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No Secondary Ability
I was originally going to vote for Static, but After reading the Reasoning behind having only one ability made me change my mind.
Flower Gift, because I think its best one that CAP metagame can learn from.

Please read this through.

I want people to think once more on the ability Flower Gift. It its totaly an undervalued ability that could, especially on CAP8, really make a big change in the metagame.
Why rain teams is better than sun teams: Rain teams often uses Swift swim pokemons that in rain both get dubbel speed and an extra psusedo-STAB for water moves. Also there is alot of type combinations for water types (water/[about any other typ]) that can compensate its weaknesses. Electric types/pokemon that can use Thunder also likes Rain. But Sun teams only has grass pokemons that has chlorofyll but no normal fire-STAB. Only good thing grass pokes get is 1turn Solarbeam, but Grass knot is almost as good on the things you want to use it on and isn't crippled by any other wheather. So mostly its Grass and Fire types pokemon that is the base behind Sun teams and most of those pokemons has pretty shallow movepools. And there is very few pokemon that can cover up their weaknesses and still work good the team......Until now!
With Flower Gift CAP8 will get 50% boost in both Attack and Sp.Defence. It works both as a offensive and defensive ability. CAP8 can help Grass pokemons of the team by its Fire and Flying resistance and Fire types by its Water resistance. CAP8s weaknesses works also really well, because the Ground resistance is coverd by Grass pokes and the Ice weakness is coverd by Fire pokemons. And by being dragon it can kill other dragons that resists both Fire and Grass moves.
Dont take any thought about the flavour in the name "Flower Gift" it could be renamed for flavour if people want that.
The ability is workable and will be more than a "passive ability" as it will help in the making of the stat spread and the movepool polls. It will work as a good guideline on what we should focus on to achive with the ability. As if we just take Static/Shield dust (just examples) it wont be the ability that will make the process and will be the core of this CAP. It will be more about the bulky Electric/Dragon that we has choosend before it. Think for a second, like what moves could be extra usefull or not so usefull because of the ability Static or Shield dust?
CAP8 imo should be about how we can create a pokemon around an undervalued ability a neglected Ability. Not about how we create a pokemon that we choose an ability that is not so common but very good, but in this very case it may not be the perfect one for this type or bias that we have.
As CAP8s Attack stat will probobly be mediocre (as we went for slightly special in the bias) this ability could make it really shine with moves like Volt takle and Outrage. But it would also work really well as an defensive ability. And it could save som attack or sp.def. stat points here and there to improve the overall pokemon feeling.
Though I am not saying that Flower gift necessarily needs to be the only ability on CAP8, I am just saying it could be a really good one. The only pokemon with Flower Gift is Cherrim and thats a really bad grass pokemon. The only time you se cherrim is on sunny dubbel battle teams where it ability boosts its partner also which is good enought to have him on the team, that good is the ability.

Flower Gift could really work for CAP8 and could open a whole new dimention for sunteams. And that alone will make a big change in the metagame that we could learn alot from. This is the ability that I think we could learn most from with how CAP8 looks right now. Thats why I think people should vote Flower gift as CAP8 ability.
Just some facts for Compoundeyes (already voted for it, so don't count me twice cyber). This is a list of EVERY move that Compoundeyes would allow Dragohm (my "nickname" for him so I don't get too used to "CaP8") to use at 100% accuracy (yes, even ones that are useless/don't have a snowball's chance in Hell at getting in Dragohm's final movepool, so make of it what you will):

Air Cutter    
Air Slash    
Crush Claw    
Fire Fang
Fury Cutter
Ice Fang
Icy Wind
Jump Kick
Metal Claw
Mud Shot
Razor Leaf
Sacred Fire
Spacial Rend
String Shot
Thunder Fang
Aqua Tail
Blast Burn
Blaze Kick
Charge Beam
Double Hit
Draco Meteor
Frenzy Plant
Future Sight
Giga Impact
Hammer Arm
Heat Wave
Hi Jump Kick
Hydro Cannon
Hyper Beam
Hyper Fang
Ice Ball
Leaf Storm
Leech Seed
Psycho Boost
Psycho Shift
Roar Of Time
Rock Slide
Rock Throw
Rock Wrecker
Scary Face
Sky Attack
Sky Uppercut
Steel Wing
Super Fang
Triple Kick
Zen Headbutt
Bone Club
Comet Punch
Cotton Spore
Doom Desire
Fire Blast
Fury Attack
Mega Punch
Metal Sound
Meteor Mash
Mirror Shot
Mud Bomb
Muddy Water
Pin Missile
Power Whip
Rock Climb
Rolling Kick
Seed Flare
Take Down
Bone Rush
Cross Chop
Dark Void
Fury Swipes
Head Smash
Hydro Pump
Rock Blast
Rock Tomb
Stone Edge
...and the following moves are over 90% accurate with Compoundeyes and, in effect, would have 100% accuracy when Dragohm has Compoundeyes and is holding Wide Lens (again, even moves that "fail" or "don't fit" are here, so yeah):
Dragon Rush
Egg Bomb
Iron Tail
Lovely Kiss
Mega Kick
Sleep Powder
Stun Spore
Sweet Kiss
Fire Spin
Focus Blast
Gunk Shot
Magma Storm
Sand Tomb
EDIT: Change Hypnosis's accuracy on the site plz?

For reasons expounded by Veedrock.

I think zarator has been the most convincing on the NSA corner but really, this Concept has been useless for creating CAP8 so far and I don't respect it. The typing and stat bias polls were blind and so the strong Elec/Dragon lobby finally got what they wanted. I'm not saying anything bad about the typing just that it was Not chosen or even influenced much by the concept and neither will any other part of the process be.

Wake Up NSA voters. Having a single Neglected Ability already fulfills the concept. That's it! It's fulfilled. We can't fulfill it any better by tailoring the stats/movepool to Shield Dust. How does one do that? It's just not possible. Shield Dust is a defensive Ability yes, but doesn't require any specific stat or moves to be able to beat an Iron Heading or Air Slashing Scarfrachi or Scarfkiss. The Electric typing already makes it a good user of Shield Dust.

If you Really wanted to take the Concept to its fullest use, you would vote for Another Neglected Ability and then ensure that CAP8 has the movepool to take advantage of both.

As we've seen with Strata, it's possible to create a CAP that uses both a defensive Ability (Levitate) and an offensive one (Technician).

Hustle and Shield Dust would be a good pair of Abilities that would complement each other :-)

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Please dudes, it's over.

Static easily had a largest bulk of support after Shield Dust (as many supported both) but most of its supporters have defected to NSA for this poll.

Short of a clarion call back to the Static side, no ability stands a shot in hell of overcoming NSA's lead, not least any that can get over a threshold under its own power.
I guess Ill go with No Secondary Ability because it looks like that will win. :( Darn, I wanted Trace.
This is terrible reasoning. If you want Trace then vote Trace. If it ends up being a choice of Trace and NSA, many of those who went with other abilities will go with Trace in a second poll.
Please dudes, it's over.

Static easily had a largest bulk of support after Shield Dust (as many supported both) but most of its supporters have defected to NSA for this poll.

Short of a clarion call back to the Static side, no ability stands a shot in hell of overcoming NSA's lead, not least any that can get over a threshold under its own power.
though it might already be decided, people still have the right to vote, even if only to have their oppinion stated outright.
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