CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

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Welcome to CAP 31 name submissions! It is in this thread we will decide on what to call CAP 31 besides "CAP 31".

We've recently changed the name submission process following the previous CAP (see changelog here) such that mod approval is no longer necessary for final submissions. Take this into consideration when making posts in this thread!

Once thread activity has begun to slow down, The CAP moderator team will make a post in this thread declaring a deadline for name submissions.


CAP 31 So Far


If you are inspired by the winning art design and have come up with a good and unique name you'd like the CAP to be known by, please submit your idea here and we will put it up for a vote against all other users' ideas. Final submissions must conform to the submission rules, so please read them carefully. Breaking the posting rules can also result in disqualification.


Legal name submissions must meet the following standards
  • Names must start with a capital letter.
  • Names cannot be longer than 12 letters.
  • Names can only contain the following characters:
    • Letters A - Z
    • Numbers 0 - 9
    • Dash (-)
    • Apostrophe (')
    • Period (.)
    • Colon (:)
    • Space
  • No more than two capital letters can be included in the name, and capital letters cannot be consecutive.
  • A maximum of two non-letters can be included in the name, and a maximum of one non-letter of each type can be included (ie. You can't have two numbers, or two apostrophes, but you could have one number and one apostrophe)

Names will not be slated if they are:
  • completely unrelated to the design
  • the name of an existing Pokemon
  • silly (puns are fine)
  • based primarily on memes
  • meant to inflame, intimidate, or cause controversy

Work In Progress (WIP) Names can be posted at any time for comments from the community.

No more than three WIP Names can be posted by any individual person through the entire course of the submission thread. This limit applies to ALL posts made by a single person, even if previous posts are edited or deleted. This limit is intended to curb the tendency for some submitters to spam the thread repeatedly with lists of Names. This detracts from other submissions and makes it difficult for commenters to survey the submission thread.

Do not bump your WIP names by posting them repeatedly, or making minor spelling changes of a letter or two. Bumping will result in the disqualification of all names by the offender. Editing or deleting bump posts will not prevent disqualification.

Final Submissions
Only ONE Final Submission can be made per person. Any Final Submission that does not follow the proper format will be disqualified.

Final submissions must provide one sentence (25 words maximum) explaining the etymology of the name.

Final submissions must provide a common English pronunciation. The common pronunciation can be made in whatever format you feel best conveys the pronunciation to most English speakers. (You may optionally also provide an IPA pronunciation. For information about IPA and processing words into IPA read this guide: IPA For English. There are also numerous phonetic translation tools online that can help.)

Name Final Submissions must be posted exactly in the following format and in the following exact order:
  • The first line of the post must have the words "Final Submission" in bold on its own line. No other text may be included before the bold heading.
  • A blank line
  • The Name submission in bold.
  • A blank line
  • A one line description of the etymology of the name or why it is appropriate for our Pokemon. (25 words maximum)
  • A blank line
  • "Pronounced: <common English pronunciation>"
  • "IPA: <IPA pronunciation>" (optional)
Below the Final Submission you can post other comments, explanations, etc.

Example final submission:
Final Submission


A combination of "Icicle" + "Ant".

Pronounced: "SICKLE-ant"
IPA: sɪkəlænt

This name was originally submitted by Lawman on the very first CAP project. It is simple, elegant, and easy to pronounce (even if you are pronouncing it wrong), which is why it was chosen as the official name for CAP1!
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WIP (1/3)


Combination of "Caliph" + "Hump"

Pronounced: "CAL-eh-fump"

Simple combination of caliph, a regal and presitigous leader of the muslim world (reflecting 31's regal looking persona) as well as hump, one of the defining features of camels, especially 31.

WIP (2/3)


Combination of "Camel" + "Caliph"

Pronounced: "CAM-el-if"

Similar to the first WIP, utilizing caliph to denote 31's regal persona but more straightforward by just using the word camel. Unsure which of the two I'll end up going with but atm prefer the first.
WIP (1/3)


A portmanteau of the words "camel" and "malik", an arabic word meaning king (similar to sultan)

Pronounced: "ca-MAH-lick"



A portmanteau of:

"Silk" referencing the Silk Road a historic system of trades between middle east, and asia, popular for the usage of horses and camels as means of transport

"Gem Silica" a blueish gemstone which is very valuable and specially rare

and, as previously stated "Malik", meaning king in Arabic

Pronounced: "sil-CA-mah-LICK"
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WIP (1/3)


Combination of "Diamond" + "Mound"

Pronounced: "DAI-mownd"

Diamond for Diamond Storm and the diamonds featured on the design, mounds are similar to humps, the classic part of the camel. Mounds are found as part of the ground, and sounds similar to ground, referencing the typing.


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A combination of Majestic and Dromedary. Also sounds similar to Majesty.

