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Finally brought myself to post it. I was too lazy to scan it so I took a picture of it with my iPod. I didn't color it or anything. This is as rough as rough drafts get.

It is a squirrel/chipmunk with tree bark textured fur with an exposed wood stomach and a pine cone tail. I plan on adding more to it to make it look like it can perform things like leaf bade and I will add to it according to the winning ability. Is the concept any good?

EDIT: I also plan on doing the final product on my computer so it isn't such a mess.
I had a couple of people mention they preferred my cthulu concept – so here's a more polished version.

And a bit more on concept…
My thought process went: demon seed>demon vine that strangles things> mysterious demon vine that strangles things> mysterious voodoo priest vine that strangles things> cthulu.

I got rather stuck on the idea that this creature doesn't make a sound as it creeps through the forest, even through autumn leaves. It sneaks up on its prey in the bright sunlight and quietly throttles the daylights out of them with its long tendrils. I could see nearby villagers preferring to travel at night, rather than chance a meeting with this unnamed horror. Just a thought, though.

I wanted to keep the flower portion bright and almost cheerful in color to contrast the dark intent of the creature and to go with the idea of being creepy/spooky/dark even in bright daylight. Not sure it's working, though. Any critique would be incredibly appreciated.

Love the very creative ideas coming from this thread. (corn-mon and wario-mon are brilliant!)

thanks for sharing all your fantastic work!
Final Submission
Here we are!

A colored image of my dark plant 'mon. Originally, the leaves were based on the Rex Begonia plant, but now I've just based the color scheme on it. As one can see, it supports Chlorophyll as an ability (huge leaves, duh). Harvest is less obvious, but is it obvious that Eggsecute has Harvest? I don't think so...
Feedback? This is close to my final sub.


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I actually really like cornmon. It took some time for me to start to like him, but now I really do! Well done Birkal! Also, the Rapid Spin pic is solid imo. I'd like to see him using Sucker Punch if you've got the time. :3

Also adding that I really like a lot of these designs. A couple standout ones are elcheeso's, Yilx's and Harle's.

elcheeso: I like the direction you went with this, especially with the redesign. The colors look really nice, helping to accentuate the darkness which is important imo since rams don't exactly come off as "dark" per se. I think it should be a front-runner, whether or not it actually will be. Also, lol, it's eating cornmon.

Yilx: I actually really prefer the bleeding heart vampire design a lot more. I think it's a really cool, really sleek design. Really interesting, and it works well with the typing.

Harle: I like the color scheme of the autumn colored design the most. Personally, I think you should go for that. It's my favorite of the less campy submissions. I just think it's really cool and interesting, and I hope to see more art from you!

Mostly drew it to see if I could, was inspired by Cloud Nine being discussed as an ability, which I see is no longer. Only sorta got a dark vibe across. I figured it differed enough from picklebear.
Supporting art for huskmon. The straitjacket is actually quite useless except for protecting its kernels from hungry birds and controlling its strength when it is in a good mood. (I could also state giving potential energy when it actually attacks as a reason, but I won't, cuz that's stupid)

Also, have a fat girdling mon.


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Honestly Nov, I think I kind of like the rapid spin version as the main sprite. It makes the mon look a lot more alive. Also the spinning vines and twigs give it a more balanced feel imo.
Also love Magistrum's design. I'd go with the color scheme that uses the dark leaves personally, but they r both incredible
After telling myself I'd submit 'mons for the past... a long time. I finally actually did it. First of all, hi everyone! You all do awesome work and it makes me want to join the fun. Now, without further ado, my submission:

Yes, this is my poker player inspired, truffle-sniffin' greedy pig that I've decided on. Nobody'll take away his truffles, they're all his. He even has bioluminescent 'shrooms that have grown on him both to make digging around in the dirt easier, and also just because he generally spends so much time around mushrooms. One might say he's a fun-guy. I wouldn't though, too lame a joke. As for the poker thing, the mushroom hat was inspired by those green accountant visors, while his one tusk is reminiscent of a cigar. Additionally, his oak leaf (because truffles are often found near oak trees) lapels are sure to draw a crowd. He looks decidedly more like a bull terrier than anything, which is weird because I don't have a dog, and the gross green shading (not the green highlights, those are intentional) was because I lost the proper shading while I was doing it and was too frustrated to fix it. (he said, as if he knew how to shade better.)

