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Togekiss change (trapping is dead):
Togekiss Rework
Type Change:

Ability Change: Immunity, Cloud Nine | Competitive
Movepool Changes: + Discharge, + Thunder, +Thunderbot, +Volt Switch
Justification: As much as I like the idea to have a balanced trapper, Zephyr's one turn trap is to much, and by definition unbalanced. I don't believe it is possible to balance Togekiss without nuking Zephyr.
With this rework, Togekiss can now act as an offensive or defensive pivot that brings Defog support. CS2 cruelly lacks Electric-types, so I think that giving Togekiss the double-type Electric/Flying is a good idea. It is different enough from Orbeetle thanks to Defog, better offensive presence, Ground-Immunity, but lower Speed and bulk.
Octillery and Duraludon changes:
Type Changes: Ice / Electric
Stat Changes:
88 / 92 / 92 / 118 / 118 / 114 | 620 BST ( + 3 Atk, +3 Def, +14 Spe )
Movepool Changes: +Volt Switch, +Thunderbolt, +Thunder,
Ability Changes: Super Luck / Filter | Neuroforce (HA)
Justification: Reworked with some more options. Electric typing lets it handle Walrein, which used to wall it completely. Super Luck may lower the damage output, but it frees up items like Heavy-Duty Boots, and the addition of Thunder probably makes up for the power loss. It could also run all-out attacking sets with Neuroforce and its stellar coverage. Also we don't have very many Electric types right now.

Duraludon Nerf:
Stat Changes:
104/112/98/116/113/32 (585) (-10 HP, -15 Attack, -15 SpAtk )
Ability Changes: Berserk / Light Metal | Bulletproof (HA)
Justification: Duraludon could run full bulk EV's and still do reams of damage, so I think removing a significant chunk from each Atk stat will force it to make more choices. I also removed Mirror Armor so Scrafty can threaten it much more, as that matchup felt a bit cheap.
Weavile and Shaymin changes (if someone can confirm the votecounts on Weavile, Anaconja lost by 1 point but I may have miscounted)
Weavile Buff
Stat Adjustments
: +15 Atk
Movepool Additions: Swords Dance

This just gives Weavile the ability to perform wallbreaking duties, as balance generally has little issue with Weavile atm.

Shaymin Nerf
New Stats
: 100/99/97/100/104/100 BST: 600

I decided that a Regenerator mon with Shaymin's bulk is simply too hard to break through, so i decided to nerf its stats to be more in line with that of a defensive pivot. Took some inspiration from a certain CAP in deciding the bulk. Luckily for us nerfing this indirectly nerfs Walrein too!
The thickening of Cursola has begun
Cursola Buff:
Stat Changes:
80 / 95 / 80 / 95 / 220 / 30 (+20 HP, +10 SpD)
Movepool Changes:
+Shadow Claw, Ice Beam, Earth Power, Thunder Wave
Cursola just did not have enough bulk to truly blanket wall. With these buffs it can avoid the 2HKO from specs Cherrim Weather Ball without Cloud Nine as long as rocks are off the field, and generally just not have to be at full HP to counter other threats. The movepool additions are just making physical sets more appealing if you want to, and to restore moves that really weren't needed. Oh, and Thunder Wave gives Cursola a bit more appeal on balance and other more offense squads if the other 1000 paralysis walls aren't your cup of tea.
:scolipede: Team spikes wins :scolipede:

