CAP 4 Pre-evos - Part 5 - Name Submissions

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Personally, I think "CAP 4 Stage 1" is a perfectly good name. I doubt most people would agree though, so I guess we will have to come up with something else.

The rules for this thread will be as follows:
  • Names must be marked as final submissions to get into the polls. Be sure to make it clear to me in your post that the name you want to submit is your final submission.
  • Only one final submission per pokemon per person. This is for cutting down on the inevitably large number of names that will be proposed in this thread. You're allowed to post multiple names and get feedback, but you may only consider one of these names for each pokemon for your final submission. This is a slight change from the standard name rules to take into account the fact that we are naming two Pokemon at once. If you do submit one for each stage, note that we will not be linking the two together. Names will be decided independantly of each other, not as a pair.
  • Make sure you specifiy which evolution stage your name is for when submitting a name. Since we are naming two Pokemon in one thread, it is imperitive that you let people know which one you are talking about when suggesting a name for it. While many names may seem obvious which stage they are intended for, people cannot read your mind so they have no way to know for sure. Additionally, when it comes to final submissions, if you fail to specify which stage your name is for, it will not make it the poll.
  • The length limit for Pokemon names is 10 characters. This is the limit that exists in-game, and it's the limit that we will be using for submissions here.
  • Do NOT post just to say that you like another name, without some additional reasoning. Your post will be moderated. The system here is that names that get a lot of support will grab my attention more than ones that don't, but it's not that hard to back up your post with reasoning. For example, "I like the name Cutelionz because in addition to being catchy, it's also fitting because it paints an accurate picture of the cuteness level of this Pokemon" is going to be allowed because it's descriptive, whereas "I like the name Cutelionz a lot" is spam and will be moderated.
  • Don't submit a name that contains profanity or suggests profanity. This should go without saying.
That's about it. I know some of you probably have some brilliant names in your minds, so lets hear them. Oh, but first, have an Aurumoth.

Our Prevos so far:

Type: Bug/Psychic | Bug/Psychic
Abilities: Shield Dust/Keen Eye/Illusion | Shed Skin/Compoundeyes/Illusion
Stats: 50/60/49/67/30/44 | 60/90/89/87/40/54


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To keep with the Aurumoth theme, I am thinking Argentomb for the second pre-evolution. Argentum is the Latin word for silver, which plays off of the copper > silver > gold progression and its coloration. It's also going through metamorphosis through a cocoon, which is like a tomb. Finally, it contains the theme of resurrection. It spends time in the tomb (death) before it is resurrected into the pseudo-legendary that is Aurumoth.

For the little one, I'm debating using Cuprumbee, based off of the Latin word Cuprum, which is for bronze. The -bee ending is kind of an allusion to bees, which keeps with the insect theme. Moreso though, -bee, when spoken aloud, is the ending of baby, which also fits into the idea of resurrection. I'm going for birth, death, and resurrection, along with copper, silver, and gold. Lemme know what you think!

I'm not too sure about this one, I think it's a bit too obvious, but I can't think of anything else to link the insect side. It looks like a fuzzy necked beetle, to that's the -tle suffix.

Cuprum is the Latin for Copper, and since in the Periodic Table, Copper, Silver and Gold are in a line. I thought it was nicer to go for that line rather than Bronze (which is an alloy of Copper anyway). But since we used the Latin for Gold in Aurumoth's name then I thought it was appropriate to stick with the theme.

EDIT2: After CiteAndPrune's advice. I'm considering a change from Cupratle to maybe Cupreetle but I don't know. I don't think it sounds as natural


Argentum is latin for Silver, Chrysalis is the first evolution of a caterpillar.

Pronunciation for those that care. CUE-PREY-TUL, and ARGE (as in barge) -UH-LISS

Thanks for your time. Feedback appreciated

EDIT: Might clarify, Cupratle --> Argalis --> Aurumoth (if it wasn't clear)


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Final Submission

Cuprapilar and Chrysilva

Cupra meaning copper and pilar coming from a corrupted spelling of caterpillar in order to fit name length.
Chrys coming from chrysalis and silva coming from a slangy pronunciation of silver.

(These were discussed on IRC and come up with as a group a while ago. I do not take full credit for them, but I will take credit for submitting them.)
It seems that Aurumoth's Latin root will dictate the style of names for this stage. Well that makes it easier to get started, I suppose.

I like the direction Birkal took - he uses the root words, but then adds English touches just like Aurumoth itself combines the Latin and a common English word. They are also very evocative with 'tomb' and 'bee' respectively, it captures something essential about the two pre-evos.

