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These posts by Veedrock have convinced me that Hustle is not a worthless (check damage calcs) ability and would make a good secondary ability for CAP 8, as it is enhancing it's unpredictability by giving it a good offensive option.

Veedrock on Hustle:

Veedrock answering Deck Knights arguements against it:

Deck Knight's post:

I am not saying in cannot go on the offensive without Hustle, I am only saying that it gives it more options.

EDIT: Veedrock edited his post in this thread with the vital information about Hustle. If you are uncertain, look at it.
Marvel Scale is a bit too good, ditto with Trace. Trace also isn't neglected, seeing as Porygon2 JUST missed OU by a couple hundred usages.
I think having one neglected ability is enough to satisfy the concept as a whole? Anything else is now just add-on. Also how is Marvel Scale too good when you have to take on status to activate it? Burn and Poison isn't something I want to have on my slow as fuck wall.
No secondary ability

I think it would be better for CAP8's movepool if it only had one ability to mold it around, albeit one that doesn't provide too much direction ;_;

Personally, I don't like the way Stratagem's movepool (who I find to be the perfect example) turned out, as we tried to divide it's movepool pretty evenly among Levitate and Technician but it wasn't as perfect of a divide as I think we were aiming for. I'd like to try and avoid this ?_?

Kinda shitty reasoning but w/e
Air Lock/ Cloud nine
Airlock/Cloud nine:This ability temporarily shuts down the effects of weather. This would allow the pokemon to fulfill a specifc role and be useful in a variety of situations (you could even include it in a sandstorm or hail team I suppose).


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No Secondary Ability

As Macle said, since this CAP is based around its ability, having only one option is better, rather than 2.
(WARNING: Contains some moves that CaP8 may or may not get when we're all done.)

I'm going with Compoundeyes. Why? We've already got his physical moveset of choice (ba-dum-tsh!) pretty much determined with moves like Volt Tackle (or Thunderpunch)/Outrage (or Dragon Claw)/filler/filler; why not boost the special side of CaP8 so he can use the more powerful special attacks like Thunder or Fire Blast without constant fear of missing? It also severely lowers (if it doesn't stop) the miss chance of some physical moves, like Meteor Mash, Mega Kick (18 BP is 18 BP), and Stone Edge/Cross Chop. But most important is that it allows Dragon Rush to be considered as an alternative to Outrage/Dragon Claw. The primary ability stops status hax, why can't this one stop miss hax? (Pyroak has stopping crit hax taken care of.)
no secondary ability

seriously, guys. the concept is based around making a neglected ability seem good. that is literally impossible to do with two abilities.
No Secondary Ability. The concept was to give this CAP an ability that hasn't really seen much use in standard, due to only really appearing on mediocre Pokemon. Going with two abilities makes it more difficult to accomplish this goal, as instead of simply making sure CAP8 can make good use of its ability, we'd have to make it well-capable of using both, and not really have one ability stand out too much above the other. As EM pointed out, like it did with Stratagem, this may make things a bit messy during movepool, so I'd rather avoid that by having us just stick with one.

Plus, none of the abilities left really stick out to me anyway. The most commonly used moves against this Pokemon will be things like EQ, Ice Shard, and Ice Beam, so Rough Skin won't be that useful. Having to actually take a status problem makes Marvel Skin not really that useful as even RestTalk sets, the best option with it, really have their issues (not selecting the right move/not attacking at all). Things like Static are too unreliable and will most likely end out beign outclassed by Shield Dust. Hustle is basically only good for hitting things like Blissey and Snorlax (as most other things are stronger on the Defensive side anyway) and even then, it's unreliable due to the accuracy. Things like Rock Head and Mold Breaker sound interesting, but it really wouldnt be able to make the most of them.

I do personally like Thick Fat, though. However, I don't feel it should be on there, as I don't belive it's really neglected. Thus, NSA is really the way to go for me.
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