Lastly, looking over the Free Slots there's 10+ vote support for four changes (with second place tied and fourth being pretty close), and none seem to be too extreme of changes so I'll have them all go to the second stage of approval voting. So you can vote yes/no on:
Weezing Rework:
Stat Changes:
69 / 103 / 178 / 116 / 92 / 87 (645 BST, -20 HP, -10 Atk, +24 Def, +10 SpA, +16 SpD, +5 Spe)
Justification: Weezing isn't bad, honestly, but because of Gligar the only success I've found with it has been with offensively oriented disruptor sets, and this stat readjustment aims to optimize this role further. The bulk change leaves it with virtually the same bulk, but much more potent pain splits, akin to CS1 Cofagrigus (hopefully to better effect, not being a wall should help here). The offensive stats were just adjusted to account for special sets being better anyways. Lastly, the slight speed boost allows it to outspeed to base 85 tier and creep other threats more easily. With this new statline it should work much better as an option to disrupt balance teams, harassing most walls in one way or another thanks to Neutralizing Gas and a fast Taunt. Examples include switching in on Dunsparce for Toxic chip, denying Shaymin's Regenerator, or just deleting the HP bars of high HP mons that want to switch in on it like Seismitoad and GLax with Pain Split, then denying the recovery with Taunt.
GLax Buff
Movepool Changes: +Earth Power, +Giga Drain, +Thousand Waves
Justifications: GLax is very passive and not so bulky, it really deserves a buff in both its offense and defense (it can lose the 1v1 vs Stonjourner). The movepool addition, just gives it more offensive options.
Note for the next one: If this passes Anaconja can veto the addition of spikes from the previous vote
Movepool Additions: First Impression, Close Combat, High Horsepower
Justification: These moves increase Scolipede's offensive presence and also help it get the poisons it needs by forcing out problematic Steel and Poison-types.
Victreebel Buff:
Ability Change:
Stench -> Malware (see CS custom elements, -1 speed on switch in)
Justification: The Chlorophyll sets are lowkey heat but this thing kind of sucks as a stallbreaker and generally has a hard time finding free turns. Giving it situational speed boost allows Victreebel to threaten a much wider range of offensive Pokemon on switch-in and force a check in (this thing doesn't really have counters because of the movepool) so Victreebel can have more opportunities to lure and break down walls. Also allows it to face down the fast walls like Orbeetle and Centiskorch and burst them down with the right movepool. Becomes a cool sacrificial option too!
The votes are a simple yes/no like this:
Weezing: Yes
Snorlax: Yes
Scolipede: No
Victreebel: Yes
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Weezing: Yes
Snorlax: No
Scolipede: No
Victreebel: Yes

was being quite liberal but I reconsidered. Weez and Vic need buffs, Snorlax suffered from the existence of Shaymin and Scoli was decent but we just thought it should have gotten spikes
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Ok we have First Impression Scoli. Not gonna add High Horsepower because that's just a worse Earthquake, though


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Impressions on the changes:

Actually feels like a blanket special wall with the bulk increase- In the few games I've used it it's felt a lot like a special version of Gligar, except instead of losing to Gumshoos or whatever (Gligar is absurdly good, delete sticky hold) it's forced out by virtually any physical attacker with knock and is still pretty easy to chip down over time if it's not clicking recover each time it comes in. So basically, a stallmon. Almost like what it was designed to be.

Weezing's change was so minor it doesn't feel particularly different. Missing every Strange Steam when I used it really messed with my tests of it concept it is better and is just about the best Gligar switch-in you could ask for. I feel like this guy's viability is tied to Shaymin, however good that turns out be.

This thing is so much better, with Boots 4 Attacks Neuroforce being the best set imo. It has a virtually unblockable Volt Switch and can clean up weakened teams with ease. Centiskorch is a major thorn in its side but it has Rock Blast to get around it, which just shows the flexibility this thing has in the future. Scope In sort of sucks though. Hard to part with that fourth attack.

A U-Turn weak stallbreaker wasn't the greatest idea in retrospect, but the addition of Malware has changed its role from a mediocre stallbreaker (albeit much better in that role post-toge) into a pretty terrifying first turn threat. With both Specs and Band being absolutely nuclear against anything that isn't a dedicated wall, the opponent is forced into the 50/50 as chances are, Victreebel is outspeeding with malware. Also helps boost the viablility of more traditional sets slightly, as setting up a SD is much easier when the slowed opponent is scared out.

Haven't used it personally, but from my experiences facing it it's a solid pivot and should compete a bit with Orbeetle, which is a good thing because this is a lot less annoying.

Shorter thoughts:
:zacian: Way better without trapping being around. The STAB combo and speed tier only gets better with time.
:duraludon: Still good and incredibly versatile, just not winning stuff it should lose (cough scrafty)
:centiskorch: Special rock coverage is nonexistant and waters are scarf. Hard to break specially, Rune is your friend here.
:snorlax-gmax: Seen a lot of this instead of Shaymin, but that might just be hype. Waves hasn't struck me as an issue.
:shaymin: Probably still good, if Band Zacian gets big or something this could rise.
:unown: They're good spinners. Scrafty is also good, the Dark spinners are probably the best hazard control atm.

