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Final Submission

Well, I'm finally done with mine. Thanks to everyone who has commmented or given advice throughout the conception of this project.

"Pirate Squids" are fierce warriors of the sea, always getting into fights with others of the same species. Because of this, older "Pirate Squids" appear more ragged and scarred.

In the midst of battle, they concentrate on nothing but their opponent's body (Unaware). Usually, they'll close either of their eyes to focus in on an opening or a weak spot.

The weapons, the gloves, and the hat look like they are made of different materials, but they are actually made from the same substance - chitin. This is the stuff that makes up the beaks of squids and octopuses, as well as the hard exoskeletons of insects, crabs, and lobsters.
It's very durable, but also lightweight, giving their bodies just enough protection without slowing them down.
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