Oh darn. Those white artifacts near the lines are back... Dang not saving and then GIMP being just generally annoying. Well, any and all criticisms are appreciated.
Rocket Grunt, your design and mine look like husband and wife, haha. I really like it. It has no striking flaws and is obviously a very inspired design... Though the distinctly feminine grass types are already plentiful (even in CAP with Necturna, though she thankfully lacks boobs and is slightly more gender neutral). I think you could scrap the cleavage at least. Still, love it.

the flexistentialist, this is another one that I really like, though I kind of want to see what it looks like nude. Without the 'robe', of course. Not that the robe is necessarily bad, I just like the head and hands much more and wonder what its entire body would look like.
Personally I really like Nov's, Dracoyoshi's and Shy Guy's designs. Although everything coming in has some potential
EDIT: 100th post!
Here is my official line-art.

Any critiques / feedback / complaints / threats before I start coloring?
@Eol: How exactly does it move? Does it hop or float? I really like the whole swampy death and decay feel, but not entirely sure if the mini skull on its collar is really necessary to get the point across.
The way you want it to move. It can float, skid, walk on its arms, spin on the pointy end like a top, whatever.

Yeah I agree the skull might be a little too much.


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I've had comments on keeping the two legs, keeping the axes, treant reaper being more grassy, more dark... I don't know which comments to take. ._.

In any way, I had sketched something. More axe murderer than harvester of souls, but if CAP gets an offensive stat spread, I may go with it. I'll have to match the blades from the first design, too.

Speaking of those blades, they're a darker color now.

Before I go onto my individualized comments, I've been noticing a number of feminine CAP designs in this thread. I am personally averse to them due to the presence of Lilligant and Necturna and what sort of example those designs would imply to casual observers of CAP. Even if the design is astounding, seeing two similar feminine shady, Grass-type creations among CAP's ranks is bound to raise eyebrows.

