CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 5c - Secondary Ability Poll

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though it might already be decided, people still have the right to vote, even if only to have their oppinion stated outright.
Oh yes, I encourage any vote that you want. Don't just hop on the NSA bandwagon, there is far more depth to plumb. Why should we worry about one neglected ability overshadowing another. We're still proving that neglected abilities are only so because the pokemon they've been on inadequately use them.

Shield Dust isn't going to feel bad if Static/Hustle/whatever makes it on more sets, ditto for the reverse. In either case our pokemon becomes stronger and more varied because of it.
In all honesty, nothing has a chance anymore. Lets just end this by all jumping on the NSA bandwagon. The sooner it's over the better!
This poll is over. The following Abilities will move on to the next poll:

No Secondary Ability
Marvel Scale
Rough Skin
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