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CAP27 so far


This thread is open for WIPs, comments, and final submissions for the design of the CAP27. Important considerations that will come into play over the course of this thread are base stats and abilities. You must make your design match the qualities specified in the link above!

Posting Rules

***All material in both the main design and supporting material must be your own. Using another piece of art for inspiration is allowed, but derivative art is not, and blatant plagiarism will result in warnings or bans depending on the severity.***

Collaborative material (such as work made by multiple artists or a vision and art direction by a non-artist and execution by an artist) is not permitted.

Posting Frequency

Intentionally or unintentionally, thread-hogging tends to be more prevalent in the art submission thread compared to other CAP threads. In order to ensure that everyone has a reasonable chance to showcase their designs and air their opinions, thread-hogging will be moderated. If you wish to add new comments or art, but don't want to hog the thread, please consider editing your most recent post to add new content.

Posting Rules: Artists
  • Artists can post any work-in-progress (WIP) artwork in order to solicit feedback or to help develop ideas. WIP artwork does not need to conform to the standards of a Main Design. It can be in any medium or stage of completion, but it must be related to an original art design by the poster.
  • Do not post to state your intended design. You may not reserve an idea for yourself.
  • Do not post questions asking for help in making art. For art resources on Smogon, check out Smeargle's Studio.
  • Do not post inconsequential updates to designs. Only if you have made a significant change should you post an update in the thread.
  • Do not bump art or beg for feedback. If no one comments on your design, consider the silence to be your feedback. Also, check out the CAP Discord channel or the CAP PS Room for open real-time discussion on CAP art.
  • Images posted are subject to the following rules:
    • They must be in .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
    • They must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Imgur). Do not use the forum's 'Drop/upload image' feature. Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza or Ezimba.
  • Each post should contain no more than one (1) full-sized image, meaning:
    • The image is at most 640 pixels in both width and height.
    • The image has a file size of no larger than 200 kB.
  • Artists should post links to additional art or use linking thumbnails. Each thumbnail can be no larger than 160 pixels in either dimension. Any number of thumbnails can be included in a post.
  • Out of courtesy to users with lower bandwidth, artists must include a warning when posting links to images with file sizes exceeding 500 kB.
  • The use of hide tags does not circumvent or alter any of the image posting rules.
Posting Rules: Commenters
  • Please DO post constructive feedback for artists.
  • Do not post ideas or images to serve as inspiration for artists or attempt to commission an artist in the thread to render your idea.
  • Do not declare any artwork as "the winner" or make similar comments to that effect. Such posts are insulting to all the other competing artists.
  • Do not comment that a design does or does not "look like a Pokemon/Digimon". There is no artistic style guide for Pokemon and therefore such comments are unable to be substantiated or refuted.
  • Do not repost images from the thread. When quoting a post, remove any images.
Final Submission Post

All artists must make a final submission post conforming to the following rules, including those for the Main Design, in order to be included in the art poll.
  • The post must have "Final Submission" (in bold) as the first line, the Main Design included in image tags below that, and supporting material (if applicable) below the main design.
  • All supporting art must be included as links or as linked thumbnails no larger than 160 pixels in either dimension. Do not include full images of supporting art in the final submission.
  • Only make one (1) final submission post. Artists are welcome to work on multiple designs and get feedback from the community, but only one design can be submitted for final consideration. If you wish to alter any aspect of your final submission, then edit your post. Do not make a new one, even if you delete your original post. Any deleting and re-posting will be treated as bumping and is subject to moderation.
By making a final submission, an artist gives the CAP project permission to use the submitted art for CAP and related projects. The artist also consents that the design can be interpreted by other artists for the CAP project and for other promotional purposes.

Artists cannot submit any artwork that has been previously or that is currently used by another project not affiliated with CAP. The winning CAP artist agrees to not later use the winning design for another project or contest not affiliated with CAP.

Main Design

The main design is intended to follow the same general posing and layout as the "Official Art" for existing in-game Pokemon. It must be suitable for display on the CAP Pokedex section of the CAP Website and any other CAP propaganda where a picture of the Pokemon is needed.

The comparison to 'Official Pokemon Art' is only applicable to the basic content of the main design; it does not imply any standards or guidelines regarding artistic style or rendering technique.

