty humps) + Taj Mahal (famed Indian marble mausoleum built for Mughal emperor Shah Jahan to house his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal)

Pronounced: cam-MAHJ-hall

WIP 2/3


Bactrian (as in the variety of camel CAP 31 is inspired by) + Brilliant (used to describe some diamonds... and game remakes)

Pronounced: back-TRILL-ee-ent

WIP 3/3


Vizier (a high official in some Muslim states, particularly the old Ottoman Empire) + Bactriana (another name for the historical Bactria region)

Pronounced: VIZ-EER-ee-AH-nuh
WIP 1/3


Alzarkun (zircon in arabic) + Mutabah (ostentatious in arabic)

Zircon for its jewelry, and ostentatious as it displays excessive luxury and wealth.

WIP 2/3


Alzarkun (zircon in arabic) + Musrif (lavish in arabic)

The same as the previous one but instead of ostentatious, lavish.

WIP 3/3


Mutabah (ostentatious in arabic) + Musrif (lavish in arabic) + Munamaq (bombastic in arabic)

The three words have similar meanings, which have to do with the personality of CAP 31
WIP 1/3

Bactrian, a camel with two large, vertical humps, and Sultan.

Back - truhl - tun

WIP 2/3

Diamond + Bactrian + Sultan

Die - uh - tree - ult - in

Side note: I love that design :)
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WIP (1/3)


Dromedary + Dome (domed roofs are prevalent in Middle Eastern architecture + referring to a camel's hump)

Pronounced: DRAH-maw-DOHM

A really simple name, but it has a nice ring to it.

WIP (2/3)


Bactrian + Triumph (referencing wealth and status)

Pronounced: bak-TRY-umf

Another simple name that I like.

WIP (3/3)


Reserve (in reference to a stash of money + camels reserve fat in their humps) + Vessel (camels are often referred to as "ships of the desert")

Pronounced: REH-suhr-VEH-sol

I'm not as confident with this name as the others, but it's certainly my most creative of the three!
Final Submission


A combination of "Hump" + "Harumph".

Pronounced: "HUMP-a-RUMPH"
IPA: [hʌmp ə ɹʌmf]

Aside from the obvious connection of "Hump", "Harumph" is a phrase commonly used to pompously clear ones throat or show dissaproval. Considering this camels basis on royalty, as well as its "uptight" personality, I felt that this name was very fitting for this design. Harumph!
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Final Submission


A combination of Majestic and Dromedary. Also sounds similar to Majesty.

Pronounced MA-jest-ary
IPA: məˈjesterē

The camel is very, very majestic with the hat and the diamond saddle, and while it isn't a dromedary exactly, we do be starved for camel words. It also nicely sounds similar to Majesty, cause the camel is very kingly.


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Final Submission


"Caliph" + "Hump"

Pronouned: CAL-eh-fump
IPA: kæl-ɛ-fump

A Caliph is a regal and prestigious leader of the muslim world, very fitting of the look of nobility of cap 31. Hump was used as humps are one of (if not the) defining feature of camels and for 31 is especially true, with it's majestic gems being displayed proudly atop it's humps. Also it's really fun to say, 'fump' is a fun sound lol.
Final Submission


Combination of deve (turkish for camel) and dhan (hindi for wealth). I think this rolls off the tongue decently.

Pronounced De-vey-dhaan
Final Submission


“Camel” + “Mansa Musa”

Pronounced: “KA-muh-MOO-suh”

Takes inspiration after Mansa Musa, the rich King of the Mali Empire, known for his pilgrimage to Mecca. The Mansa has a sort of parallel to CAP 31, a wealthy, royal camel, an animal that is generally associated with travel across arid climates. Of those two drafts I had, I decided to go with this one, as a friend had commented on how the name itself acted like two humps on a camel, with its two emphasized syllables.
Final Submission


From "Camel" + "A lot", and "Camelot", King Arthur's castle, respelled for variation.

Pronounced: KAM-uhl-ot
IPA: kæməl:ɒt
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