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That holy materia was from me.

Also, like Zorbees, saddenned that it was easy to determine who was with who.

I'll write a larger post later.
So THAT'S why I was killed.... Damn. Managed to mix up the time, so that I thought the deadline was 24 hours later than it was in reality. That's what you get when you mess with your sleep cycle.

Otherwise, can't really comment on the game, due to my death. After I saw the announcement thingy about Mekkah and Konami, I toyed with the idea of talking with (believing he was Konami due to that one card that fakes those, can't remember what). Died before I talked with him though. For my deck, if I remember correctly now, I planned on some sort of defensive deck with some offense, while being able to use my ability with it. Didn't really work out for it.


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Well Midou I actually requested Role Names, well games where roles could be from, I wanted to leave it to luck what colours I get, this way I can discover combos that I couldn't find while skimming over all the cards.

Also I told dak about my theory to see his reaction, to know whether I'm right or not, in retrospect I should have at least asked something in exchange lol.
I lost a total of 10 HP on the first day that I idled (personal stuff so it wasn't really my fault). Since my deck was geared more towards outliving people... yeah. Fuck.

Good game though. For my first expert game, I didn't do too badly. I managed to figure out the system of the game after having info on only 13/30 players which is kinda cool, I guess. And yeah.

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