The following rules of content must be followed for the Main Design:
  • The image must consist of a single Pokemon on a plain white background. The background cannot be transparent.
  • The image must be a 2D digital or scanned traditional drawing. 3D media and photos are not allowed.
  • No part of the Pokemon may be cut off by the canvas.
  • The Pokemon must be in full color.
  • The design must have a distinct outline on the entire subject in contrast to the subject and background. Colored outlines are allowed but must not obstruct the clarity of the design.
  • No part of the design can be blurred into the background or blended into the background in any way.
  • No props, action effects, move effects, or additional objects can be rendered on or around the Pokemon. If a prop is part of the Pokemon's basic design (i.e. Conkeldurr's pillars), then it is acceptable.
  • The image must not include offensive or obscene imagery, or be intended to mock or insult the project or other users.
  • The image must be in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
  • The image must be at least 320 pixels and at most 640 pixels in both width and height.
  • The image must have a file size of no more than 200 kB.
  • The image must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Imgur). Do not use the forum's 'Upload a File' feature. Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza, Ezimba.
The rules for main designs will be strictly enforced. Do not make comparisons to in-game Pokemon designs or to past CAP designs to determine if your design is in compliance with these rules. Some in-game Pokemon designs and past CAP designs do not conform with the current CAP art submission rules, and emulating those designs is not an acceptable excuse for breaking the strict interpretation of the current rules.

Supporting Material

There are almost no rules when it comes to supporting material. Action scenes, movement studies, interaction with other Pokemon, animations, sculptures, and cartoon strips are all allowed. Non-art supporting material is also allowed. This includes detailed descriptions of the art, background data, stories, etc. All supporting art and information must be related to the main design in some way.


Art submissions are due 48 hours after Secondary Ability Poll results are posted.

Art Polls

All art polls will contain the Main Design and, if applicable, a link below it titled "Supporting Material". This will link to the artists final submission post, if applicable. All final submissions conforming to the rules above will be slated.
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To have your art displayed here, please preface your post with WIP or Final Submission, followed by the image to be displayed!
This list does NOT] identify if your submission is valid or not.

Collage Link:














Gravity Monkey




Kaiju Bunny











Roland le preaux












flying moose

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This is my work-in-progress design, which is based on the Frilled Lizard.

As their name suggests, frilled lizards are known for their neck frills which give them a striking appearance, unfolding them when they are poised to attack or to attract mates. In my design the frills are arranged to resemble the fire kanji (火) as a nod to the Fire typing.

I also incorporated a hero theme into the design as heroes in popular media nowadays tend to work in teams. Team support. Offensive support. Hey, it works. The hero mask is an obvious nod to this theme, giving it a sharp appearance as well. The tail is widened and made so that it resembles a flowing cape.

As always, comments, critiques and criticism is greatly appreciated.


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All right, CAP 27's typing is Fire/Dragon! While dragons and fire go hand-in-hand, I'm looking forward to the designs that mesh the two aspects together in creative ways! :D

That being said, however, I recommend waiting to invest in a design until Primary Ability is decided on for CAP 27. There's a good chance with a concept like Offensive Team Support that the chosen ability will put heavy constraints on design (e.g., Comatose on Ghost/Dragon, Levitate on Steel/Ground). Making your design with the chosen ability in mind, too, will lead to a more cohesive design, which helps with standing out when the typing as "obvious" as Fire/Dragon is.

That being said, however, I'm looking forward to what you all come up with! :)


I didn't mean to come up with two ideas despite my own warning, but they came to me and I had to jot them down anyway. :)

I was thinking about Cyclohm's art process and how the winning design was "a thundercloud as a dragon". I found it helpful to think of this typing as "a [fiery thing] as a dragon", instead of "a dragon with a [fiery thing] motif". This led to me thinking about an ash face firecracker frill and a toque blanche volcano.

As these are doodles and this is before Primary Ability is decided, my submission will definitely change!
Oh man, it's finally time for the moment I (and a lot of other people on this subforum) have been waiting for! Ever since the initial typing poll went up, I've been hard at work brainstorming designs for every potential type. So, without further ado...


