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Thanks guys, and to think, I was starting to think I didn't have any support >>

(Also, I edited the post with one more piece of supporting material)

Edit: (and another :A)
@Atyroki's: It's quite well done, though it does make me think of Gallade a little. But it doesnt matter, I think it is really an impressive piece of work.

@Cyzir's: At first i thought it looked more of psychic to me, but now i can see the 'fighting' element :). And I think ur idea is really the most original, we haven had a sea anemone pkmn! It's a fresh idea, really. Great piece of work.

@Cartoons!'s: Those animations really rock! I also think that its quite a good piece of work dere, although i feel maybe its not as "pokemon-ish"? (doesnt matter anyway, and i tink the rules state that i shldnt include comments like this). Anyway i think you're really a very talented cartoonist, great work!

@Wyverii's: At first i thought, yea it's a good piece of work but not yet great. But i was impressed when i saw the final submission. I was like 'Whoa!' because that battlestork's pose in the final submission was really WIN. And yea, with that "hidden flying element", i think ur battlestork would make a brilliant pkmn, being a water/fighting type with possibly moves like brave bird and roost.

@Caladbolg's: At first i thought it looked abit like Swampert, but with the coloring, i think it does look different althogether! Its quite impressive, i must say, although the color of the tail is abit not fitting with the rest of the body.

@Vividsketch's: I tink ur work has pretty much potential, i like it, but i tink sadly its not as popular with the rest of the ppl here as compared to those mentioned above, i tink the quality of it nw is between good and great, still seems to be lacking sumthing to reach the standard of great, maybe its the eyes? I think the eyes should look fiercer? Just my opinion, i prefer the one with the white eyes, nice work anyway.

I think the first 5 i mentioned all have good chance of winning this, its really close. As for vividsketch's, i tink it has potential but seems its not as popular comparatively among the ppl here. This is real tough to vote IMO.

As for the others, dun give up! You all can do it too!

Oh yea, almost forgot, i tink Doug's works are good too!

Just my 2 cents worth :)


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Final Submission

this is my (slightly more sinister (unintentionally)) submission, tentatively named machio. when it was first decided that its type would be water/fighting i immediately thought of the karate kid and the crane kick.

i wanted this guy to look slender to detract the stereotypical "if youre fat, youre defensive." i also added the belt around his eyes instead of his waist for his ability, unaware.
I'm blown away by all of these submissions. Massive props to El Luchasquid, I fell in love with him the moment I saw him rip off Machamp's pants and wear them as a headband. Wyverii's Battle Stork also has me captivated. =/ So many good artists, and one CAP.

Atyroki, I'm liking the Kratos-style shiny. It makes your kappa look even more oriental.

Even if I'm late, I like the Scuba Wrestler better than the Bubble Fighter, Doug.

@_@ I should have gotten off my lazy tail and created an account earlier in CAP. There's no way I'm missing out on the next one.


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Even if I'm late, I like the Scuba Wresteler better than the Bubble Fighter, Doug.
The Bubble Fighter was a passing fancy for me. I worked it up in a big flurry of inspiration, but I disliked the design the more I looked at it. I think it's very cool-looking, but I no longer think it would be a good design for this pokemon. It didn't generate much interest either, so I'm not motivated to put together a final submission for it.

As for the Scuba Wrestler, I like it better as a pokemon design. It's not as slick as the Bubble Fighter, but it has a stronger design concept. I think the "scuba sumo" theme is more definitive than "water armor". So, even though more people would probably prefer the visual of the Bubble Fighter, I'm sticking with the fat guy. It has a quirky design aesthetic that appeals to me, if not others.


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Atryoki? Cyzir? Aragorn? Farfin? and we only get to vote for one.
Actually, I talked to darkie on Skype a couple days after he said only one on IRC and he changed his mind. You can vote for three.

DARKIEDIT: actually, tennis begged me and I relented.

tennisedit: i agree with caelum, DARKIEDIT is a dumb name.
Actually, I talked to darkie on Skype a couple days after he said only one on IRC and he changed his mind. You can vote for three.

DARKIEDIT: actually, tennis begged me and I relented.

Haha thanks tennis :] This should be fun! I'm looking forward to seeing who wins this, it's anybody's game right now I think

edit: added one more supporting pic to my final submission btw
Hmm...I like Wyverii's and CyzirVishen's, though I also like Nardd's concept.

Good job and good luck guys! I'm exicted to vote.:toast:
This one's going to be real close! So far, I'm rooting for Cartoon's Luchasquid, Wyverii's Stork, and CyzirVishen's Anemoninja. Sure wish mine had more positive feedback though. GOOD LUCK TO EVEYRONE!
I've made a few more adjustments.

I agree with DJ68 that the eyes in my design weren't nearly expressive enough. So I have lowered the brow a bit to add a bit more malice to the eyes and over all demeanor.

Also added tail spikes (or rather "spike" from this perspective) as well as some frills/spikes/texture to the jaw line and face to add to the aggressiveness of the beast.

Are these improvements??? Anything else I should change?
Vivid: Thin the eyes(puipuls) a bit, he looks like a Malicious loony toon, other than that, it seems great.
In my opinion the final 2 should be Atyroki's and Cyzir's. They both show what I think this CAP is going for. And it looks like they both put their hearts into this CAP.


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Supporting material isn't required, it just helps out to have it.
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