CAP 4 Pre-evos - Part 7.2 - Movepool Poll 2

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The first vote was close. Time to choose a winner.

This will be a single bold vote poll. The means you get just one choice, so make it count. Votes should be as follows:
My Preferred Choice

If the voter wishes, he may post comments on his vote below the actual vote. Only the vote itself should be bold and none of the supplementary text should be bold.
Please only post votes here in this thread. Feel free to make comments, but don't try and start discussion here. Keep that to irc or similar places. And here are your choices:

[box]Bull of Heaven
The submissions themselves can be viewed via the hyperlinks on the names. Please make sure you spell the name correctly in your vote.

The poll will be open for 24 hours. Aurumoth is right here, same place as always.

Our Prevos so far:

Name: Cupra | Argalis
Type: Bug/Psychic | Bug/Psychic
Abilities: Shield Dust/Keen Eye/Illusion | Shed Skin/Compoundeyes/Illusion
Stats: 50/60/49/67/30/44 | 60/90/89/87/40/54
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