CAP 4 Pre-evos - Part 5 - Name Submissions

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I am going with Curiel for the first stage.
The "Cu" part is self-explanatory, and I extended it up to curi- of "curious". I mean, with its head like that, it does look like a curious little bugger. It also reminds me of Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog for some reason, so the -el. So yeah, Curiel. Also, it kinda represents the curiosity and cuteness of childhood.

I associate the word gloom with the second stage. It looks, to me alone perhaps, like a gloomy, fat teenager with cool clothes. But hey, silver is a bright color, so Aglume so as to include "Ag" and mean use the "A" as a negative prefix. The word "glum" is in it too.


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1st stage:Cupraiad: I'll jump on the Cuprum bandwagon here, as I currently have nothing better to contribute. Naiads are one name for the primary stage in some insects' lives.

2nd Stage: Arshellis: Argentum+shell+chrysallis/metamorphosis
Final Submission
1st stage: Aerva, from Aes (Latin for bronze) + Larva.
2nd stage: Argalis, from Argentum (Latin for silver) + Chrysalis.
Simple, alliterative names who keep with Aurumoth's scheme (latin metal + english stage of the insect), and go Bronze- Silver- Gold.
Final Submission:

Stage 1: Curuva- Unchanged from my first post, follows the pattern Aurumoth set with the elemental classification followed by a tie to the bug typing. Components are "Cu" for copper and Larva.

Stage 2: Argentiel- Uses the Latin word for Silver, Argentum, and the suffix iel, which is common in angelic nomenclature.
I am going with Curiel for the first stage.
The "Cu" part is self-explanatory, and I extended it up to curi- of "curious". I mean, with its head like that, it does look like a curious little bugger. It also reminds me of Muriel from Courage the Cowardly Dog for some reason, so the -el. So yeah, Curiel. Also, it kinda represents the curiosity and cuteness of childhood.
Curiel may actually be a work of unintentional genius, as it bares a striking similarity to an angel named in Christianity, Uriel.
Doug's submission is far and away my favorite right now, with my only minor criticism being that "Aggrub" sounds a little too similar to "Aggron".

Korski brings up a great point - the entries that delve into university-level scientific names aren't going to be as appealing because nobody will immediately know why the names themselves are clever. RBG had it right with things as simple as "Arctic/Uno", "Zap/Dos", and "Molten/Tres". The Cu/Ag/Au progression, to me, is just as simple and is elegant in its simplicity. Doug's entry in particular keeps things short and to the point instead of bringing up the scientific names of some obscure moth species.
I've been trying to think of stuff without Cupra/Argent roots as well but the best thing I came up with so far is Ardent for Stage 2. Argent/Armor + Dense + the word Ardent which means enthusiastic/passionate/zealous which fits with a righteous knight type personality.

Also maybe Cuprill for Stage 1 for Cupra+Pill Bug (I thought the armoured theme worked with pill bugs/woodlice, plus the family name of these bugs is Armadillidiidae). I think I like Doug's Cupa better though.
...righteous knight type personality...

Ok, I do have a few more names for the second stage.

Bawhawhaw, this one goes with the angel theme! Interchange the positions of the G and the B in "Gabriel" and add a W and you get this name. Also a reference to Bagworm moths. Kind of an accidental discovery in an attempt to include "Ag" in the name of an angel.

Sire (it is a knight after all) written as Cyer, plus Ag. Cyer is also a reference to the word cyber, as anything silver, cool-looking and organic makes me think of cyborgs.


@Temperantia: Thanks for telling me about Uriel, it was honestly a coincidence that I used it in Curiel. :P


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Final Submission

idk if these will be too similar to other names submitted, but here goes something...

Stage 1: Curva (Cuprum + Larva)

"Cu" derives from Cuprum, which is Latin for Bronze, & "rva" derives from Larva, representing it being the first of the three stages of Larva > Pupa > Moth. Pretty simple, mind.

Stage 2: Aggoon (Aggro + Cocoon)

"Agg" derives from aggro, which is short-hand for aggression, & "oon" derives from Cocoon, representing it being the second of the three stages of Larva > Pupa > Moth. Though Cocoon iirc, is an alternative name for Pupa.

Finally, there is Aurumoth, but yeah. Also, this follows the periodic table characters theme for a progression of Curva > Aggoon > Aurumoth.


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Final Submission:

Cupraiad: Nothing changed from original sub, Cuprum+Naiad
Crusilvis: This one is one of those ideas that you wake up in the middle of the night with. Cru comes from the holy knights the Crusaders. Silver is the english name for silver (duh). Alternatively, you could see Cru- as crux, which is a synonym for cross, to go with the Biblical theme.

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Final Submission:


Cu + CuChulainn + Larva


Aegis (Ag) + Chrysalis

Since Aurumoth plays off of legends I thought it fitting to use some mytholgical references.

Cuchularva plays off the legend of Cu Chulainn. While most people know about Cuchulainn the esper, which works somewhat as a meta theme on corruption, Cu Chulainn. Cu Chulainn is a son of the gods who attained fame by killing Culann's guard dog, and apparently battled with an uncontrollable frenzy. Aurumoth eventually has abilities that leave it effectively defenseless and require it to exploit offense. Cu is also conveniently the periodic symbol for Copper.

