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I'm a bit behind, but I still want to see this through. All right, I replaced the pistol/cannon/whatever with a glove again. This is more to balance out the bottom of the figure, as symmetry is a pretty major theme in all Pokemon designs. I doubt anyone would miss the pistol anyways.

So here are preliminary colors.
Red is the color we normally associate with squids, especially giant squids. Black and brown are more traditional pirate colors. Blue obviously gives it a standard Water Pokemon feel. And teal green has a watery vibe to it but isn't as obvious.

Feel free to suggest colors or mix and match colors if you like. But remember no more than 3 main colors in keeping with standard Pokemon designs.
I'm thinking I like the brown and teal more than the two on the left, but that might just be due to me really liking those colors :P

I get the red, but it seems a bit too bright for a pirate. Have you experimented with different shades of red? Also, blue seems too cliche to me, but idk it might get more votes that way
Wow, I really like the new design. I'll be happy if this one wins, too & I'm glad you changed the feet :)
Ziggy's coloring actually looks really nice to me, either that or your red one, Aragornbird. The thing I like about Ziggy's is the color of the "hat." I think the hat is too colorful in all of the other ones. Real pirates generally have black tricorne hats, right?

The only thing with it being so dark-colored (and a pirate) is that it seems more like a Water/Dark than a Water/Fighting.

Have you tried putting that little skull back on the hat, just to see what it would look like on this new rendition? & I still think that the cutlass should be shaded (or maybe you'll do this later, if it wins) to seem "harder" than soft tissue. Like what someone said earlier, like keratin. I just think it might be better with more definition to it, so that it actually seems sharp. Just some thoughts.
It does look nicer with bright red boxing gloves as long as you add the white lace so it doesn't look like an awkward color shift.

Glad you liked it : )


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Aragornbird, I really like that Greenish-Teal one. It gives a nice watery vibe without being the stereotypical blue/yellow.
@aragornbird, my vote goes to teal all the way, but I can't shake the sense that it's a dark type, not a fighter. Have you considered putting rims on the boxing gloves, or seams? Right now they're not explicit enough.

@farfin, I agree with those who have said your design is great, but also agree with those who say you need to tone down the patterns, perhaps stylise them further, and make them more broad and regular.

Hmmm, what do you think guys, with or without the nunchuck lure? I think I favour without, but thought I'd get a second opinion or two.

Tea and Blues, I like it more without the nunchuck lure. I think it looks a little out of place, but it's a great design alltogether.
@ tea and blues
Definitely without. It just looks like something stuck on the top of it and doesn't fit in at all with the design.

@ aragornbird
Teal for me.


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Hmmm, what do you think guys, with or without the nunchuck lure? I think I favour without, but thought I'd get a second opinion or two.

I found the nunchuck amusing, personally. Would be more amused if it were the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, but that's a bit much.
it's an awesome design consistently do good work. i'm not sure yet who i'm voting for, but damn if it's not gonna be a hard decision...
Atyroki, I love it! It is an awesome desgin. It reminds me a bit of Gallade, which is one of my favourite Pokemon!

@Aragornbird: I like brown squid and teal squid. Maybe cobine the two? Like, the black hat and gloves on the teal main body?
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