To GlassAbsol and srk... I don't have much to comment on for your entries, other than the endings don't seem to fit as well, at least compared to Birkal's. Cupratle, for example, could be taken as one of many different things (Cuprum + botTLE, for example).

Here's my attempt at these:
1st Form: Cuprumini

Cuprum for Copper and Mini because it's so tiny - all cuteness implications are left to the readers/players.

2nd Form: Argenite

'Argen' from Argentum and 'nite' for 'knight' - this would've worked better if Kadew's art had won but I still feel the name is rather appropriate with the two wings it has looking somewhat like shields.

I welcome all feedback and I'll try to comment on others too. At any rate, good luck to everyone.
Curuva: 'Cu' being the periodic table classification for Copper, the repeated 'ru' coming from how Aurumoth was named, and the 'va' coming from larva, tying it to it's bug typing.

Agugoon: Very similar to the previous one, Ag being for silver, a repettition of the last letter from that first pairing coupled with a different vowel, and a tie to the bug type.

Not very inspired, I know, but it's the best I have.


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Larvaes. Larva is obviously Larva and Aes is another latin word for copper.
Argentalis. Argent for silver in latin. Alis from Chrysalis.
I would submit Copperpillar, if it weren't for the fact it's two letters too long, and even then, my idea for the second stage name has and will be taken. Seeing what words are feasible to keep the style of Aurumoth's name, I'd have to go with srk1214 (collective IRC)'s names. There aren't many areas for names to vary if they are to keep in line with Aurumoth's. That's not to say that people shouldn't come up with words that don't fit Aurumoth's word composition--that'd just be my thoughts on them.
Haven't been following these prevos much, but nevertheless!

1st Stage:

Caterpillar+Pyropus (Bronze/Copper)
Lepidoptera (The insect order of moths and butterflies)+Pyropus

2nd Stage:

Chassis(Used as a shell Synonym)+Silver

EDIT: Right now I'm leaning to Cateropus + Chassilver

Thoughts greatly appreciated!

Also I'm leaning towards Birkal's submissions right now especially Argentomb just because of how cool it sounds
Final Submission

Cu + Larva
Cu is the elemental symbol for Copper. Larvae are the first stage in a moth's life cycle after hatching.

Pupa + Ag + o
Pupa is the second stage in a moth's life cycle after hatching. Ag is the elemental symbol for Silver. The "o" keeps the name from sounding stupid but it also hints towards "imago", the final stage of a moth's life cycle.

Cularva - Pupago - Aurumoth


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Cutiepilar and Agropod

Cu - Copper
Ag - Silver
Au - Gold

So I'm sort of going for the no-encyclopedia-necessary approach with these names, since the latin entries have probably got that side covered. Cutiepilar should be self-explanatory, and is fun, imo. Agropod is a mashup of "agro," shorthand for agricultural references and a homonym to "aggro," which is shorthand for aggression, with the "pod" suffix borrowed from Metapod.


Umm Birkal's entries are really solid and match the artwork. I like all the fancy things people are trying to do with the latin roots and all that, but I also want to warn against trying to do too much at once or trying too hard, because sometimes those names just come out as letter-smash and there's nothing to be done about it. I also like Cuprapilar, posted by srk, but Chrysilva looks like Chrysler (the car maker) to me and so I keep saying "CRY-silva" to myself and I know that's wrong. Idk, is Crysilva any better? "silva" I'm sort of having trouble with, as it is obviously slangy compared to Cuprapilar.


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Final Submission

Final Submission

I wish we could be more original than just "metal + insect" combos, but I really like the idea of making a trio that goes Cu -> Ag -> Au, leveraging the periodic table for Copper, Silver, then Gold. It just feels right for flavor purposes, IMO. With that in mind, I'm submitting the following:

"Cute + Pupa"

"Aggressive + Grub"

Finishing up with Aurumoth, of course.

So the progression of

Looks pretty good with the periodic symbols, with each name getting progressively longer, and it follows bug evolution somewhat too (not exactly, but still).
First stage: Seraphid
It's a combination of seraph + aphid; seraph with the angelic roots while the aphid part comes from the small type of bug. I think Syraphid or even Psyraphid could work as well, it depends how much we want to emphasize its Psychic typing.

Second stage: Chrystinel
I'm more shaky on this one... the idea behind it is a combination of Chrysalis and Sentinel playing off the idea of the knight. At the moment I think it sounds a little too much like crystal which maybe I can go with, but probably isn't what we want.
Hmmm... Might as well put in my first ideas!
First stage: Grubrum
A pun on grub (a larva) and Cuprum (Latin for bronze).

