CAP 5 Pre-Evo - Part 4.1 - Stat Spread Poll 1

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Five stalwart warriors step onto the arena, swords drawn...

Eagle4 is the first to speak: "You fools! Miniconda should should have a 330 BST because it should be based on Drapion!"

Eagle4 swings his blade at The Reptile, who ducks under the greatsword and speaks:

"No! Babyconda should have a 330 BST because it should be based on Mienfoo!" The Reptile, outraged at Eagle's comments, unsheathes his katana and slashes at Eagle4 and Deck Knight!"

Deck Knight is the next to speak: "First of all, we're calling this thing Mala Pre-Vo! Yes, we should have 330 BST, but only as a result of careful consideration of LC stats! Also, The Reptile's Special Attack is heresy! It should be 20, not 30!"

Deck Knight pulls a calculator from his pocket, which emits a laser beam directed straight at The Reptile! However, the laser fails to affect The Reptile because of its weak 20 Special Attack.

"Deck Knight, Babyconda is a reptile! Do not question my knowledge of such a beautiful class of animals, for I am one myself!"

As The Reptile was about to retaliate against Deck Knight, DHR-107 makes a move!

DHR-107 raises his rapier and attacks Deck Knight for daring to post such a high Special Defense stat, but his attack is so slow that Deck Knight dodges and spears DHR-107 right in the stomach!

Unfazed, DHR-107 simply laughs at Deck Knight despite the weapon protruding from his stomach. "You think you can harm me? Fool, you have just begun to learn what the protection a Base 80 HP stat affords me!"

DHR-107 seems to have had enough of this fighting. He tosses his rapier aside and removes a big red button from his pocket.

"Now, enough of this petty fighting! I'm going to detonate the bomb I have placed below you all and blow this entire arena to smithereens! With all of you eliminated, the voters will have no choice but to vote for my spread!"

Eagle4, The Reptile, and Deck Knight are paralyzed with fear. All was lost. DHR-107 would destroy them all with his nefarious plot.

But wait! What's this?

Like a bolt from the blue, a flash of lightning snatches DHR-107's detonator and smashes it before DHR-107 could press his button.

Wait! That's no lightning, it's Base Speed and his Base 75 Speed!

"Now! You will all submit to me! Clearly a high Speed stat is right for Miniconda! If it weren't for my high Speed stat, you would all be a mile high in the air right now!"

Eagle4, The Reptile, Deck Knight and DHR-107 all submit to Base Speed's demand. All four of them concede the poll, and Base Speed takes a piece of paper out of his pocket.

"And now, for my victory speech."

"Miniconda should have a high Speed stat, even if it means compromising other stats such as Defense and HP. In fact, my spread is so efficient, it only has a 320 BST!"

The four challengers' eyes lit up as if they had been lit ablaze.

"WHAT!?! I would never support such a meager BST!", announced Eagle4, "I'm reentering this poll! No BST other than 330 is fit to see the slate!"

"I agree! I have a 330 BST, my father had a 330 BST, my brother has a 330 BST and all reptiles on this planet should have a 330 BST!", yelled The Reptile.

"I was just kidding about dropping out of the poll! I could use another poll victory!", spoke the coy Deck Knight.

"Base Speed offended me by thwarting my plot, and now he's foisting this 320 BST upon us? No more, Base Speed; we will settle this like CAP participants!"

The five combatants rushed back into the arena and battled until only one survived.

But who emerged the victor?

Well, whoever does the best in this poll, silly! Let's vote!

This will be an Instant-Runoff Voting (IRV) Poll. For those wishing to learn about IRV or review the voting process used in this poll, here are the Process Rules concerning IRV polling.

To vote in this poll, just rank your preferences in the order in which you prefer them. You may rank one, two, three, four, or all five entries if you so choose. Be aware, however, that order matters in your vote. Also, you may post commentary with your vote if you so desire, but only type your vote in bold. A typical vote will look like this:

Most Preferred
Second Most Preferred
Third Most Preferred

Any comments that the voter has would go below the votes in non-bold text. Bold text is used to determine what the user's votes are, so none of the supplementary text should be in bold.
Please only post your votes in this thread. Don't respond to other's votes or attack others over what they voted. If you break this rule, your post will be moderated and you may be warned. If you would like to post reasoning or commentary with your vote, that's perfectly acceptable. Just be sure not to post anything in bold other than your vote. This is not a thread for discussing which options are best; that was what the previous thread was for! If you would like to discuss the poll, head on over to #cap on IRC!

Here is the Stat Spread Submissions thread.
Here is Malaconda's Final Product thread.

Creating a proper ballot is easy. Just copy and paste as many of the entries from the following list as you please in the order your prefer. Then, place bold tags around your vote and add commentary if you feel like it.

The items on the slate (in no particular order) will be posted and the submitter's reasoning will be in a link next to the submission.

Eagle4: 75/70/40/20/95/30 Reasoning.

DHR-107: 80/70/40/20/90/30 Reasoning.

Deck Knight: 70/60/35/20/105/40 Reasoning.

The Reptile: 75/60/40/30/90/35 Reasoning.

Base Speed: 60/70/30/30/65/75 Reasoning.

Please use only the name of the submitter in your vote.

This poll will be open for 24 Hours. It will close at 2 AM CST on June 13, 2013.

Our Prevo So Far:

Type: Grass/Dark
Abilities: Harvest/Infiltrator
Stats: TBD

Happy voting everyone!

Base Speed

What a load of BS!
Base Speed
Deck Knight
The Reptile

Looks like I accidentally gave Miniconda 320 BST and talked about 330 in my reasoning. Oops.
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