Now, for those individual comments:
  • Dracoyoshi8: Just some 'fan art', if you'd like to call it that. :P CAP snakes, why not? I still like your lizard, though more so if it's unrelated to your jokish concept of 'Mariguana'.
  • Adams: The first one's colors, at least, remind me of Necturna. The second one, less so, but it's more ambiguous as to what it's supposed to be. Perhaps explain your ideas?
  • Athel: Nice style, first of all! A nice change from the detailed depictions (including mine, haha) of designs. Certainly, try a mix of the two. I'm fond of both for their simplicity, but it lacks explicit Dark-type hints. Even a darker color for them may do.
  • HappyJames: It's a puppet? Nice drawing, let me say. It works just fine the way it is--my favorite touch is the blunted leaf nose like the one of a wooden marionette. I'm not sure what it would look like if you've tried the other options, but do beware that other artists have forayed into those ideas, too, and that means competing with them. If you have a solid idea, though, it can win!
  • paintseagull: I love that first picture! It captures that 'cranky veteran' very well, don't worry. Its swampiness works in case we get something like Water Veil, but otherwise, I just like the design.
  • nov: Aw, dynamics. The last winning CAP designs don't have dynamic designs. Those are reserved for supplementary art, yes, but not main. Anyway, nice to see development of the design, as solid as it is! No brown, I'd say.
  • Magistrum: I suppose you skipped my opinions. Aaah, well. I hope for your success, but I'll mention that I don't prefer your design all that much.
  • XDaylon: I thought they were wooden, spiky outcrops. That's my fault for not looking at the details sufficiently. Nevertheless, it's nice that green is not predominant in the design, and the design is a huge improvement from last CAP's. Stiffness is a part of my art that I lack the skill to remove. :/ My sketches are imperfect, or so I see them as, but they are looser in pose.
  • Doran Dragon: Nice! Solid design, good flavor, good contender, in my opinion. Yay for supplementary art!
  • CommanderZorvox: Not much else to add other than solid but 'meh'. :)
  • Chomz: Hmm... Those green tufts remind me of Zoroark. Other than that, I still like it! Those creepy red eyes and expression and grassy highlights come together very well!
  • KoA: Aw, I liked the dwarf, but it's your choice. I agree that it looks like a Fighting-type, and that Grass gets pushed to the side like Electric did for Voodoom, if that makes sense. Those eyes, I must say, are cool, for lack of better terms.
  • mcFlareon: I'll point out that feminine-pokemon paragraph I put above. The design is not bad, certainly, but after Necturna, I don't favor it so much. :/
  • Collol: I can see an off-white green as the husk, brownish-yellow for the kernels, and... hmm, I'm uncertain as to the head. Brown for the stem? I don't know unless I see it in color. Anyway, is it possible for you to make the design a bit less realistic? It's unnervingly creepy at the moment, which is good for the Dark-type flavor, but a bit too much for my tastes.
  • mcFlareon: I have wanted to make the grassy cloak larger, but when I draw, I cut it short at the chest, for some reason. Siiigh.
  • Steampowered: There is something off about the face. Everything else is fine, but the face looks like it's plastered onto a round shape instead of forming itself to the figure. Please do something about it. :/
  • Harle: Ah, nice. Certainly fits the typing and Harvest, to boot. Generally nice, and a unique entry among these designs!
  • invalio: At least explain what it is! :P If you do so, your designs may not be as overshadowed by others'.
  • Gun6: Your second design fits the typing more, but at the expense of being rather generic. It upsets me to see an artist such as you fall between trying to stand out and trying to fit what had already existed for this CAP. Keep trying, though! Let your imagination roam until you clasp the perfect idea!
  • Mos-Quitoxe: LEFT.
  • Cheeseball504: As Agile Turtle had said, the sketch you have works as a head or as a shape for a design. Ferrothorn is more than a spiky ball, for instance, so there needs to be more detail as to what it is or what it could be.
  • Birkal: You know my thoughts on Cornmon. :)
  • Blue Frog: The first design was hard for me to see it as a pokemon--I saw a cracked pot with plants spilling out of it. :/ If there was a malevolent entity that is growing out of a plant pot, I'd be more preferable to it. The second, well, am I supposed to take it seriously, or is it a Bellsprout in a pot?
  • Wyverii: Nice design, but the pose bothers me and obscures the anatomy of your creation. Where do the vine arms come from, and how does that and the head connect to the back legs? (Is it from just that stem section I see?) Past that, though, again, I like your interpretation of the Dark-type and the art style you bring to CAP.
  • Yilx: I love the watermelon color scheme of your cactus girl, but, well, as I said above, feminine pokemon are less preferable to me. I know it's your style, but I can't say that I'll change my opinion.
  • YourFavoriteEgyptian: It's definitely better than your previous drawing! There's still a ways to go, though, in terms of artistic quality, but keep trying! Each drawing is an observation and improvement compared to the last! The idea is more integrated, but the pumpkin and knives don't feel like they would fit into Pokemon. The blades and plants we see are all fantasy, so if you can, make them so as well.
  • the flexistentialist: I'm all up for a cthulhu design, and you've incorporated the typings well! Nice artistry, too! I don't have criticism for the design, just generically good praise.
  • pianosaurus: Make sure to follow the rules from the first post as to what constitutes a proper image for final submission, first of all. Secondly, I see much Ghost in the design and not much Grass at all. It's a bit too creative. :/
  • ShyGuy1221: I liked Xenomushroom. D: That's my comment on your updated design.
  • Shanimanim: Well, there's mythology! That's good for any design, as long as it fits. Currently, though, I see a tree with a snake root. Perhaps the snake could wind along the tree, merging with the bark at points, but extending like Ophiuchus does at the ends. It's an idea, and you don't have to take it, but it'd make it more interesting in my eyes.
  • noobiess: You're one of the people whose design is up in the area before comments. Apologies.
  • Agile Turtle: I do believe you'd need some sharpened art before I can say anything about your design.
  • The Steam Punk: Well, my feedback last time got wasted. Oh, well. I still carry on with my comments! Exeggcute evolves into a palm tree, which bears fruit. I admit my design does not, but hey, reaper. It harvests souls or plants it may grow. Anywhoo, the actual design in the center still is ambiguous to my eyes.
  • Trollpriest: It's tangentially related to Grass or Dark as a typing, I have to say. Grass is explained through the green colors and reed, and Dark through... the shade on the hat? For voters, at least, the elements have to be a bit more explicit.
  • ShadowLime: I'll have to ask you to provide a technically better piece before I make judgments. The design seems pieced to me and lacking in detail.
  • Rocket Grunt: You're with the general comment I've made above. The 'hat' and 'dress' it has reminds me of Lilligant. It's creative, certainly, but feels too derivative to me.
  • Eol: Nice! It captures both typings well, but beware of making it a Ghost-type more than Dark. The little skull tag by the hood seems amusing more than grim, as the rest of the image portrays.
Alright, tweaked up my flower dilophasaurus.

