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Hiya folks, this is your friendly neighborhood 48 hour warning! If you have anything you'd like to contribute to the discussion, get it in soon! In particular I'd like to hear any remaining thoughts on typings brought up thus far y'all might have, as any new combos brought up this close to deadline are unlikely to make enough of a splash to be considered (not impossible, but unlikely.)


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Thank you

Now that I'm seeing it, Fidgit :fidgit: is already quite fast with a good Defense stat and utility moves, making me think that even though I like Poison for the new mon, we would be doing a Powercrept Fidgit without Persistent in a way, and unless we can make it REALLY different from it, we should avoid Poison for the time being so that it does not overlap.
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This does not seem like a stage or concept where you want to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to typing. Defensive profiles have less leeway than offensive profiles. An offensive profile can offset its limitations with high BP STABs and coverage in addition to the universal boons from abilities, stats, and offensive items. Defensive profiles can't lean in on their offensive moves as much. A defensive profile with good STABs is nice but if the typing's best asset is its OFFENSIVE profile, take a step back and think what that means down the line for the project.

There a plenty of proven effective defensive typings in the thread that offer excellent design space for this process. Grass/Steel, Water/Ground, Steel/Fairy, Water/Fairy, etc. Lean in more on what make defensive Pokemon exceptional usually, their stats and abilities, but set up that foundation with a good defensive profile. Hemogoblin's process had a lot of shaky legs and handwringing because people (myself included) lost faith in the typings strength since it didn't fit the perceived direction for the project. This can be really easily avoided this time around with a really solid, proven effective, defensive typing.
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Coming into this late, but I've read and considered every post.

As a wall, I believe it's most important for CAP 33 not to have necessarily just a good defensive typing, but instead one which is capable of taking on a large number of top-tier offensive Pokemon, either set-up sweepers or all-out attackers. Looking at the viability rankings, I think it would be particularly valuable to be an answer to several of: Dragapult, Krilowatt, Kingambit, Walking Wake, Cinderace, Iron Moth, Samurott-Hisui, Sneasler.

In order to fulfill the concept, this wall should be able to use its high speed to help it wall better, not letting the speed make it offensive. Most of the options here though are movepool-based, not dependent on typing, but Dark type in particular has some synergy with debuff moves. Unfortunately, the only Dark-type typing that matches up strongly against the strongest pokemon who use Psychic/Dark/Ghost moves is Dark/Steel, but nobody has brought it up yet.

I strongly support Dragon/Fairy and somewhat support Water/Ground and Dragon/Steel. They are all quite good typings for a wall, but with exploitable weaknesses, which makes future stages easier. Water/Fairy is an obvious choice which ought to be slated, but I don't believe we should pick it, because it takes up too much of the power budget; there are some very interesting movepool possibilities which it would rule out entirely.
I strongly support Dragon/Fairy and somewhat support Water/Ground and Dragon/Steel. They are all quite good typings for a wall, but with exploitable weaknesses, which makes future stages easier. Water/Fairy is an obvious choice which ought to be slated, but I don't believe we should pick it, because it takes up too much of the power budget; there are some very interesting movepool possibilities which it would rule out entirely.
I dont think power budget has anything to do with typing. Every type, as long as it has healthy interaction with its natural weaknesses and resistances, has natural counters and checks in the metagame. And you can get away with some incredibly good meta abilities, stats, AND moves on a mon with "perfect" typing that doesnt even crack the A+ tier. For instance, Zapdos, Gholdengo, and to a lesser extent things like Iron Valiant and Walking Wake. Even stuff like Libra has been in the Bs and lower, and Cawmodore is a lower rank example of a mon with immaculate concept fulfilment while pretty much giving it everything it could want every CAP stage. I don't know what we'd be saving for later that those mons can't offer. What are the movepool possibilities that we'd be ruling out?

It makes more sense to consider power budget not across the stages of the project, but rather in the individual tasks and capabilities of the mon. The typing doesn't say anything about its capabilities, but Tinted Lens as an ability choice does. That suggests we would be an incredible wallbreaker, and perhaps it would then make sense to consider power budget when it comes to offensive stats, as well as power budget for its ability to act as a tank also (this is a made-up example). If you have a mon with a powerful dragon dance set, you're taking away from its power budget to have special boosting sets be viable, lest you have a really unpleasant guessing game whenever the mon switches in. BSR limiting is also an example of putting power budget into action between things that actually can be weighed against each other. But I dont believe it comes into play with typing choice. There's a million things you can freely do across the remainder of the project with any typing choice.