It's a firey-plumed, feathered serpent coiled to resemble an Ophanim, with elements of other circling serpents such as Ouroboros and Jormungandr. Obviously, the design's a bit complicated for now, but I've been meaning to rework the pose a bit to simplify things. That's what WIPs are for! :P

Not entirely sure of this is too big or not, but oh well. So far my submission is based mostly on Ammit from Egyptian mythology, but there’s a few other inspirations in there as well. The tail is supposed to be a torch, if that wasn’t clear. It’s also kinda hard to tell what the mane is, but I’ll probably fix that later.
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so drawing fire/dragon pokemos is a bit hard because nearly every dragon pokemon could be consider a fire dragon, so i made a more so "regular" dragon desing that resembles the fire type on its origins, as it is inspired by the Warog, a russian fire spirit that usually takes the form of a dragon and is considered as a favorable deity.
some details also resemble a very simplistic slavic pattern.
i think its a good direction to take the concept of a offensive support


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[MOD EDIT: Image removed]

So Fire/Dragon is a really difficult design to make, since although you can make tons of designs, not one "pops out". ive made two designs which i like, the first being an eastern dragon or serpent coupled with fireworks (fuse tail, sue me.), while the second is based off of a cockatrice, which is a non-standard draconic being.
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not going to invest into any designs for now but heres what i got until abils become a thing

Top is candle dragon, theres a neat association there with medieval candles and european dragon
Armor guy is blacksmith dragon, was thinking sort of a mix between the dragon that gets slain and the guy who makes the weapon who does that? idk lol
Bottom is based on an olm, which are basically longboi axolotls, which live deep in caves, dont have any eyes and also have crazy good regeneration. salamanders have been always associated with fire, and olms were once thought to be baby dragons so that's a nice association too. this guy is sort of like a lava lake olm? swims in magma and eats people, that sort of stuff

could probably pick and choose based on abils, since olm and candle could work for regen while only olm would work for poison touch, and yada yada

would love and really appreciate any input on these guys, thanks for taking the time to read through.

Finally, we're back in business with CAP art subs! I have some mixed feelings about Fire/Dragon, because on the one hand it's the most obvious type combo EVER and you'd think it'd be used more, but on the other it could easily produce too many stereotypical designs to count and thus you'd have to get creative with it. Given that the overall concept of this CAP is a support rather than a straight-up BURNINATOR, the design also had to not give an air of destructiveness as expected. Luckily, I knew of a perfect basis that could tie all of these design elements together: the Naga fireball phenomenon.

For those not versed in Hindu folklore, the Naga fireball is a strange glowing light that appears annually over certain bodies of water in Southeast Asia, particularly the Mekong River. It's most likely burning methane from the water itself, but it has been associated with the magical powers of the mythical water serpents known as naga, hence the name. Nagas are generally benevolent spirits (support role), though some are also known to be dangerous (offense role), and in Chinese cultures they are equated with dragons (Dragon-type). To this end, I came up with a design that was basically a dragon-shaped fire elemental, with a serpent's head and tail and the chest and arms of a human, based on a stylization of how nagas can turn into people (meaning that they're either pure human or pure snake most of the time, the half-human half-snake ones seen everywhere on the Internet actually being much rarer than most assume). The crest on the head is additionally inspired by Phaya Naga statues such as this one, the Phaya Naga being a type of crested naga that lives specifically in the Mekong River.

This was a fun design to produce, and hopefully the abilities and stats will still be able to mesh well with it, though I do feel like it'll be able to fit with whatever stat spread and/or abilities are given to it as the development of this CAP goes on. We'll just have to wait and see how the process turns out!

This is VERY WIP right now, and I'd love some feedback!! Figured that with a Fire/Dragon typing that we'd get a lot of edgy dragons, so I made one thats pretty Dinky. This one is based off a mix of a Axlotol and a Lesser Siren - both being linked to the "Salamander". Both Species have external gills that I always thought looked sorta fire-like. This design gives off more "support" rather than "offensive support" atm, so it still has time to grow.

The design was meant to be a Dragon-like design, but without any wings. This boy stays on the ground.
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WIP (and tentative anyway)

Okay, so I was hesitant to do this at first because it's very contingent on things that have yet to be decided, but I decided it'd be fun and good practice even if CAP27 doesn't end up going in a direction that facilitates this, so I just made it anyway, haha.
also oh my goodness someone else already did an adorable candle design?? I am so sorry if this is stepping on your toes at all;; I did not expect this to be done already

Uh, anyway - since CAP27 has such good neutral coverage, I thought it had at least a good chance at running some non-damaging utility moves rather than strictly sticking to things like Knock Off and status, and my first thought was Wish. Naturally, "wish" + "fire" made me think "birthday candles." So I made a birthday salamander?

