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Our Pokemon so far:
Elevator Music said:
Name: Neglected Ability

Description: This pokemon will have an ability [or two] that is currently undervalued (but possibly very helpful) in the metagame but isn't used because the other pokemon with this ability don't have the stats or movepool to make it work.
Type: Electric / Dragon
Style Bias: Somewhat Defensive
Build Bias: Mixed, possibly Special

Main Ability: Shield Dust

Usually, only a few abilities that have been chosen but in this case, we will allow all of the abilities that are currently in the Allowed list to be voted on, which is too much for a clicky poll. That is why we will be having a BOLD VOTE.

We have the option to choose a secondary Ability that will allow us to fulfill the concept, but for this poll, No Secondary Ability is an option.

Air Lock/Cloud Nine
Color Change
Early Bird
Effect Spore
Flower Gift
Iron Fist
Leaf Guard
Marvel Scale
Mold Breaker
Poison Point
Quick Feet
Rock Head
Rough Skin
Skill Link
Solar Power
Suction Cups
Tangled Feet
Thick Fat
Any posts with other abilities will be deleted. Discussion is encouraged, as well as a readthrough of this discussion thread.


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Rough Skin. It was going to be my choice for the primary ability but then shield dust just destroyed that poll.


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no secondary ability

No secondary ability helps with the concept of this cap. We are suppose to base the cap around the ability but I don't see how we can do that with two abilities. =/

Basically I'm looking for 3 things:
  1. Offensive ability - Shield Dust is defensive, so let's keep with the balanced theme and give offensive options a shot
  2. Does not overshadow Shield Dust - I want Shield Dust to be the primary option. You expect people to use Shield Dust over Trace? I don't want a superior option that leaves it untouched, and don't think "No secondary ability" is needed to make it used.
  3. Not completely worthless - Things like Iron Fist and Reckless are cool and not overshadowing because of their limitation, but they're so limited that they're benefit is not worth it (especially considering that most spreads have a low attack). Sun abilities rely on a rare field condition that's difficult to maintain. Hustle provides a large attack boost which is very handy. For those not convinced of Hustle's usefulness, here are some calcs. 252 +nature, Life Orb, +0, using Outrage, CAP8 has 60 Base Attack.
Mence vs. standard Hippowdon: 47.14% - 55.71%
CAP 8 vs. standard Hippowdon: 42.14% - 49.52%
Mence vs. 252/252 Bold Suicune: 46.78% - 55.20%
CAP 8 vs. 252/252 Bold Suicune: 41.58% - 49.01%
Mence vs. 252/252 Bold Cresselia: 41.22% - 48.65%
CAP 8 vs. 252/252 Bold Cresselia: 36.49% - 43.24%
Mence vs. standard Skarmory: 25.75% - 30.54%
CAP 8 vs. standard Skarmory: 22.75% - 26.95%
Hustle is obviously offensive. It does not overshadow Shield Dust because 80% accuracy (or worse) on all physical moves is ass (ask locopoke :P), and only specific set options will benefit from it. As the calcs demonstrate, it's not completely useless despite the accuracy drop as it does make CAP8 hit pretty hard and leaves room for mixed (or even pure physical) options. Hustle does not affect the accuracy of Special and support moves, meaning going mixed leaves you with with perfect Special moves, with your physical options being "last resort" (like with Blissey, NOT Hippowdon).
I was hoping there would be support for DECENT abilities, but the best option mentioned so far is No Secondary Ability.

Rough skin and Hustle will see no use, Trace is not needed.


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Static, but I like No Secondary Ability.

Hustle is worthless since most spreads are leaning towards Special Attack, and Outrage is dangerous enough to use without making it 80% accurate.

Marvel Scale is a bit too good, ditto with Trace. Trace also isn't neglected, seeing as Porygon2 JUST missed OU by a couple hundred usages.

Rough Skin is retarded seeing as Earthquake doesn't activate it; I'd rather cripple Pokemon by paralyzing them then trying to KO them next turn rather than dealing 12.5% damage and possibly dying the next attack.
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