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Final Submission Main Design:
With this new pose, I finally see Wyverii's Battlestork as a Water/Fighting(/Flying), not just a Water/Flying(/Fighting). It's like the Stork from Kung Fu Panda! (Love that movie, but if only the rest of it were as awesome as the first 5 minutes.)

Plus, Brave Bird to deal with Revenankh = sex. Still, it's getting some awfully powerful competition from Caladbolg, Cartoons, Artyoki, CyzirVisheen, et cetera ... Probably I will vote for Artyoki, but I'm really not sure. Great job to everybody!

edit: haha, and I just realized that Cyzir's Mantis is like the Mantis from Kung Fu Panda! The drunken seal can be Po, and ... ugh :P
I couldn't do much more because the deadline's riding right up on me. I do hope everybody gets their final submissions in before the final stat poll ends. Lots of thanks to everybody who supports me (even though i'm just adding more to the confusion). Good luck to everybody!

It's like the Stork from Kung Fu Panda!
Wasn't he a crane? To fit with the five animal styles. Someone else actually tried a crane, I think it was Atlas.
Oh, yeah. Crane. Whatever. Still similar.

Where are her/his eyes in the final submission? Are they just closed?
They're just closed. I actually put the line markings underneath the eyes to cause that sort of confusion (for the other Pokemon, not you). It's harder to hit someone's eyes if you don't know where they are.
Main Design:

Supporting Material:
First Stage
Second Stage
Third Stage, Trident Fighter Mode
Ready to attack!

I decided to make another CAP pokemons for this community. My English sucks, an for me is more difficult express my feelings than others artist.

For me, a Water/Fighting pokemon must have new elements. We have seen a lot of species in Water types [from turtles to beavers, birds, ducks, etc] and we have seen a lot of combat types in Fighting type [from CQC, Meditation-based-combat, Blade combat, Boxing, Kickboxing, etc] So It's difficult create something totally new. But I think my design is near to this.

Atlantimon is a mix of new concepts, mythology, and a decent work that you can see in the evolution of this concept.

My CAP6 fights with its hands, head, but, It can use its tail like a weapon too. Its tail is a marine-based-weapon; a trident [ Symbolizing the sea legends, Poseidon's stories, etc].

Its color also aren't the usually used by Water pokemons.

I made it like a warrior, ready to decentralize the actual metagame. This was my very first inspiration for made a CAP pokemon, and I try to focus on that.


-My CAP has "hidden" Dragon Type.
-Its tail can be used as a new signature move.
-It might be adapted easily to differents stats spreads.

I want to use Wyverii's words:

"There are many aspects of this design that may turn voters off but [...]i'm sure that the sprite artists will come up with their own interpretations of this design."

I think the same for my design.
Omg Caladbolg this is win! You got my vote!

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I am torn between Cadalbolg's and Wyverii's... they are both such great designs and I would love either of them to win. Time to find my lucky coin...

I think this has been the best CAP so far in terms of the art, with so many excellent and innovative designs such as Atyroki's, Cartoon's, Cadalbolg's and Wyverii's. It's a pity only one of them can be put to use, as they are all easily good enough to be pokemon by themselves.

Final Submission

First off, good luck to everyone! This has been, by far, the most enjoyable art submission period for a CAP project I've experienced. There are a lot of unique, and beautiful designs going around and the community should be proud to present any of them as its newest creation.

Final Submission:

Supporting material:
down but not out

Apparently, a wrestling squid isn't the most unique concept, but I was aiming more for a design that would be fun to include on your team and an exciting monster to see pop out of its ball.
Some cuttlefish can change colours to camouflage themselves against the sea floor. If I'd designed this mon for in-game use, I'd have pulled a Spinda, and had multiple colours and designs for its shell/mask, but for the sake of having a consistent entry, I kept it the same.

So now he's in your hands. It's been a fun ride, and again, we're gonna pick a winner no matter what. Thank you to everyone who's supported the littlest luchador.

edit: thanks for the fix up, darkie.
IMO, showing your drawing in a moment of weakness isnt very good supporting material -_- it is a brilliant picture and close enough for me to possibly change my vote from caladbolg's to yours at the last second.


Well, I guess this is my entry for this. I hope this one gets some votes. :P

This has been a very fun time and I hope the best art will win!

Final Submission:

Supporting Material:
art1 <-- different colouring <-- different colouring again :P

I'm very excited to see who'll win being the first water/fight "pokemon"! Congrats to all who entered!

BTW, the glow stuff on the stripes is probably something like Umbreon's glow in the dark. It could also be Torrent, or ability being activated, but IDK.
Loves Cartoons! I love that it seems pretty small and cute but will be so dangerous for the top threats.

