CAP1 - Part 11.5 - (Pre-Evo Art)

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Final Submission

Final Submission

I drew this a week ago in case there was an Art thread for the Pre-Evo, and it turns out there is!



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....Well Aragornbird might have just stolen my vote. Very reminiscent of Lucario, which I've always thought looked awesome.

Only criticism: the headband looks somewhat off. I don't know exactly where, but it just doesn't look like it fits Kittihawk's head very well.
Aragornbird, awesome concept, I have been thinking of something like this for its pre-evo. It shows the Normal/fighting side well. But it reminds me a bit of Riolu (i think it is the legs).

Mos-Quitoxe, I think i like the closed mouth better, and is there any way of adding claws to the hind legs. It seems a bit weird without them. Other than that, it is probably my favorite.
Mos-Quitoxe, you did it. Who cares if it's somewhat boarish, it's a fricken materpiece. I'd hang it on a wall, if I could print from an iPod.
SRK, it's the ear. The headband would not be able to go over/under the ear in that pose, which does look kind of awkward. Fix that, and I'm going to have a hard time choosing between it and paintseagull's for its "Bowser Jr." style of cuteness.
Alright guys, stats and abilities and everything are decided. That means we need to move forward to the art poll soon. I'm going to be giving this a 24 hour warning now. If you've already submitted, make sure that you label your submission as "Final Submission" or it won't count. Any last touch-ups will be ok until I close the thread, which will be no earlier 24 hours from now. There are a lot of very cool designs that people have made, and I must confess at the beginning that I was worried about not getting any. However, thanks to you all, you've proved me wrong. Good on you for that.

Good luck!
24 hours?! seems pretty brisk. If anyone can give any feedback on which head to use I'd be very grateful.

I'll go with the leftmost unless anyone says otherwise.
Mos-Quitoxe said:
24 hours?! seems pretty brisk.
Yeah, the art stages always end 24 hours after the ability/stats are both done. This is by design in most cases. Artists have had a week for the art design here, so theoretically it shouldn't be too much of a push! All the hard stuff's behind you!

I like the one in the middle too. I definitely think some symbol should be there, something indicative of the evolution.


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Definitely the middle one. It just looks the best to me. I guess I like the cool contrast with the dark brown fur.
Final Submission

Main Design:

Additional images (using old tail design):

Notes: The basis behind this entry is that his hair-scales are present but not stiffened, so he appears as a shaggy pile save for the ones on the tip of the tail, which have hardened into a blade as an offensive weapon since it's limbs aren't suited for striking moves and it has difficulty in manipulating aura. Initially having an actual tomahawk axe-head on the tail, the current diamond-shaped axe-head proved much more popular. Its rough-and ready appearance calls scrappy immediately to mind, though it also possesses a quickness of thought and lack of scruples that make it a great prankster too. High defenses are facilitated by its thick coat, which provides a buffer against many attacks. I chose to make a quadrupedal design after seeing a number of bipedal ones, so the transition from low-ground landlubber to high-flying fighter appeared more drastic.

Anyway, thank you all for your kind words towards this entry and for your advice towards this greenhorn here, and I hope to be a worthy contender against the great entries on offer!
Final Submission

Going for the cute fluffy pre-evo factor here. It has some of Tomo's features, with its wings as little arms, the tail, the fluff is larger and on the head the creast is just feathers. No time for supporting art =(
Haha, the picture of Mos-Quitoxe's critter sitting up in the support link just did it for me. Def voting for him.
Final submission

Main design:

I somehow (don't actually know why) think that CAP1 misses some kind of dynamicy. So to add that to CAP1 I wanted to design a prevo that was really dynamic, special....
I came up with the idea of making a pokemon with 2 diffrent appearances. (So sertainly check the other form too). The diffrence would be the headband (an army headband and an indian headband).
I also wanted to make the prevo really cute since I think CAP1 is already rahter cute so I sertainly wanted to make a prevo that is more bad-ass then it's evolution.
So they are based on a cat (both), a tiger (indian) and a jaguar (military), an indian/army headband (I didn't want to use the original army color for the army pattern on the head band because otherwhise the colors wouldn't match the evolution). Also the 2 stripes on the head are cat-whisker-like but also typical for indians and soldiers...

Other appearance:
Military form
Both of them together

So, that was it
Hope you like it :)


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Final Submission

Main Design

Supporting Material

Side-on pose showing spots and egg shaped body.

This Tomohawk prevo concept is a little cub with a protective fluffy egg body. The ruffles around its face show the beginnings of the feather-like fur that Tomohawk uses for flight after it evolves. Its wide, flat, oversized arms hint at wings. Tomohawk's purple markings are foreshadowed in the purple spots on cub-hawk's egg body.


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paintseagull, I love your design. Just thought I'd mention that it seems your supporting link just links to the same picture as your main design.

My prevo concept:
Has a feathered cloak and hoodie, used for protection from the weather rather than for intimidation. It lacks the intimidating strength of its evolution but makes up for it with
Supporting Material:

Side view
Back View:
the side view is the best view of this little guy period, should probably be the main view point
Alright. I think this has been open long enough, so I'm closing it and moving this forward to poll! Expect the poll shortly, my friends.


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Final Submission

Wait for me!

The pre-evolved form begins the Native American theme for Tomohawk. These guys may be little, but they are very mischievous and sneaky. They form small tribes with their evolved forms and like to practice sparring with each other. However their speed in combat is often hindered by their stubby legs. The goal of their tribe elders is to teach them to become better fighters by unlocking their hidden strength rather than relying on their physical strength.

Supporting Material:

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