Not to randomly go off on you but I saw it elsewhere in the thread and on discord (and we've even had typings -1'd in the past based on "power budget") so i wanted to write about it :toast:
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I won't make a huge post but wanted to highlight a couple things.

First of all, I'd like to echo Darek's thoughts on Flying options being a less effective choice here. I strongly agree it will have a hard time standing out and that a SR weakness isn't advisable. I know HDB covers that a fair amount, but I also think having more item choices down the line can also make for a more interesting concept.

I also struggle with any type with a Knock Off weakness. As cool as Normal/Ghost is, I don't think it has enough defensive resistances to make up for that gap.

I'd also like to highlight Poison/Fighting which hasn't seen much attention. I think this is a really interesting typing that carries a poison condition immunity and resistances to Stealth Rock, Knock Off and U-Turn. There are certainly gaps here, the Ground weakness and less resistances than types like Bug/Steel or Water/Ground, but I do think the standout features and differentiating factors would make for a unique concept. I think Fighting generally improves this typing over mono-Poison and that the SR resistance is worth considering over Poison/Dark.

I also had my hesitations around Dragon/Fairy but I've come around on the typing. I think a dragon killer wall does have an interesting niche.
Ok with slate coming up soon I just want to give some thoughts on the popular typings I didn't mention in my last post:

Grass/Steel is an interesting typing, and undoubtedly very solid if Ferrothorn's performance in previous generations is anything to go off of. It has the capabilities to confidently beat Krilowatt and Caribolt, as well as tanking neutral hits from Equilibra, Dragonite, and Baxcalibur. My only concern is that this typing happens to drop to a lot of coverage from mons you'd think it can check at first glance, such as Walking Wake's Flamethrower, Gholdengo's Focus Blast, Enamorus's Mystical Fire, or Samurott-H's Sacred Sword. The big question mark for me on this typing is whether it can be fat enough to eat some supereffective hits while also being fast, making me wonder if we're spreading our stats too thin. Overall excellent typing.

Poison/Fairy appealed to me at first but upon closer analysis I don't think it quite holds up. Frankly I think Poison and Fairy have pretty poor synergy; notably this is one of the Poison types that fails to effectively check opposing Poison types. Eating neutral Poison type hits while being unable to threaten back with our STABs puts CAP33 in a very poor position against Iron Moth and Sneasler, while also being unable to force out Venomicon and Glowking as well. Furthermore, being a Fairy type weak to Ground means we can't consistently answer Baxcalibur or Great Tusk. This typing has very few mons that it outright beats and even the pool of pokemon it soft checks is limited and inconsistent.

Water/Fairy and Water/Ground on the other hand are both very strong typings. Currently Arghonaut is the only Bulky Water that doesn't feel awkward to use, and I think both of these typings can occupy this role quite effectively, and both these typings are already distinct from Arghonaut in their ability to effectively beat Hemogoblin. Each of these two typings continues to carve out distinct mons they answer, with Water/Fairy taking on Walking Wake and Baxcalibur, while Water/Ground beats Krilowatt. While I think Water/Fairy is fantastic, I do have a small issue with Water/Ground, being its Water neutrality. I think it's very possible that a Bulky Water that does not resist Water can be awkward to fit onto teams as otherwise, Water resists can be hard to come by and it's not really feasible to eat Rain-boosted Water moves or Walking Wake's Sun-boosted Hydro Steam neutrally.

Normal/Ghost is hard for me to imagine working. The pool of pokemon this typing outright answers is extremely small, where I think it can easily struggle to justify being used due to a lack of synergy with common defensive cores. I think this typing runs into a lot of the same issues as Poison/Fairy where its reliance on eating neutral hits makes its ability to answer threats inconsistent and forces CAP33 to click Recover more often than not. The one merit this one does have is its capability to spinblock, but I'm unsure if that's enough to make the typing work.

