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The raincloud? What raincloud?

*whistles nochalantly*

Anyway, 'a few continues' does not apply when you spend an hour being beaten up, thrown into a corner and whaled (no pun intended) on with no respite because of the CPU's absurd reaction times. It's more like a few dozen continues.
I haven't had much trouble with Colossoil apart from with Syclant and Arghonaut, because I suck with both of them. I used to have huge troubles playing the game, but that's because I was focusing too much on trying get good combos, and not watching my spacing game, which meant while when I hit, I'd do big damage, I didn't hit much, and they hit me an awful lot. Back when I played like that, Colossoil would hammer me. However, once I started focusing on my spacing game, Colossoil ceased being an issue - his approach options are terrible and rather predictable, and he can't do much if you use retreating jump attacks from most characters. Stratagem and Pyroak especially can more or less make Colossoil their bitch.

Characters I have the most problems with nowadays are Cyclohm and Pyroak. Cyclohm I'm getting better against, it's just the AI's grasp of Twister is crazy - my play automatically just goes into total defence, avoidance and projectile play against Cyclohm, which means I'm starting to win fairly reliably. Pyroak is a toss-up match - I think it is mainly because I need to work on my approaches rather than just retreats and combos, because Pyroak has a habit of reacting perfectly to whatever I do.
hailflameblast said:
I was referring to Soil from an Ohm point of view.
This is actually a pretty legit complaint, AI or not! Soil vs Ohm is a little onesided at the moment, it's very hard for Ohm. AI should still hopefully be surmountable regardless, but I get the feeling Ohm will receive some slightly updated tools.

Bird said:
As you could see in Fimphym's match against TGM~snip
Yeah, one thing you learn fast about Ohm - do not jump! Ohm will spend most of the round trying to force you to jump, predict it, and catch you with tornado.

However, if you can get through his projectiles and long pokes, his wide hitboxes floaty jumps and lack of reversal hurt him. Most characters wanna press that advantage all the way to victory.

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Well, mine is impossible to achive in anything but Trainin'. So I suppose it is semi-infinite(does Ant even have an infinite?).
You can take me off the host list. I tried hostan a while ago and it doesn't work anymore (which is odd because I can host fine on other games), and Hamachi is way too laggy for me, so I guess I'm done with this game unless netplay randomly starts liking me again
Dang Lurk. I assume you tried hosting more than one person, to make sure it wasn't on their end?

I miss our Stratagem vs Fidgit battles, though :'(
Apologies to youtube regulars, I've been on a summer vacation (still am!), it'll be a couple of weeks until regular updates start again. I'll try uploading a few matches in the meantime, if I can, but not as much as usual.

So yeah, not dead, just sleeping.
one major complaint.
vatalimar vs cyclohm
0 -10
vatalimar has 0 ways to get in on cyclohm
vatalimar gets dominated by olms projectiles (fine i can jump in)
but every single jump in leads to a cyclone and a massive damage combo.
am I missing some big weakness that i could exploit to stop cycolhm?

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Vitalmar has some neat combos you have to abuse. When Twister ends(make sure to doge it), Go for the Forward Dashing attack(forgot the name), and chuck him. When he firees his projextlies, use Wring Out/Body Slam.
so all of cycolhms attacks are punishable? cool. thanks hail flame blast.
hopefully i can get good enough to play online soon (5-6 hours a day of practice should help)

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Well, you have to be careful to hit him when he is in the lag after each attack. OTher wise, Ohm is not too bad, in fact, he is rather weak IMO.
Maris, don't avoid playing online because you're not consistent enough with the story mode. Honestly, it's a whole new game. Just get some matches in, and you'll learn way more from those, than from anything else.
i have mastered my B&B combos and how to punish various moves (ais insane reaction time allows me to see what i can "really" get away with) but i can't get out my super quickly enough. and i cant seem to get out of pressure except by random throws/crossups

until i can master my super i will not play online.

how long should it take to do my super? it takes me 2 seconds to press all the buttons.
I'm assuming Vitalimar is who you're trying with?