Second Stage: Argallant
A pun on Argentum (Latin for silver) and gallant, another word for a knight.

Just putting in my two cents. These are by no means final.
Cupro(Latin for copper) and Pupa

Argentum, follows the Cu -> Ag -> Au pattern, and chrysalis.

I feel I'm happy with what I've got so far, although I welcome any feedback or suggestions for improving these names. Out of the ones suggested already, I'm not really a fan of any :/
Whilst the IRC joint community submission has probably got the most popularity, I'm bothered by how it uses the latin name for copper, followed by the english name for silver, followed by the latin name for gold, in the transitions.
Final Submission

Pupaes (Pupa + Aes)
Pupa for the obvious baby bug and aes is one of the latin words for bronze. Pronounced pu-Payis

Argenta (argentum + beta)
Argentum for silver and beta which means second, because it is the seconc evolution.
This is officially my Final Submission.

Cheropus: (Chair-oh-pihs) Cherub, a lower form of angel, and pyropus. I remember how we all were obsessed with Aurumoth=seraph, so I thought that it would be a good idea to have one of the prevos named after cherubs.

Argalis: (Arj-uh-liss) Argentum and chrysalis.

In case it wasn't obvious, Chergrub -> Argesect -> Aurumoth
Final Submission

1st stage: Cuptera
Coming from Cu (Copper) and -ptera, which is the general ending to orders of insects' names (i.e. Lepidoptera, the order to which moths and butterflies belong.)

2nd Stage: Agrelia
Coming from Ag (Silver) and Aurelia, another name for a chrysalis.

I'd like any feedback. Especially on the second name, as I'm sort of wondering if Agrelia sounds too feminine.
Just a note: "cuprum" is Latin for copper, not bronze. The Latin for bronze is either "pyropus", "aes" or "aeneus". Not that it makes too much difference with regards to ranking (since both are typically just below silver), but if you're going to use Latin roots, I'd prefer if you got it right.

Anyway, here are my ideas:

Copper 1st stage: Cupwurm - from "cuprum" and "worm", with "worm" being deliberately misspelled because this thing is not a cup worm.

Bronze 1st stage: Pywormpus - from "pyropus" and "worm", with "worm" being integrated into that part of the name because a "pyro" root sounds too much like the name for a Fire-type.

2nd stage: Argefense - from "argentum" and "defense", because of the cocoon protecting the mon from the elements and other outside influences.

Personally, I'm not a fan of those names that use only "ag" for the meaning of silver. So many words begin with "ag" that claiming any connection to "argentum" is like saying "le" comes from the word "lemon". Similar thing with using only the "cu" or "cup" from "cuprum" - there are other words that begin with "cu", including the word "cup".

That said, I do like Pupargent, Argentomb and Cuprapilar.


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Well Objection I don't think anyone is trying to pass off "Cu" or "Ag" as latin for "copper" or "silver." Those are just the elemental symbols from the periodic table for those particular metals, so I don't think your examples are particularly applicable to the point you are making in that regard. Sometimes you know we just don't need heavily-researched, densely-packed, and often awkward-looking entries that require college-level scientific or linguistic knowledge in order to understand (yes I know this statement more or less makes its way into every Name thread, but it needs to). You're free to care about the incorporation of the full latin roots in submissions, though; you'll find plenty of entries like that in this thread to vote for. But try and tone down the condescension toward entries (like mine) that don't try so damn hard to sound "smart" or whatever. Remember this is a CAP Pre-evo name submission thread. Try and have fun with it!

Oh and "Cupwurm" still sounds like "cup worm."
Cuprumoth and Argemoth

It's straightforward: think the Poli- or the -tar lines. While the second stage is a bit more pupa-esque, the only thing that really defines them is the changing metals, so that's the only change I made in the name. It seems natural to me.

As for my current favorites, both of Temperantia's are the best by a long shot.
For the second stage mon, liking Argenite and Argallant so far for rolling off the tongue and giving a pretty solid depiction of the design itself.

Not sure about the first stage, Cuprapilar is nice I suppose, although I find myself liking the simple name that is Cularva.


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Latin for Silver.

Just like Aurumoth was based on the Latin word Aurum rather than just the root Au-, I have my pre-evolutions have full Latin words in their names just like Aurumoth's does. Cuprumite is the full word Cuprum and the little bug Mite, while Argentum's is exactly what it seems like. It's a Pokemon-sounding name that's ripped straight from the Latin dictionary.

The progression would be Cuprumite->Argentum->Aurumoth

Final Submission
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