Poison/Dark on the other hand is quite strong. Despite having a largely neutral defensive profile, this typing still sports key resistances and immunities that let it check a handful of key threats, most notably Hoopa-U. This alone would give Poison/Dark a reason to be picked on bulkier teams which otherwise fold to Hoopa-U. The ability to soft check a wide threats with neutral hits is still present in this typing, but unlike Poison/Fairy and Normal/Ghost, this typing actively has synergy with defensive cores and key threats it outright beats as a reason to be picked.

Bug/Steel I find to be outright worse than Grass/Steel. Being neutral to Fighting instead of weak doesn't mean much when Banded Zamazenta and Offensive Tusk in Sun are still blowing you up, and you lose the key resistances that let Grass/Steel beat Krilowatt and Caribolt so well. STAB U-Turn literally does not matter.

My stance on the remaining typings from my last post are the same. Dragon/Poison, Dragon/Fairy, and Dragon/Ghost are all great, Dragon/Steel is mid, and Water/Flying is strong but other Flying types are cringe
Very quick post but I'm really not a big fan of Dragon/Ghost. I think it's kind of hypocritical to not be a big fan of Flying types because of Venomicon and Zapdos providing steep competition but then suggest the exact same typing as one of the strongest mons in the metagame. With the Flying typings our high Speed at least could give us a potential niche over Venomicon and Zapdos, but Dragapult is literally the fastest mon in the entire metagame. With a Dragon/Ghost CAP 33, we'd basically have to put the majority of our BST into Speed just to have a chance at being able to properly deal with Dragapult, which will inevitably constrain our other stats and just be more of a hassle for the entire process IMO. If we really wanted to focus on being a Dragapult killer, Dragon/Fairy and Dark/Fairy just do a much better job of that while also allowing us to invest more into our other stats.

I've also seen an influx in Fighting typings like Fighting/Steel and Fighting/Poison being discussed lately and... I just don't see it tbh???? Sure the Knock Off resist/SR resist/U-turn resist wombo combo sounds enticing, but like... that's literally it???? That's literally all of the Fighting type's resistances, and they aren't enough to effectively patch up their partner types weaknesses IMO. Like with Fighting/Poison, you still have that crippling weakness to Ground, and also a 4x weakness to Psychic, which makes you much weaker into mons like Hoopa-U and Glowking than, say, a Poison/Dark type would. Same goes for Fighting/Steel, except now you have additional weaknesses to Fire and Fighting to worry about, and those are everywhere in this meta. I just feel like there are typings that do what the Fighting type would do a lot better - all of the Fairy type submissions make much better Knock Off resistors/U-turn resistors, and if we want an SR resist, Water/Ground and Grass/Steel do the job a lot better IMO

also Bug/Steel mediocre af lmaoooooooo
I wanted to clarify my argument and address some concerns regarding Dragon/Ghost since multiple users have expressed their distaste for it:

Firstly, I find the perception that a Dragon/Ghost CAP33 finds itself to be in direct competition with Dragapult to be misguided. Dragapult uses its Speed to force switches, spam Shadow Ball, or even set up Screens. Using its Speed to wall opposing threats has never been in line with Dragapult's playstyle. Even more defensive sets like Sub+Wisp+Hex Pult are still primarily offensive in nature, aiming to cripple and break through Dragapult's typical checks- not acting as a defensive backbone for its team.

While Dragapult can utilize the boons of its typing to eat a few key hits, it never consistently walls anything, nor is it capable of doing so due to poor bulk and lack of recovery. Notably, Dragapult always dies to Krilowatt Surf + Ice Beam(and can't OHKO with Specs Draco), is always 2HKO'd by Equilibra's Earth Power, and is 2HKO'd by Caribolt Double-Edge after Rocks. The ability to consistently check these three Pokemon is one of the main benefits offered by a Dragon/Ghost CAP33. Even something like a Sludge Bomb poison from Venomicon may be crippling for Dragapult, but survivable from CAP33's likely access to Recovery + capability to utilize Covert Cloak. What this means is that while Dragapult and CAP33 may share a typing and both be fast, Dragapult's likely higher speed and offensive capabilities compared to CAP33's defensive potential give them both their own distinct use cases.

