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Thanks again for posting these, Fim!
As someone who has experience in fighters playing grapplers, I was wondering if you find any correlation between what Kitsunoh tries to do, and a grappler's general playstyle. Obviously, Kit comes and goes as she pleases, so it's less about trying to 'get in', but you're always looking for the next knock down so you can play that juicy mix up game, which i understand is a large part of the grappler style.
Perhaps no correlation?
It's an interesting idea. I think Kit is more just the embodiment of confusing mix ups, though. Super easy access to a cross up, a far reaching fast overhead, big combos from low, and WoW to force a block.

It feels a lot more like you must put pressure on your opponent for a lot of the game and use kit's inherently confusing moveset to keep at it, as opposed to Revvy where you're trying to punch down a brickwall like Strata/oak's projectile game, get in, and preferably take the round in 3~ish guesses (particularly with punishment). Kit's hp doesn't particularly allow you to let the opponent actually play their game. Revvy does let them play their game - until he gets to do his.

I do think all the characters are sufficiently distinct and different though, which is a good thing!
wow great game!
I've downloaded it and played with quite a few fighters, especially fast ones (scylant and kitsunoh mostly) and got the hang of a short scylant combo. Gonna try the online multiplayer soon~
Battle CAPacity (The title is a wiki-based syntax problem) is a freeware fighting game developed by DougJustDoug from Smogon in 2D Fighter
Well, I see one major error here and one minor :P. Cartoons! made the game by himself and the program is actually called 2D Fighter Maker 2nd, I believe. So revised it would look like this, with changes in bold.

Battle CAPacity (The title is a wiki-based syntax problem) is a freeware fighting game developed by Cartoons! from Smogon and was made using 2D Fighter 2nd.
Not really sure what TV Tropes is, but it looks nice other than that!
How interesting, ungulateman. I think I see how it works. You find memes that apply to a subject, and link it to other related topics.
Now if we could just get BatCAP cross-referenced in other popular media, we'd really get rolling.

I laughed at how you managed to fit 'ninja pirate robot zombie' in there. Interestingly, CAP 6 was a real pirate vs ninja deal in how the finals pitted Arghonaut against Cyzir's Ninjanenome.
...Why did I say Doug made this? Probably because he does a lot of stuff with CAP. My mistake.

And yeah, I'll change the program's name too.
Pretty big news!

A big thanks to General_Tobias from fmhq for pointing this out.

Hamachi can be used to create a valid IP address that Lunaport can use to play online.

What this means is:

You no longer have to know how to forward your port to host a game!

I'm pretty excited about this. If we can rally enough participants, perhaps we could even hold a tournament in the near future.

To use Hamachi basically:
Download the newest free version of Hamachi here.

Join the network:
Battle CAPacity
password: cyclohmrocks
(thanks to Zy for setting it up)

There may be a user limit of 16, so if you find the network limit is capped, let us know and I'll set up another network, no problem.

When on Hamachi, you're assigned an IP number. If you want to host a game, go to Lunaport and use option 1 to host. To join the game of someone hosting with Hamachi, use option 2 in Luna and enter in the IP Hamachi has assigned the hoster. And that's it!

I'll get these instructions up on the website shortly. I hope this sees more people joining the fray online!
That. Is. Awesome.

People that never get to play eachother can play, and I can play from multiple computers than. I'll set it up soon, but big thanks to you and Zy for getting this going and getting the word out.
Well it still isnt working for me, if I try to host it connects to Lunaport continuously and never gets there, and if I try to join a game it fails the connection, is there any real reason for this or is my computer just not up to snuff?
Well when you press 1 in LUnaport and it tells you "Waiting for connection to Lunaport" or something, you'rere fine, it just means you're waiting for someone to connect to you. Then you ask someone esle to connect to the IP you see in the Hamachi window, and hopefully it should work. It will fail the first few times, but what I find is that after 3-4 tries you do get it up and running.

If you fail to connect to someone who is hosting, either turn your firewall off (be careful though) or it's something at their end then.

Just remember not to be disheartened if it doesnt work!
cartons said:
I'm pretty excited about this. If we can rally enough participants, perhaps we could even hold a tournament in the near future.
This this this this. I'd be in, so hard.

Tournaments are fun, get everyone together and get pretty exciting. Also, bragging rights!
Well sometimes it doesnt fail, it just says that its running Battle Capacity but the game never shows up on the screen. Its frustrating and so far still hasnt worked, I guess I'll keep trying but so far nothin'.
If we do a tournament, (which would be great!) we'd have to get some major rules in play.

I would think we'd do one set in the tourney would consist of 2 matches of play (best of 3 rounds). That way, you face your opponent for more than a little bit of time. Maybe the more fighting game inclined players can enlighten us on the forums or through IRC. (TG, Mai, etc.)
I'm currently working on a version that will get rid of all the glitches, infinites and imbalances. With all the people we have playing, it's been easier to do this than ever. So thanks everyone who posted the bugs they found and to the people who have been playing the game to help make every subsequent release better than the last.

V04 will be ready soon (with Krillowatt to boot) and should be without the issues found in V03. I do hope this is the version we could have a tournament with.
Well, if you aren't aware of it, could you fix up the combo count glitch where it considers hitting someone after they've been knocked prone part of the combo? I got nearly 50 hits with Fidgit, according to the counter.
just started playing, having fun with cyclohm. Note that, at least with pyroak, if hes hit with an energy ball right as he fires thunder, the background stays like this. happened twice. First time just for the one stage, second time the rest of the arcade mode!
Anyway, great job cartoons! can't wait for krilowatt!
P.S. i don't see skelemon on the list of possible players in arcade, is he just for online?

Uberedit: @below:thanks, but he sucks. of course i don't know any of his moves. All ive found is mach punch. And is he set to ultra diffuctulty? I could barely land a hit on syclant.
When you go to training, how do you go back to the main menu? I've always had to ctrl + alt + delete and close the program
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