CAP 16 CAP 5 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 3

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i always thought pokemon was not so much about the types as opposed to each pokemon individually. yes, a type will often define what other Pokemon that a particular mon can threaten or switch into, but it is only one of many factors. too often i see people going "ehhh now i need a fire-type" while trying to build teams, when they should be trying to build teams based on what the pokemon can accomplish as opposed to just basic type coverage. for this reason, I want to avoid a type-based concept and instead focus on another aspect of a Pokemon that might be even more crucial in today's (and i would argue we would learn more from it, trying to even out the types boils down to "make a pokemon that beats the most common types" which isn't really that interesting)

also, funny how a concept about base speed is going against a concept submitted by user Base Speed.
Base Speed

I've seriously wondered why this HASN'T been a CAP concept yet. Its the first thing I'd like to test out. Competitive Pokemon has littered with Dragons and Steels since 4th gen...they dominate the metagame, and I'd love to see how you guys would work out a balance. I feel like this is a very concrete idea that can be directly and effectively explored.
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