(The one on the bottom is a neutral pose, while the ones above it are to show the way it sparkles - its smoke whiskers and tail are all as shown on the right, while the top left shows its face when breathing fire. It's very... explosive?)

Feedback would be hugely appreciated on this! I might not end up submitting anyway it if it doesn't fit well with the support movepool and stats of the CAP - I would rather tailor the design more specifically to the kind of moves it's supposed to use, and this was just an idea for one possible move - but I think it turned out to be a pretty cute and fun design, so I'm happy I did it either way!

i keep most features from the original desing, such as the face but i modified a lot the body to make it look like an actual cossak soldier/emperor, i think it fits with the previous idea of the warog, plus it fits very well as a dragon that lost its ice weakness (living in russia helps a lot) and some moves that could be used as flare lash (reference to a nagaika), and the friendly personality of the cossak people adds to the support part of the concept.
overall i really like it and any kind of feedback helps a lot, thanks for reading!

I've come up with this design for CAP27, which is based on your run-of-the-mill fire-breathing dragon and sun rays/starlight (same thing, right?). I might mess with the proportions (this used to be much less chonky) and the pose but I think I'll stick with this thing unless we get a wack ability. Overall it's supposed to look friendly but also have some power backing it up when needed.

Background contains an older, thiccer version but I'll clean it up when i digitalize my drawing.
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For my design I wanted to deviate from the usual pear shaped dragon with a small round body, long neck and small head, that most dragons in Pokémon have.
I kinda drew inspiration from guzzlord because i love chunky stuff.

My design is based on a particular firework called “Knallfrosch” - which translates to Boomfrog - and the Fire Toad(literal translation of the German Name “Feuerkröte”), which is a frog that has a particular pattern of black and red on its belly, that reminded me of the way colder black lava forms on the outside of lava streams.
So it’s softer belly, arms and tongue are formed of molten lava, while it’s back already cooled off and became rigid.
It’s eyebrows, crown, hair and backspikes,are formed of fire, which hints at the way in which Knallfrösche are lit.
The eyebrows, crown(staghorns), whiskers and hair relate to Chinese dragon designs.

It lives in the lava lakes of active volcanoes.
It uses lava inside its body to digest its food, which varies from region to region, producing either incense like fumes - from vegetarian diets- that are said to be so refreshing they even wake the dead, or poisonous smog - from carnivorous meals - that debilitates anyone, who comes into contact with it.
Normally it constantly drools lava, to relieve its body of pressure, but by containing the lava inside its body for a while it can build up pressure and strike surprisingly fast with its limbs and tongue.

Edit: Changed image to adhere to posting rules

Edit: New WIP. This is the 3rd iteration of my frog.

Old art:

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It's great to see artists making submissions, but please read the OP rules for posting in this thread. In particular:
  • The image must be at least 320 pixels and at most 640 pixels in both width and height.
  • The image must have a file size of no more than 200 kB.
  • The image must be hosted on a reliable image hosting service (such as Imgur). Do not use the forum's 'Upload a File' feature. Do not use the 'Attach a photo' tool on messaging apps (e.g. Discord). Do not use Iaza, Ezimba.

Several artists have been posting images too large and uploading files to the forum, and those images have had to be removed. For the submitters whose posts have been edited, feel free to re-edit your post and insert images of the proper size that are hosted with a reliable image hosting service.
First post, woo. 'Cause I've lurked for like... a decade at this point and honestly can't contribute much more of substance than art to this process, so here I am.


A very quick and ugly draft of my idea. I call her Sneisha because I lack imagination.

So the design is based loosely on a few things, starting with the entertainment trope of the "Dragon Lady", which is a character defined by her aesthetic (kimonos, fans, qipaos, dragons, martial arts, etc..), her beauty, her femme fatale status, and general mysteriousness. She's usually a supporting antagonist to the main big bad, but is thoroughly deadly in her own right. Misdirection, seduction, assassination, all things she's capable of. Thematically, she IS offensive support.