Pronounced MA-jest-ary
IPA: məˈjesterē

The camel is very, very majestic with the hat and the diamond saddle, and while it isn't a dromedary exactly, we do be starved for camel words. It also nicely sounds similar to Majesty, cause the camel is very kingly.
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WIP 1/3


Camel + Almas, the arabic word for diamond

Pronounced "Ku-mal-muss
IPA: ˈkəmæl.məs

WIP 2/3


Diamond + Monarch

Pronounced "Di-Muh-nark"
IPA: daɪ.mɑˈnɑɹk

WIP 3/3

Taj Camal

Taj Mahal + Camel

Pronounced "Taj Kuh-Mall"
IPA: ˌtɑːʒ kəˈmɑːl
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WIP 1/3


Combination of "Bey" (turkish honorific for a chieftain/someone in power) and "Bactrian"

Pronounced: bay-TREE-ahn

WIP 2/3


From "sultan" and "camel".

Pronounced: suhl-TAM-ell
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WIP (1/3)



Zircon (shiny gemstone) + Khan (title given to rulers in Central Asia)

Pronounced: Zur-khan

WIP (2/3)


Bactrian + Riyal (currency in the Middle East)

Pronounced: BACT-real

WIP (3/3)


Almas + sahra (diamond + desert in Arabic)

Pronounced: Ahl-muh-SAH-RAH
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WIP (1/3)


Shah (title for ruler or monarch in Iran, but also in some Middle Eastern and South Asian countries) + Sahara (Sahara Desert)

WIP (2/3)


Bactrian (Bactrian camel) + Patrician (Roman term for noble, aristocrat)

WIP (3/3)


Camel + Imperial
WIP (1/3)


A combination of “Camel” + “Mansa Musa”

Pronounced: “KAA-muh-MOO-suh”

I highly believe emphasizing royalty and wealth is vital to capturing the essence of CAP 31. This name aims to capture that by referencing once of the notoriously wealthy King of the Mali Empire, Mansa Musa. There are also some thematic similarities behind the curtains as well, such as how Mansa Musa is famously remembered for his Pilgrimage to Mecca, whereas Camels are most commonly associated with being used for travel across arid climates.

WIP (2/3)


A combination of "Camel" + "Mansa"

Pronounced: “kuh-MAAN-suh”

A variation of WIP 1/3, this name takes a bit more of a discrete reference to Mansa Musa, only using the royal title of Mansa in it's name instead of the full Mansa Musa.

WIP (3/3)


Pronounced: “suhl-KAA-muhl"

A combination of "Sultan" + "Khan" + "Camel"

A bit of a different take compared to the prior two WIPs, this name leans more heavily on the Turkish inspiration described in CAP 31's Art Submission. The use of both Sultan and Khan references the term Sultan Khan, the title held by the Sovereign of the Ottoman Empire.
WIP (1/3)


Combination of "unshakable" (calm under pressure, aka serene under the force which forms diamonds in the ground) and "camel".

Pronounced: "un-SHAY-kuh-muhl"

WIP (2/3)


Combination of "Golcanda Sultanate" (dynasty where the first recorded blue diamonds were mined, in a region of India where camels may be found) and "camel".

Pronounced: "goll-KAHN-duh-muhl"


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WIP (1/3)


"Sahara" + "Caravan"

Pronounced: "sah-hehr-ah-vahn"

The Sahara (Arabic for desert, it's full title in Arabic being "the Greatest Desert) of Africa is the biggest hot desert in the world and is often crossed by camels (one-humped ones but shhh). A caravan, also known as a camel train, is a group of camels that regularly carry goods or passengers. Caravans were once very common for Trans-Saharan trading.

WIP (2/3)


"Gobi desert" + "Bedazzle"

Pronounced: "goh-bee-dah-zehl"

The Gobi desert is an East Asian desert that contains wild camels (the two-humped kind this time!). To "bedazzle" means to impress someone or to decorate, both meanings fitting a hard-to-impress camel decked out in bling.

WIP (3/3)


"Bactrian camel" + "Amier"

Pronounced: "bahk-tah-meer"

Bactrian camels are the two-humped ones. Amier, which can be spelled in several ways, is an Arabic word that refers to a male that possesses authority and is in a position of power, such as a prince.
WIP (1/3)


Shah (Iranian Monarch) + Camel + Camelidae (Taxonomic Clade including Camels, Llamas, and relatives) + -ite (Suffix for mineral names)

WIP (2/3)


Ungulate (Clade encompassing hoofed mammals) + agate (Common crystal)
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WIP (1/3)


A combination of "Camel" + "Mughal" (Muslim multiethnic empire in modern India and Afghanistan), known for its emperors' ornate turbans and whose architecture is similar to 31's humps).

Pronounced: "Kam-MOO-Gl"
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