CAP 31 - Part 13 - Name Submissions

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Final Submission


"Bactrian" + "Magnificent"

Pronounced: "back-TRIHF-ih-cehnt"

CAP 31's design is inspired by camels; specifically, Bactrian camels. The term "magnificent" is multi-meaning, both referring to the splendorous glamor and aesthetic CAP 31 has, but more interestingly referencing one of history's most renowned sultans: Suleiman the Magnificent. With Suleiman in mind, connotative precedent regarding the word magnificent is established with sultans, which are notably another point of inspiration used in CAP 31's design.


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Final Submission


Mansa Musa + diamond + mound

Pronounced: MAHN-suh-muhnd

Mansa Musa felt like a perfect thematic tie-in, being the classic example of an opulent desert king with strong ties to camels and caravans. The spelling of -mund versus -mond makes the pronunciation clearer while also connecting to mounds, either of sand or the humps on Mansamund's back.
Final Submission


Camel + Mullah + Airs

Pronounced: ka-MUHL-uh-airs

Mullah = head of a mosque
Airs = "affected manners intended to impress others", e.g. "The politician put on airs at the fundraiser" -- fits 31's royal smugness
Also it is hairy, and the name sounds like that of a certain second-in-command :bloblul:
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Final Submission


From Ungulate (The clade containing hoofed mammals) and agate (The crystal).



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"Pronounced: " line is wrongly-formatted or missing:
  • Ayecrusher King (Zultharaja)
  • dex (Majestary)
  • Zetalz (Caliphump)
  • XavierTheCoolDudeX (Devedhan)
  • Tommaniacal (Taj Camal)
  • Moomany (Diamump)
  • Solemn6 (Tajahaul)
  • SunMYSER (Camelillion)
  • Zzuxon (Ungulagate)
  • ultramafia (Bactrezhah)
Description is not one line of 25 words or fewer:
  • DrifblooomCF (Silcamalik)
Silly/controversial names:
  • Brambane (Mr. Humpy)
  • Da Pizza Man (Rabia)
Everyone else moves onto poll 1!
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