Wrestler squid for the win!
Ok, so my last "submission" didn't count. That's fine, as I wasn't expecting an elaborate response from Murkrow. Because of that, I am now working on a new final. This one will be better. Please ignore that fanged monstrosity of mine.
I like Atryoki's Paddlemon, Cadabolg's Atlantismon, Cartoons!' Luchasquid, Wyverii's Battle Stork, Aragornbird's Pirate Squid, and Cyzir's Anemoninja the best. Hard choice!
Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Material

Using Attacks
Final Pencil ConceptsMisc.Design Background


I've always wanted a moray eel pokemon. I figure there is no time like the present to suggest one.I have conceptualised this Moray Pokemon as a third evolution - along the line of Metagross, Salamence, and Garchomp - these Pokemon typically have a little more detail, but not too much. Hopefully no-one is thinking 'We couldn't sprite that' or 'It looks like a digimon', because I worked hard to keep it Pokemon-y. Here is good film of a moray on Youtube, you can see I used a lot of artistic license to make it more Fight-type.

Possible Descriptions

Moray eels have a second jaw inside their throats, I figure that this Moray Pokemon is not different. She uses her inner jaw to pull prey into her esophagus. No doubt, being a fighting type, she would punch and crush her prey to catch them. Like real morays, she haunts undersea holes, lurking with her head only just protruding, and grabbing any prey that happens past in her lock-jaw.

Stats & Attacks

She is bulky enough to warrant the stats, despite being an eel. She has some level of armouring on her head and arms, it's bejewelled, which could hint at the higher SpDef, and also the only *just* useful SpAtk (see Aura Sphere pic above). All the same, I tried not to make her look too bulky. She is also open to punching moves due to her fists, and many 'slightly physical' pokemon end up with Crunch/Bite moves, so she has a nice, solid jaw-line. It shouldn't be hard to imagine her using physical Water moves like Waterfall and Aqua Jet. I like to envision her sparring with another of her kind during a storm, leaping out of the waves to exchange Thunderpunches. If she is chosen, I like the idea of her moveset incorporating Electric moves (as an eel) but not Fire or Rock ones. As useless a move as it is, I think she would probably know Slam.
Holy crap. So many good submissions.
In the polls, can I somehow click multiple options simultaneously? :D


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Final Submission

"Scuba Sumo"

Main Design

Supporting Material

This design came about from my desire to make a water pokemon design that was not based on anything already existing in the game. Since water is one of the most common pokemon types, it's very hard to come up with something that is clearly "water", without rehashing something that has been done before. That's when I happened upon the idea of scuba diving. Being a certified scuba diver myself, it was an interesting concept to me. I was intrigued by the idea of converting a scuba mask into one big cyclops-like eye.

As I sketched ideas of a scuba-suit, I made one sketch of a big, fat pokemon. As I looked at it, I realized it looked a lot like a sumo wrestler. Since the other type for our pokemon was fighting, I instantly knew that I had found the right inspiration for my design.

I reworked the sketch to give the pokemon an aggressive pose, and made the feet reminiscient of scuba fins, without being too terribly clumsy-looking.

Original Sketch

(click thumbnail)

One of my favorite things about water pokemon are the purple shinies. So with this pokemon, I couldn't resist making a purple shiny version of it. Of course, if my design wins, the spriter is under no obligation to use this coloring for the shiny. I just did this one for fun.

(click thumbnail)

I've got some other action sketches that I may edit in later. I think this design supports a lot of different moves and stat spreads. It certainly is bulky enough to justify the HP and defenses, and the sumo wrestling angle gives this a decidedly physical overtone.

I love many other designs in the competition, and I will be happy if they win. Whether I win or lose -- I enjoy submitting to CAP art contests as a way to show off my ideas and to introduce the community to different ways of conceptualizing our pokemon. I hope everyone enjoys this design, even if it is not their #1 favorite. Good luck to all the other artists!
Final submission

Main design

Supporting material:
poor luvdisc...(art3)

Well here it is, my final submission, which is based on the siamese fighting fish. It might not be able to compete with some of the amazing works in this thread, but it was something I really enjoyed working on.

I changed the original pictures' colours and darkened the fist-fins a bit. I also removed the fin markings because I felt a more simple design would be better.

The luvdisc in the third art was kind of a last minute addition since I felt like the fish needed something to gaze angrily at. Obviously luvdisc was the first thing that came to my mind.

Good luck everyone!
My Design revamped and colored

Color scheme can easily be altered upon request. I can make other changes if there are any suggestions.


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Oh god, I still need to submit mine. I haven't had a chance to work on it because of finals. I need like an extra day or so.
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