To reiterate my first post, the reasoning for Dragon/Ghost is not to be a Dragapult answer- that should be obvious from how we are weak to both of Dragpult's STABs. the Dragon/Ghost typing fulfills a similar role to Dragon/Poison with their ability to come in on Krilowatt, Caribolt, and Iron Moth; however, Dragon/Ghost takes on a Fairy weakness in exchange for being Ground neutral and immune to Normal and Fighting. This notably makes Dragon/Ghost much more consistent against Tera Ground Iron Moth, and also lets CAP33 come in on Equilibra, which Dragon/Poison and Dragon/Fairy cannot achieve. This capability makes Dragon/Ghost a consistent spinblocker against Equilibra, whereas the other Ghost types in Gholdengo and Dragapult fail to come in easily.


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I find myself gravitating more towards overall solid defensive types versus ones with useful offensive potential: without knowledge of stats, moves, or Ability I'm less confident in such typings performing as people may expect, and enjoy the ones that look good in general since so long as we make a wall, the typing should perform up to our standards.

Grass/Steel feels weird to me as a result. I'm not really sold on Steel-types for our wall given how plentiful and easy it is to add Fire-Fighting-Ground coverage to your team or on specific mons, and Grass/Steel feels uncomfortably vulnerable against a lot of Pokemon you'd want it to handle consequently. It could work if we plan our strategy out properly, having high Speed makes it much easier to circumvent the opponent's plans to break through us. I think the best bet for Grass/Steel is synergy with teammates rather than hard-walling particular mons on its own: it feels far to easy for most of the metagame to either exploit our neutral interactions or smash us with Fire or Fighting coverage, but if teammates can handle those sets for us and we solve their problems in turn, it's much more feasible. Just to illustrate, our MU versus Garganacl or Dondozo is a lot worse if they run Body Press, but by running those they will lack other moves which our team could take advantage of. This is also an anti-Kril typing that especially benefits from being fast, since we reduce the amount of opportunities Kril can just Volt Switch on us and can scare it out immediately if we outspeed (hint: We better).

Other suggestions like Dragon/Fairy or Dark/Fairy feel like they are banking themselves on a few interesting qualities that sound good in a vacuum but aren't really useful in practice. Dragon/Fairy especially would be a good typing if we, like, weren't trying to wall stuff throughout a match. The only Fairy type I've liked so far is Water/Fairy because it actually handles a good number of Pokemon in the metagame: Bax and Wake are the two big ones as they sorta lack convincing answers, especially in the same slot, but there's plenty more you're good against and the resistances provided (Water Fire Ice Fighting Dark Bug + Dragon Immune) are really useful.

It's kinda hard for me to think clearly about all the typings suggested so I'll probably give out better feedback for the slate. In general I lean more with Brambane's sentiment of having an obviously good and practical typing since it's more defining for a wall than an offensive mon.

EDIT: was informed that the slate will be final lmao, overall i'm big on the water combos, and see decent promise in flying as well. dark and fairy are good but need a good secondary (or just mono fairy tbh). grass/steel and fairy/steel are fine but feel weaker than people realize they'd be. not vibing with the rest.
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Last minute thoughts.

With the Discussion wrapping up I’ve come to the conclusion, that our typing should be based on one of the following types.

Water, Fairy, Dark or Steel.

Of these four I think - surprisingly - steel has the weakest argument for it. Being weak to three of the most common and strongest Attacking types is very hard to mitigate and makes these types less desirable, than you’d expect of the best defensive mono type in the game.
That said steel types still have a lot going for them for a defensive Pokémon. Rocks resistances and Poison immunity can be a huge factor in a mons defensive performance, which is why I support grass/steel and fairy/steel being slated, as long as it’s clear, that both of these typings are considerably weaker atm, than they might have been in previous gens.

Dark types are more unique on this list, as Dark is usually a more offensive Typing. That said resisting ghost types is just really good.
Overall I only really fully support Posion/Dark without reservations.
I think with dark types we’d have to lean hard into its immunities and use additional immunities or resists via abilities to increase the defensive potential. Otherwise we are likely to have to adjust hard during stats, which I think is undesirable.

While technically a Dark type, Ghost/Dark loses Darks most important aspect, but at the same time gains a very nice to have Fighting immunity. As other dark Types I think this one would still likely need to be bolstered defensively via abilities. But it’s unique defensive profile provides a good base to work with.

Fairy types have proven to be really good defensively since their inception.