2 seconds is probably way too long, as it's a grab, and you'll need to seize quick opportunities. I can't offer much advice, but just practicing it a lot. Hit up training mode and just go for it over and over again. I used to have problems with that motion (down back forward) but I eventually got it down.
Maris, glad to see you taking a keen interest in the game. Vitalimar is pretty much all about knocking down and then playing wake up shenanigans. Sweep, grab, cross-up, fake cross-up! air to ground grab, it's a vicious guessing game that challenges your ability to mix it up rather than your dexterity or timing.

Vitalimar's Reversal is something you'll want to be able to execute at a moment's notice. The start up is a tad slower than Revenankh's grab super, but, as I'm sure you know, the pay off can be much higher.

Like Xaq said, don't hesitate to join us on the server as we have players of all skill levels. Still, it's cool if you prefer to wait until you're confident in the execution.

Now I know I'm behind in getting updates out; I'll try to upload a couple of videos today. I'm planning to release version 4 either next weekend, or the week following the 4th of July. In addition to Krilowatt, you can expect returning characters to be tweaked to various degrees, some gaining new moves altogether, new stages, more alternate arcade mode cutscenes, and of course, more balanced and bug-free gaming which wouldn't have been possible without you guys.
hey zangeif was my main in super street fighter 2 turbo HD remix so i understood the concept of "getting in" and zoning. dodging fireballs along the way((though vatalimar reminds me more of vega than zangeif). i sometimes wish that vitalimars running throw (d,f+P) went through fireballs

odd thinks ive found are
1after a throw you are in perfect range for you sweep and your running throw to air throw good mixup right there
2 after your sweep you can jump up and go for a meaty dive or a wring out (obviously not on collosoil because of his reversal.) then its back to the sweep running throw range
2b after your air throw you are in range for a crossup (using medium) and wring out/ dive throw to go back to part one

3the animation for a flubbed wring out is the same as the wall dive! so as they are expecting a wall dive Punish them with a sweep! and go back to running throw mixups

4 the crossups combo into sweep witch combos into mixup 2
Yeah, if you can get good predictions going, you'll can get long strings of damage with Vitalimar. Body slam them from behind after you knock 'em to the floor. If they try blocking it just grab, or a stationary Body Slam could work. And if they try blocking that, you can just use the Body Slam from behind to nail them, or Wring out.

So many options!
Heh, you think an awful lot like Fimphym who's also a seasoned grappler player. Although you're probably aware of this, the super jump after a Quick Feet can be used to bypass most projectiles from almost a full screen away. An immediate qf to super jump can be used to nab an avergae sized opponent with body slam or wring out from about 5/6 of the screen away.

Also, as promised. Here's the new Krilowatt video. The sound desynchs towards the end, so my apologies for that.
I was hoping to do this before CAP 11 started, but better late than never!

Battle Capacity v04

A special thanks to everyone who helped out (the credits section is particularly large this time around).

The game should be mostly bug free, but if you do happen to find one, please post it in the BatCap group board.

Will be posting this on a couple of other forums. If you're able to help spread this around, I'd be super grateful. Hopefully we can get a tournament started up soon, especially with Hamachi being able to connect people without the need for port forwarding.

Also, please check out the Character section on the website for changes as well as a brand new advanced tips section courtesy of TGM! it's pretty rad.
Brilliant! Krilowatt is very fun to play and cyclohm received a major buff with the rain clouds (but are you supposed to be able to cover the entire field with rainclouds?) Pyroak's new scenes are very amusing, although it seems sweatin' has become a lot easier. Or maybe Oak's defensive game outright murders the AI (especially gem, exchange projectiles, pgem means eball, apower means ember = instant perfect) But the stages really take the stage here. Especially kit's and cyc's look very nice.

Oh ans also, thanks for supporting the Dutch team! ;p


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I like how in the Credits he is called "Stratagame" =P

Otherwise, great work as always, TGM has covered a lot of stuff in the site for the experienced player, but playing around I think I can work a few "helping hints" for the newer players.

Also Sweatin' AI Cyclohm is a bitch.
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