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Glad you enjoy the game, Uberrific. Skull was designed as a boss character, selectable by secret, intended for the more dexterous players, and his arcade mode reflects that. When the time rolls around to include a new boss, he'll probably take his place as a regular member of the cast, nerfs and all, along with Vitalimar.

I do appreciate people posting the glitches they've found, but by now, I'm pretty much aware of all of them. If you think what you've found is really unique, there's a thread for that in the social group.

As far as the combo counter goes, there isn't really much I can do about that as that is the nature of the engine. There is a way of making a more refined combo counter, which I may look into for a future version, but in the interest of keeping the time between releases down, isn't something that will be in v04.

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Skull doesn't need nerfs. What he needs is a wall kick. I beat him on Sweatin' with Ohm, he isn't all that great as people make him out to be. Vitalimar was way harder. Also, Vitalimar is still ridiculous, but that's beside the point.
I don't know WHAT you guys are talking about. Skull is REALLY good. He has amazing combos, quite possibly the best projectile in the game, and a decent defensive game.

I'm probably biased because I love skull though.
Skull definately needs a nerf- He has mad damage outputs, spammable projectiles if you do the 2C set up which chop off like 40% of practise. His trip is long reaching and fast, and Bone Club is a tremendously good anti air. Top it all off with an easy way to combo into his hard hitting super and youve got a monster.

He has too many comboes which go on for ever and do massive damage. He is basically Fidgit in terms of combo length and Rev in terms of actual damage. With Fidgit you may bust out a hard to pull long combo and get what 40% off, with Skull pull off a long and efficient combo and youve done like what 60+.

Now these are just approximations, and I really think Skull does need a slight nerf if he is to become a regular character.

Also why the fuck would you give him a wall kick- He already has 2B to pop them in the air, and the previous wall kick effect of Bone Rush would lead to a jab infinite. Unless by if wall kick you mean something which knocks them to the wall (like colossoil's 3C).


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I think Skull only needs a slight damage output nerf.

Sorry I couldn't make this post more lengthy ;_;
I dunno if this has been said before, but I was fighting Kitsunoh with Syclant on Sweatin' difficulty, and whenever it got a KO on me it would say instead that the time had expired (When it didn't, of coarse).

Also, I found a sort of cheap move for Skull. After putting the opponent in the air, just keep timing the light attack button just right and move towards them, and it will continue to hit until you mess up or it KOs the opponent.
Major video update and a comment on Skulloton!

Regarding skulloton: Buddha might be right, but I don't know yet. I can see why his tools are amazing, but I'm still waiting for someone to really scare me with Skull. I've never felt particularly brutalised in the match up, and his stamina is pretty crappy. What I want is for someone to start really showing off how over powered he is! The scariest thing about him at the moment is that ridiculously good projectile bonemerang. It's so stupidly good I'd hate to see him lose it though, it's fun to fight against!


I've got some matches against Xaqwais, and a freaking marathon of games against Buddha. My opponents use an exciting variety of characters. Even if I don't.

FimPhym vs Xaqwais
Buddha vs FimPhym part 1
Buddha vs FimPhym part 2
Buddha vs FimPhym part 3
Buddha vs FimPhym part 4

Hope you guys enjoy.
Awesome work.

My first play through on easy I picked Pyroak and won pretty easily except a loss against Rev. My second play through on easy I pick Skulloton and proceed to get raped 99 times in a row by Syclant in the first match. How are you supposed to beat the CPU when on easy he locks you in a corner and crushes you no matter what you do? Play defensive, he leaves no openings and wears you down until he gets a combo off on you. Play offensive, he's faster and gets combos on you all day. Whatever you do, don't try and attack him from the air.

EDIT: Apparently I'm just supposed to spam the standing strong attack while he runs his face into it over and over. Because that's how I beat him.
So first off this is amazing. I am absolutely loving this, so thank you!

And secondly, no lie I have been stuck on sweatin' cyclohm for the past 90 minutes with stratagem. I came to the conclusion that cyclohm is nearly unbeatable using stratagem if both are the same skill level. Every single tactic cyclohm has in its arsenal is great against stratagem. Its like Bowser versus Marth in Melee. And Im using Bowser.

Id like to see a video of someone beat a really good Cyclohm using Stratagem, cuz seriously this is frustrating.
The way I beat Sweatin' Ohm is that I stay back. As far as possible. As long as your are out of Twister's range, spam both your projectiles. If he gets to close, try your best to get away. I like to trip him first, then levitate away and restart. If he approaches you with Twister, try to stay just far away enough that your trip will nick him. Then you won't get sucked it and he'll get knocked out of Twister.

The key to playing Computer Ohm is basically stay defensive and use both your projectiles to your advantage. They will hit eventually.
Sweatin' AI doesn't know infinites. If they did, it'd be way easier to find them and they wouldn't exist any more.
You can also beat Ohm with gem simply by being a bitch and staying in and tripping the hell out of it. I find that usually if you seem to haev a bad matchup with Ohm, just stay in there and keep smashing until you find an opening for a combo that will strip off some good health.

Against computer though, just stay away and punish random twisters with AP or trip etc and youll be fine
Am I the only person who feels that Colossoil is all but impossible to beat with Rev? It took me about an hour to beat the bastard, because it keeps knocking me into the corner, ignoring my hitstun and outspeeding all my moves - even my jab.

The again, Soil is overpowered in general, so yeah.
rev can easily nail Soil with his shadow Punch comboes and Bind plays. You can also try and med shadow punching to catch him mid pursuit, and follow up with close strong -> back med -> air grab
Common misconception: Soil is too good.

Explaination: Soil has a lot of HP, reasonably fast attacks, and extreme power. When you're getting used to the game, this is tough to deal with! Your combos are not the best or most consistant, and soil can easily poke holes in the games, or punish sub-optimal spacing.

Worry not, the better you get the more fair soil gets.

AI oak is kinda bullshit though, gains the most out of super-human reactions
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