I am mostly interested in Flying/Fairy again for its great immunities and resists and a fairly good neutral palette. It didn’t receive too much attention, but I think there’s a lot to work with here and it is one of the best flying types we can choose.
Dragon/Fairy is also cool and while it could end up having problems actualizing it’s resist palette, I think again this can be mitigated via abilities to create an incredibly unique defensive profile.

Lastly I think Water types are among the best choice for this concept.
In general good defensive Water types are kinda rare, which shows in the plethora of great Fire and Water type attackers.

Of the Water types I think Water/Ground, Water/Flying and Water/Fairy are the most interesting.
Imo these three all deserve a place on the slate, for their great immunities and resists and their comparably hard to exploit weaknesses paired with a very good neutral matchup into a lot of attackers they don’t resist.
While there are certainly Resits for all of them, that can exploit their Weaknesses like Krilowatt, and Iron Moth, these matchups are rare and pale in comparison to how many mons they can check.

TLDR: I wanna see

Wate/Fairy, Water/Flying, Water/Ground guaranteed and then a selection of Poison/Dark,Ghost/Dark, Fairy/Flying, Dragon/Fairy, Steel/Grass or Steel/Fairy


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After reading through this thread again, I'd like to shift my initial support of Grass/Steel to Bug/Steel. While Grass/Steel is undeniably an incredible typing, being weak to Fighting is a fairly large disadvantage. Of course, Bug/Steel sacrifices a resistance to stealth rock, which is not ideal, but it has only a single weakness in Fire and is still neutral to stealth rock. It is also worth noting that there are multiple abilities that provide immunity to Fire, if we choose to take that route, while there are no abilities that provide immunity to Fighting. Overall, while both typings are defensively solid, I find Bug/Steel to be more appealing for this process in particular.


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Alrighty folks, it's about time we wrap this up!

First of all I just want say I've been very pleased with the way this thread unfolded in the wake of the new formatting changes. It felt much more like a collaborative process than in previous CAP projects, it's both increased the quality of discussion and made my job as SL evaluating community consensus so much easier. I was quite anxious about implementing the changes on such short notice (on top of my IRL situation being complete mayhem for a brief period at the same time), but I couldn't be happier about how smoothly things have gone!

With all that said, it's time to move on to our slate! I will admit, this was a very difficult thing to get feeling right. By nature of our concept focusing on being a wall, there's a lot of overlap that occurs between typings, and the minor differences between them can end up feeling nebulous. I spent a lot of time considering the typings with the most vocal support, initially landing on a more full-sized slate of 8 options, but several of the options on it failed to resonate with me. In general I'm someone that dislikes the bloat that can occur in parts of the CAP project, I much prefer having a tighter, more focused selection to play with. We often end up with the mentality of just throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks, and I think that more often than not ends up being the leading cause of dissatisfaction with the outcome of this stage in particular.

Due to the unique nature of CAP 33's concept, having a wider variety of options is not necessarily something to strive for, and this has been expressed by several users in this thread that would prefer to see fewer, more proven combos in contention over anything else. To this end we've elected to go for a smaller, more streamlined slate of options. While some overlap does still exist, I feel that the differences between them are compelling enough to not contribute much to bloat.


was an early favorite in the thread, and it's not hard to see why, with it sporting an array of useful resists including Fairy, Electric and Water. Checking Krilowatt is a major boon for defensive teams that can struggle with it otherwise, while also sporting a surprisingly good STAB to have in Grass. The major concern of this typing is it's 4x weakness to quite common Fire coverage, which many of the things it seeks to answer can carry, but this is not a deal breaker by any means given how far we have left to go in the project.

Dragon/Poison was one of the more supported Dragon typings, and has the most going for it imo. Dragon as a type feels very awkward this process given how little value it's resistances can feel in certain combos, as well as it's weakness to Fairy feeling especially worrisome with so many prevalent Fairies in the meta. Dragon/Poison boasts a wide spread of useful resistances to Fire, Water, Fighting and Electric, and while not completely eliminating the aforementioned issues of defensive Dragon typings, does go a long way to making them less impactful. The typings biggest issue remains it's matchup into tier staples like Libra and WW, but being strong against the likes of Iron Moth and decent into Hemo and Valiant carries it farther than other proposed Dragon typings.