And open flower.

If anyone has any suggestions to improve it, I'm listening.

P.S. Sorry Quan, I was making this in the hope of Flower Gift, but since Harvest was decided I'll continue working on Xenomushroom.
I decided to do a complete redraw. This time I decided to up-play the biolumishroom theme. I also decided to free form draw with my mouse rather than fail at vectors. It definitely feels like it's less stilted and has more personality. Still wish I had a tablet though :/

I'm wondering if I should put lines on its sides, to make it look more pinstripe suit-y. Although I'm worried it'll look too busy.

Once again, would appreciate feedback, thanks.
Please ignore the sloppiness, I still have to find a way to obtain decent linearts for colouring.

I changed the eye design, the clown tear just feels better than the fake eyes.
I'm not really sure about the colours. I know red doesn't feel dark at all, but I'd prefer something that is dark by concept rather than by colour scheme (compare with Scrafty who is orange and yellow). I tried a mixed approach with darker main parts and lighter tentacles.

Birkal: I like the redesign far more than the original (plus concept-wise it's perfect for Harvest), though I'm not completely sure about the scythe.
mcFlareon: go with B, though the red collar on the black body does feel way too much like Darkrai
Harle: I like the darker colour scheme better, though I feel the bluish/purplish hue makes it look too much like a shiny. Maybe try some middle ground between this and the lighter version?
Mos-Quitoxe: definitely go with the original version, though I'm not really sure about the pink nose.
Shanimanim: I feel making the snake part more evident could help, maybe bring back the fruits on the tree.

Also liking Wyverii's and the flexistentialist's designs.
Buffalo Wings: Just something small. Though I like the simplicity of your design it feels more like a grass/stoner type thanks to the eyes. I feel like if you just gave the eyes a more ominous feel to them that the design would be great.
Shadow Lime: I think lines could work if they were a subtle color to go with the blue. Also the rock on it's back seems a little awkward to me. If you perhaps made it smaller or even made it a little more like the ones on his head were it's more like an elevated plate. Though if you do decide to do so try not to make it as slim as the ones on his head. And add some funghi or algea of sorts, I think it would look awesome.
Doran Dragon: Love the design, and idea. One thing though. I feel the color pallet you chose makes him a little dull. I think maybe darkening the body color a little and adding some more vibrant colors to the foliage on his back (i.e. brighter shade of green) would make his design stand out more, (by adding that contrast) and be more visually appealing.
Rocket Grunt: Your design is amazing. Just like Harle put it it's clearly very inspired. I do disagree with him though on the issue of cleavage. Though if you decide to make it a male and female pokemon, I think a male counterpart with a wastecoat and top hat of sorts that this would be an absolutely stunning pokemon visually. (Try desgining the male counterpart so that it's as if they're almost going to a dance together or make him an evil magician sort of pokemon) EDIT: They might even be a sort of Gallade Gardevoir (except obviously yours will probably be one pokemon with a gender difference)


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Here we have a much more refined drawing of the last sketch. I took away the knife because I agreed with one comment saying that Pokemon don't usually carry weapons. I understand what you mean, Quanyalis, and I will work towards improving the design to fit the more "Pokemonesque" feel that it does not currently have.
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