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If by 'reasonably fast attacks' you mean 'he outspeeds my jab using frikking Pursuit', then yeah, that's pretty accurate. Constantly getting knocked down and being unable to escape because he outprioritises all your moves and can shoulder barge you back into the corner is not fun. I only beat Sweatin' by abusing the CPU's stupidity.

And yes AI oak is also bullshit
He isn't outspeeding you. The hit box for pursuit hits low and is quite far reaching. He doesn't have any more priority, it's just you that you have to use the right moves. I personally enjoy just waiting for him to pursuit, blocking it, and grabbing him. Works everytime.
I guess my problem is with Sweatin' AI having absurd reaction times, making it all but impossible to time it right. It doesn't really help that I lose my concentration when I'm raging at the game haxing me.
No hax in a fighting game!

Also, just so you know, if you've got a character doing a move that is hitting right at the exact moment you get up, almost every move will fail. Even really fast moves have one or two frames of start up.

For a character like revenankh, if you suspect someone like Soil will be pursuiting right as you get up, there's one move you can do! Shadow punch. Shadow punch is invulnerable on the very first frame, and other moves have this property too. Cut for Argh, possibly fury swipes for Ant, and there are others I don't know. The catch is, if you don't time it perfectly you get hit. Worse still, the moves usually have some lag afterwards if you miss.

All in all, best strategy is to block until you've got an opening. Moves like pursuit have a little lag after to give you breathing space.

And sadly, yes, it's true. Beating the AI in a fighting game is mostly just abusing AI. Making fighting game AI anywhere near like playing a human is hard.
A couple of updates in OP, notably Mai's newest combo video with Cyclohm.

As far as beating Colossoil in Sweatin', this must be the most aired complaint I've heard, akin to the Pyroak riots of late fall. Taken into account, I will deal with the AI accordingly.

Until then, just block low when he Pursuits and punish with any fast move in your arsenal. If you're Rev, a Power Whip oughta do it.
Man, we should test more super moves vs super moves. I can think of so many good matchups, like Rapid Spin vs Blizzard.

And what would happen if Vitalimar and Revanankh both used Reversal and Punishment at the same exact frame...
I really don't get the point of the throw > snatch combo you use. Throw > air throw does more damage and is easier to pull off from what I can see/
Ungulate, I mess up so many goddamn times with Fidgit due to either my inability to any of Fidgit's 100 different options after a Snatch.

Generally, you can grab, medium snatch, forward jumping strong (chop), and after you land, close strong, and then do an air grab. Technically, you can put a cartwheel (df.a) and a double slap(df.b) after the close strong, and then air grab.
First, lol I got the 666th post.

Second, is there a way to turn off the automatic special bar filling in training? I'd like to try some combos with Fidgit but I keep using Rapid Spin at innoportune moments.
Sadly not, but I would recommend starting a versus game with no second player instead. That way you can test what characters the combo works on, too!

As far as I'm aware my controls and the default, so to move the second player box in the versus mode char select screen, use tfgh as opposed to wasd. Then I believe a few numbers (345~ish) can be used to select the character. Not on the numpad, but on the number row.

Sure they lack the refilling health, but you can just start more games.
Soil is fine as he is IMO, he's basically a "scrub hammer" as many put it- Unless you figure out that you dont walk into standing strong and you block low when he Pursuits on wakeup, you WILL LOSE. No newcomer will "walk away from Soil with a win."

Ofcourse the soil has to be good too, and slowass speed doesnt really help.
Yup, no one benefits from low level play more than soil. As you get better though, damn, soil has it harder. He has a lack of great defensive options and struggles to control the exact space he wants. He either moves fast and far or slowly inches around.
Yeah, he reminds me of SSBB's Ike - every scrub goes "OMG FSmash!" and forget he's really slow and easily punishable.

Stratagem's like Snake - goddamn hard to use but very effective once you work out what you're supposed to be doing.

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I was referring to Soil from an Ohm point of view. Since infinites are going to be removed in the next version, its going to be a bit difficult in Sweatin'(as in, much more difficult than it already is), since the AI seems to know exactly what to do to break a Twister, and make it so you can't even attack.

/end rant
Hey guys not to bitch or anything, but once you figure out how to beat an opponent on sweatin´ they´re all pretty fair. And it is not like using a continue or two is going to affect your high score or anything. 'cause you know, there isn't one.

Here soil is hard according to what I hear, but the only characters I haven't beaten sweatin' with are ant, argh and kit. Of which I haven't even tried with the latter two and cause I suck with ant. Not to say my skills are that awesome (why do you think I don't show my face online? Well that and the fact this laptop has issues supporting FM games without making them crash...), but I don't think anyone should need to abuse infinites to get through sweatin'. The only character that I have issues with is ant for his insane rushdown game that knocks off half your life bar and has many different approaches. Soil on the other hand, technically has pursuit and his aerial moves for that. Both of which are rather easily outpredicted (jumping soil = high block, pursuiting soil = low block).

As you could see in Fimphym's match against TGM, the Ohm barely used twister, for a good reason. The AI pretty much spams it. Ohm can be knocked out of his twister by most low strikes? Shadowpunch combo? Yes please? Bit too late for that? Go for a crouching strong! Crouching strong works on virtually every character. Gem and fidgit can knock it out with properly aimed projectiles too, keeping Ohm at a distance.

tl;dr version: just because you need a few continues, sweatin' isn't unfair.

On the topic of Ohm though. I did see a shiny raincloud. That pretty rad. Will we see more characters receiving those kinda buffs in v4? Or is it me missing out on a hidden move?
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