Dark/Poison is one of the most potent defensive typings in the game, and it's no surprise it's become a top player in this project. This typing accomplishes a lot on it's own. Dark and Poison both have very annoying STAB options to switch into for offensive mons, the Psychic immunity and Ghost resist lets it easily slot into existing defensive cores to tackle powerful mons like Hoopa-U and Pult, and the single weakness to Ground is especially easy to cover when teambuilding given the amount of powerful Ground immune mons in the tier. This on top of the wide-range of neutral matchups makes this typing excellent all around.

Water/Fairy is perhaps in a vacuum the most powerful typing on this slate, with a positive matchup into many of the tiers most threatening mons, such as Baxcalibur, Kingambit, Great Tusk, Walking Wake and Samurott-H, among many others. This typing in particular excels in combination with our high speed, giving 33 ways of playing vs many of the tiers other fast mons with both of it's very sufficient STABs. Little else needs to be said, it's been proven how potent defensively this typing can be with strong past gen examples like Tapu Fini, and will certainly see success here.

Water/Flying is the only Flying typing that received strong support, and though it shares a lot of overlap with Water/Fairy there are some standout differences. The biggest being the immunity to Ground (and more crucially Spikes), giving 33 an even stronger matchup than Water/Fairy into the tiers common Grounds in Libra and Tusk, while also being great partners for them to cover it's own major Electric weakness. A weakness to Rocks and reliance on Boots may seem like big detractors, but are far from world-ending as successful walls like Zapdos and Venomicon show us.

Honorable Mentions

Dark/Fairy & Dark/Flying both had vocal support, but largely fell flat in the face of Dark/Poison on most every level. Dark/Fairy is a very offensively inclined typing, and didn't really sport a compelling sets of resists beyond Dragapult. It's niche of "annoying af STABS" is also covered just as, if not better by Dark/Poison. Dark/Flying's Ground immunity and general defensive profile is more compelling than Dark/Fairy, but competes very heavily with Venomicon too much for it to feel that great in the long run imo.

Bug/Steel had vocal support from the onset but quickly got overshadowed by Grass/Steel. Bug/Steels biggest sell over Grass/Steel is not being Fighting-weak, but it trades it for a much worse sets of STAB options that do not have nearly as compelling utility to them compared to Grass. It relies entirely on going for a harder neutral approach, which is better accomplished by the likes of Dark/Poison.

Poison/Fairy was just shy of making it, but succumbs to simply having too much competition from existing typings on the slate. Being a Poison that loses to other Poisons, while struggling to provide a compelling set of resistances like Water/Fairy or Dark/Poison is not great. It's not a bad typing at all, but I don't think it's quite capable of standing on it's own.

Water/Ground was also close to inclusion but barely missed out, competing with the other 2 very strong and popular Water typings on the slate. It's certainly not bad, Volt immunity and SR resist are nice for a bulky Water, but like other honorable mentions fails to generate much else in the way of compelling defensive profile in comparison to it's contemporaries. Ground is also an iffy choice for a secondary type, losing the Water resist on a bulky water is annoying, on top of how already saturated with good Grounds SV already is.

Dragon/Fairy & Dragon/Steel were the other Dragon typings in contention, and I debated on them all heavily. Dragon/Steel is functionally very similar to Dragon/Poison, trading a few relevant matchups into mons like Bax for a worse time into mons like Hemo and Val. Dragon/Fairy being a Dragon-beating Dragon is a novel idea, but in practice I think it's crippling weakness to opposing Fairies and far more offensive nature just tanks it's potential. Not losing to Fairies might not sound like that much of an improvement, but it makes a big difference, especially when both Dragon/Steel & Dragon/Poison have better ways to directly pressure said mons, and Water/Fairy accomplishes the same defensive goals as Dragon/Fairy but better.

With that, I toss it over to our TL ausma for approval!


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Yep, this slate looks phenomenal. Being a bit more concise with our options here I believe is an asset to ensuring there will be consistent payoff. With this set of options, I expect that we should get a type that gives our role consistency in the defensive department, while making it so we have the innate pressure granted by our typing into core matchups that lets CAP 33 extract value from our typing's defensive strengths on a game-to-game basis. We should be able to accomplish this, too, without a range of exploitable weaknesses, thus complementing our Speed tier's ability to augment our defensive profile. Let’s get to polling!
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