CAP 4 Pre-evos - Part 2 - Art Submissions

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Final Submission

Well after some last minute deliberations and tweaking, I settled on these designs.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

The concept behind this evolution line is that each stage uses shells from its previous evolution's body aa way to defend itself. Even since birth, after hatching from their eggs, they control the shells with their psychic powers. This carries into the following evolutions, as they also use this ability when controlling their shells.

I decided to combine the baby bug idea with the caterpillar to create the best Stage 1 I could. Stage 2 is quiet and solemn, as if in prayer or meditation. When it possesses enough psychic strength, it molts from its chrysalis as Aurumoth, who then uses the discarded body a part of its own.

Supporting material:

Multiple poses of baby caterpillar as requested by some. (aww, look at him sleep :3 )
Okay, now it's really time for my Final Submission!

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

The changes throughout evolution:
-Bronze -> Silver -> Gold
-Larva -> Crawler -> Moth
-Increasing levitation abilities

-The Larva: a playful, mischievous child that looks up to its elders and strives to be like them (hence suspending itself with silk to imitate levitating).
-The Crawler: a mature being that thinks the world is no place in which to laugh and play and stays in seclusion, regretting its playfulness and "ignorance" as a child, as it struggles to transcend its current self. Then it evolves into Aurumoth, and finds divine enlightenment.
Both shed profusely, the larva molting dust (Shield Dust), and the crawler sloughing off whole armor-plates (Shed Skin). During each evolution, it sheds all of its armor at once and grows a new covering, either silver or gold.

It's been really fun! I hope you all consider mine for the vote!

EDIT: I've modified the larva picture so it is in fact legal. The silk is an integral part of the design. Apologies if that wasn't clear.
Final Submission

(Blue) Stage 1 with its eyes open

Concept: At birth, young CAP4 receives a powerful stone, containing psychic energy, much like Spoink's Pearl, or the red and blue orbs used to awaken Kyogre and Groudon (can't remember which awakens which, though, but it is irrelevant). So, CAP4 nourishes itself from the gem to grow, developing psychic abilities along the way. Once it is big enough, the relationship is inverted; CAP4 has to protect the gem from harm, using the shells it dropped at evolution to fend off ennemies. Once the time has arrived, it envelops itself into the shells, where it proceeds to merge with the gem, completing the symbiosis between the two, animal and mineral. The gem will become part of Aurumoth's abdomen, and will cause the radical color change from stage 2 to 3.

If you were looking for logic throughout the concept, you should have looked elsewhere.
Final Submission

The basic idea for this is both the more generic copper-silver-gold scheme and a much more subtle Mars-Moon-Sun theme. I've since made it much less obvious, but essentially, the first prevo's blue markings and antennae are subtly arrow-themed (the male sign containing an arrow is Mars's sign). Originally, there was supposed to be a female with a Venus theme, but I didn't have time to get that in order! The Moon is mostly only evident in the hunched body of the NFE and the slightly moon-reminiscent face-marking.

I touched on abilities earlier, but to be more thorough... The LC is covered in thick fur, and as you might imagine, thick fur sheds a lot and many people are allergic to fur of various animals. Shield Dust kind of draws off that idea, that lots of dust and shed fur gets caught up in the mane, usable in battle with a good shake. Keen Eye isn't immediately obvious, but it makes sense as its eyes are pretty wide and attentive.

Compoundeyes is occasionally given to Pokemon lacking actual compound eyes (Yanma and Nincada for example), so I made the NFE leer focusedly to try to show its ability and volatile nature a bit better. Speaking of which, the temperament of the line changes as well. Relatively cheery fluffy bug into easily angered wasp into a calmed enlightened moth- pretty obvious by expression, I think!

Full evolution line:
Quickie first-prevo animation:
OK, well apparently some people wanted to see alternative colours for my prevos.

I present you one:

I find it kinda bland, to say the least, but CAP's a community project, so I guess if a significant majority of the community prefers this one, I shall edit my final submission.



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I know you guys are waiting on me for my final submission, and I apologize for my lateness running with these submissions. I've been kind of busy for the past week since school just started up again, but I am working on them and they are close to completion. I will edit this post to become my final submission post, probably be done with them sometime tomorrow morning/noonish I hope. Just wanting to let you know that I haven't disappeared and taken my subs with me.

EDIT: I am a terrible liar my subs were most definitely not done anywhere close to the timeframe I thought. And also I'm making a new post for them down below so that people will know what an awful liar I am.
Man I feel weird submitting something this late in the game without any feedback... but here we are.

Final submission

Supporting material: Stage 1 with the back visible

Should be obvious which stage is which! I wanted to show aurumoth growing out from the initial tuft of fur, slowly gaining wings and longer antennae with the additional bronze-silver-gold theme that I think pretty much everyone has used already, heh. I like to think that its antennae are where it stores its psychic powers, so that the smaller ones on my stage 1 mean it can only support small and largely vestigial wings, with stage 2 being able to support 2 larger sets as both wings and a cocoon. I'm a little worried that my stage 1 is too similar to Eol's, but I hope it's different enough to stand on it's own four feet!

If anyone has some feedback, I'm all ears. Wish I had remembered to finish these off earlier!

Edit: Did some colour correction on the fur to make it progressively lighter.


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Hello again. Since it looks like everyone who wants to submit either has submitted or will within the day, I am going to put a final 24 hour warningon this thread. If anyone is already working on a design and absolutely cannont get it done within the next 24 hours, please let me know and I will consider extending this again, though this has been going on for a long time and I would very much prefer not to if at all possible.

I also just want to say thanks to everyone who has submitted art. It is great to know that we have so many excellent choices for our prevos' designs.
Actually I think these are some of my favorites.
All of them are great (by my standards, but this is my first time 'grading' any of them), but I feel as though your stands out most among the rest.
The progression is clear (as it is with many of them), the drawings are clean, and none of the evolutions seem like too big a jump; they seem pretty even between each, from basic to first to final.
Also, no part of it seems to evolve backwards (like moving wings into a cocoon on the body only to separate them back into wings) - not that these are bad things to do, it just seems a bit counterproductive.
In any case, though, I like all of the drawings here and I think my favorites include yours, Eol's second stage, Kadew's sketch, and then my second favorites would be paintseagull's and KoA's.

My only constructive criticism is that while the progression seems clear and natural, it also seems to follow a bath that's a bit overdone. The second stages are mostly reminiscent of Metapod and Kakuna, first stages like Caterpie, Venonat, and Larvesta.
That said, those may well be the only options that look... good?
In any case. You guys are great and I hope that I can eventually understand and start contributing myself, though I really don't think I'm as good using computer editors. Looks to me like you guys have and use Adobe Illustrator, which I do not have (nor do I have any experience with it), though I do have photoshop it's just... not as clean.

Anyway. Just my first two cents.
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