CAP 8 CAP 8 - Part 5c - Secondary Ability Poll

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tennis said:
It isn't neglected if you don't call it Shield Dust.
That was a pretty dumb thing to say. Are you saying White Smoke is suddenly not neglected, despite Metagross using and benefitting from the exact same thing, just because the name is different? Like you said, it's flavor, so what the hell does the name matter when all that counts is the effect?

I'm not trying to be an ass but it really was a dumb statement.
No Secondary Ability
If this thing has 2 abilities, I'd want them to be used equally so that one of the neglected abilities we give it doesn't just stay neglected. As I doubt this would happen, NSA.
It probably won't win, but Mold Breaker.

It think it is a very useful ability to have. Offensive CAP8 is possible and smacking Bronzong with a super-effective Earthquake is a nice welcome for a Pokemon.
Argh, I sure as heck hope that when the scores are figured out, it will be noted that there are at least a significant number of people who want some kind of alternate ability, even if they can't agree on what it is. It would suck for No Secondary Ability to win just because people want to limit the scope of this project unnecessarily.

Honestly, I don't think that by itself any of the abilities will be able to beat No Secondary Ability or prevent it getting 50%. I'll go with Hustle and hope that people who want an ability will bandwagon.

Note that I did not anywhere in this post list the actual numbers of any entrant in this poll.
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