Then, to take what is really only a vaguely Asian cliche from TV and movies in a more specific direction, her look is more distinctly inspired by an Oiran, with the elaborate hair pins and kimono, which here is formed of her own tiny scales. Oirans were well educated and talented performers. They had many skills a "dragon lady" could use to her advantage when she had ulterior motives.

Lastly, her hair decorations are based on a type of lily that supposedly blossoms after fires. Cyrtanthus ventricosus is a flower that has incorporated fires into its life cycle, seeming only to bloom after a fire has passed. The flowers bloom on her head because of the natural flame that burns within her. I like the idea that when she ignites her flame, the stamens of the flowers burn and release a smell like incense. While it is neat flavor wise, it does also lend some credibility to her having some support moves that would be unique among fire types.
Hey y'all, here's a lil WIP

Not sure if I'll continue exploring this idea, but had fun making a couple takes on a little candle dragon. Had another idea for a multi headed candelabra vibe so might head more that route!


Loving everything so far!

Gravity Monkey

bakayaro, konoyaro
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I was struggling to find an original idea, but after seeing the multiple candlemons I got inspired to do some sort of campfire/marshmallow thingy. The dark parts are supposed to represent burnt sports.

That's what I have for now, obviously i'll have to change it or maybe even scrap it entirely considering the wack abilities that are being talked about right now and the stats that might not correspond.


The updated version I made thanks to the feedback of everyone on the discord server (esp. big thanks to Reiga ).
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I come back! This time completely trashing the last concepts for a couple new ones lmao

Top design is based on a Chimera, a mythical beast known for its fiery breath. The main interpretation of the chimera is sort of a mishmash of lion, goat and snake/dragon heads, but this take is sort of a true hybrid, where all three animals were mixed into one, unified as a big evil dragon! The tail is sort of like Hydreigon's muppet hands, and has coral snake markings for any potential poison links this CAP might have.

Bottom design was made mirroring how Kingdra is based on a weedy seadragon and Dragalge is based on a leafy seadragon, and is based on the only other remaining seadragon species, the Ruby Seadragon! This guy has a magma and volcanic sort of themeing, I'd imagine he'd live in lava lakes and the like. He's even ornate with a ruby bejeweled crown and kingly magma cravat, to show who's the boss of the volcano or what have you

thanks for taking the time to read through. ill probably calibrate and pick and choose the designs based on abilities, but id love to know already which of these is prefered overall <3

I thought "fire/dragon? offensive support?" and made a dragon/phoenix thing. It's not a flying type, but Empoleon isn't a flying type either, so I'm getting birdy anyway.

Dragons are generally thought of as destructive entities, while phoenixes are associated with healing, so combining the two seemed like a good direction. I also put it on top of a floating hunk of gold ore, because what dragon doesn't like gold? And I thought it looked cool.

Here's hoping it'll survive abilities.
(idea 1, not doin this anymore)

Here is my first idea! Its based off of the fire snake science experiment, which I remember doing in school at some point lol. Its limbs are based on the shedding of snake skin, which also forms into ashy pseudo-wings at the back and horns. Since its a snake, I wanted it to look agile and devious, and i wanted to go the route of ash rather than literal fire to make it more subversive, the same way this pokemon might want to fight through underhanded methods like crippling/debuffing rather than brute strength. this was to match our concept of offensive support. I hope you like this first stage of design, and please give any constructive criticism if you have any :)
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Lets hope this lad survives the ability phase, but for now heres my submission idea. A scummy dragon prince who doesnt like to get their hands dirty attacking "low lives" and would rather just hit them with a final blow in style. Makes use of utility moves quite often because of that.


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(Click the thumbnail to see the large version of each image!)


Here are some iterations on the designs in this post I've made in the last few days:

Dynamite/firecracker got more inspiration from firework rockets and fireworks in general, and the chef got a mustache and maybe some mitts and claws.

I also had created the following idea:

I won't be working on that concept more, though, due to a conflict in how the concept works with Pokemon design. The parts to a smore need to be kept visually separate for them to be visually readable, but Pokemon designs require a more seamless fusion of elements. As those two requirements are mutually at odds with each other, I'm unable to make it a suitable design by my standards. :P

Thanks to everyone who gave feedback on Discord on these!
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