Aegylis is much simpler, using a corruption the commonly known Aegis Shield, which protected against Medusa's stone gaze. Not coincidentally Aurumoth can eventually withstand Terrakion's Stone Edge. While its more of a stretch, Aegis contains "Ag" in its letters.

Bull of Heaven

Aerva and Argalis are my favourites so far. The alliteration is a good addition to the more obvious patterns, and makes for a solid progression of names. I wouldn't mind seeing Cuptera and Agrelia win the polls either.

I'm not a fan of submissions that give "pupa" names to the first stage, when the second stage is the actual pupa. I know "cuprum" and "pupa" combine well, but calling the larva a pupa still bothers me. A minor complaint maybe, but I don't think I'll be voting for any that do this.
A lot of people need to be careful when combining two words without any thought to flow. If a word feels like it needs two emphasized syllables, that's bad. Stuff like Cuprapilar (KOO-pra-PILL-ar? it actually reads like PIE-lar because of the dropped l in pillar), Agugoon (AH-goo-GOON), Cutiepilar (KEW-tee-PIE-lar again reads like pie because of the dropped l) all really doesn't work for me.

For the first stage I think the Cupru- and Cupra- roots are very unnatural (though they are kind of nice alone!). For the second stage I think the -oon/goon/coon endings really don't work at all. They are too round/soft sounding for the pokemon and coon is too distractingly like raccoon.

I like Cupa and Grubrum for the first stage, they are cute and simple and don't feel forced. I don't think worrying about the first stage not being a pupa is a problem, you could argue the 'a' is from larva.
Final Submission

Stage 1

Stage 2

Good Luck to all other entrants!
"Aurumoth" is basically Latin word name + simple bug name. I just feel that any attempt to emulate the basic idea (metal + bug) that doesn't follow this pattern makes the name progression not flow so well, although swapping the order wouldn't be too bad. That's why I'm not a fan of those names that use periodic table symbols for the metals instead of the Latin names.

As a result, I won't be making my names into a final submission, but will instead support zyrefredric and SubwayJ's names.


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paintseagull, and what does Feraligatr sound like? GF has plenty of precedent dropping letters far mor important than an extra L in what would be a -pillar name ending.

If you read something ending in pilar as pie-lahr, more power to ya, but I don't get it.


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Well, things are looking good to me so far. I personally love the copper and silver references, though there are some other nice entries as well. Anyways, I'm going to make this a 24 hour warning. If you want to have your name be considered, make sure to make your final submission post soon.
I looked up some references for spelling/pronunciation, and it's fine to have secondary emphasis in words so in that sense I think Cuprapilar works (the other ones I still think sound awkward)

srk, why should we not hold ourselves to a higher standard than that? Feraligatr is one of the stupidest names in Pokemon. "Game Freak gives pokemon stupid names so we can too" is not a good argument. Also the reason I think "Pilar" sounds like "Pie-lar" is because it's supposed to. That's why the word "Pillar" (like a column) has two l's. According to English spelling rules. (check the table, under "i", first row, see rule "before single consonant")

Don't see why we need to make a case for sub-par names requiring exceptions to English spelling rules when we can easily do better.
Final Submission

Stage 1: Curiel
Cu/Cute/Curious + Uriel

Stage 2: Bagwriot
Bagworm Moth + Ag + Gabriel (+ robot)

Both are simple names which go with the angel theme that Aurumoth has. They also have references to the elements Cu, copper, and Ag, silver. Both are actually accidents in an attempt to include some other characters in them: the -uriel in Curiel is actually taken from Muriel of Courage the Cowardly Dog, as I think it bears some resemblance to her. Bagwriot is a result of my trying to include Ag in the name of an angel, and if you interchange the positions of the G and the B in Gabriel, you get Bagriel. I added a W and changed its ending to -ot so as to make a reference to bagworm moths and well as to robots. (I mean, it is silver and cool, just like robots or cyborgs)
Final Submission

First Stage: Cupra
cuprum + cu + larva; wanted to keep it simple because names like Cuprapilar are a bit of a tongue twister!

Second Stage: Argalys
argent + ag + chrysalis, but slightly warped to look nicer and flow better.

so the progression would be Cupra -> Argalys -> Aurumoth.
Final Submission

Prevo 1: Cuprupa
Cupro + Pupa

Prevo 2: Aggentis
Agentum + Chrysalis

Keeps to the latin metal theme, as well as the Cu -> Ag -> Au element theme which whilst not compulsory, works well.


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CAP Head Mod
Final Submission

Stage One: Cubee
Cuprum (Copper) + Baby

Stage Two: Argentomb
Argentum (Silver) + Tomb

As I stated in this post. I'm going for a theme of resurrection, from newborn to tomb to rebirth. I'm also keeping with the theme of copper, silver, and gold.
What started out looking fairly easy got crowded.... I'm not so sure now how to choose the best names out there.

I won't be making my submission final, one less to the slate. Birkal's Cubee and Argentomb are my current favourites so I'll probably vote for those.
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