Gonna try to get a VR together now and then figure out what the next slate will be (if there is even a need for one).
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Some updates from the DLC with regards to movepools. Bold means notable, italics are proposed additions:
+Corrosive Gas, Misty Explosion, Terrain Pulse
+Expanding Force
+Misty Explosion
+Meteor Beam (lol)
+Grassy Glide
+Grassy Glide
+Expanding Force, Steel Roller
+Grassy Glide, Poltergeist, Steel Roller
+Dual Wingbeat, Rising Voltage
+Bite, Fury Cutter, Hex, Endure, Skitter Smack, Steel Roller, Assurance, Cross Poison
+Meteor Beam, Burning Jealousy, Poltergeist
+Burning Jealousy, Scorching Sands
+Skitter Smack, Rising Voltage
+Expanding Force, Meteor Beam, Lash Out
+Helping Hand, Amnesia, Baton Pass, Stored Power, Terrain Pulse, Dual Wingbeat, Skitter Smack, Scale Shot
+Grassy Glide, Scale Shot
+Poltergeist, Meteor Beam, Rising Voltage, Burning Jealousy
+Meteor Beam, Dual Wingbeat

+Grassy Glide
+Coaching, Lash Out
+Dual Wingbeat, Scale Shot
+Scorching Sands, Skitter Smack
+Triple Axel, Lash Out
+Grassy Glide
+Steel Roller
+Scorching Sands
Misty Explosion sounds hella cool on Misty Terrain sets, which alongside the proposed addition of Terrain Pulse might actually have a reason to be ran over NGas.
Misty Explosion is an option I guess. Cool way to nab momentum once you no longer need Zacian, and it's not like the fourth slot on scarf sets is too hotly contested.
Offensive Anchor looks really cool now
Fun fact, Poltergeist reveals held item. Also by far Cursola's hardest hitting option, even with only 95 attack the 110 BP+STAB should hit some frail stuff decently hard. Knock Off access makes this a hard sell, though.
Amnesia is neat to boost alongside stuff like Necrozma to continually wall them. Scale Shot sounds like a meme but haha speed boosting sparce
Scale Shot is pretty inconsistent, but the ability to boost speed with a Swords Dance set or something sounds really cool. May be too much considering this mon already slaps but I don't see it having that much merit over Dragon Hammer, and running physical Dragon attacks is already pretty meh
Weak fire coverage option could be neat. Not sure if it really hits anything important. Toad/Naga say hi
Ground Scald. Probably irrelevant but has pretty neat coverage on special sets if you're weird and running special Centi
Slightly better STAB. Sometimes
Defensive sets can use this. Should be fine.

If anyone has any more suggestions/reservations about added moves, tell me on the discord. Sorry I've been inactive, I've had a lot of work recently. Hope to get a tourney off the ground sometime soon


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Been a while, eh? Anyways:


Must keep Sand Stream
Aerodactyl is a bit infamous- A product of a slating gaff on my end, it won alongside Runerigus in what is undeniably the most similar pair of Pokemon to ever grace Clean Slate. They're a pair of Special Attacking, Ground-immune, 615 BST, 110 base Speed Rock-types. In fact, the only relevant statistical difference is that Aerodactyl trades 10 Special Attack for 20 more HP. On the movepool and typing end, they're a bit more varied, with Runerigus boasting an Electric-typing that grants it a STAB pivoting move and a stronger Rock STAB in Revelation Dance. Aerodactyl, on the other hand, has, uh, Flying STAB? Sand Stream giving it great Special bulk is at least nice.

Unfortunately for Aerodactyl, Runerigus' superior offensive presence and pivoting abilities has made it the clearly superior option, while Aerodactyl remains a niche pick for those trying to build a Sand team or needing a semi-fast Cherrim counter. So its time to buff, or preferably rework it. Only rule is it must keep Sand Stream. Go wild, hopefully we can iron out what's needed to finish this mod while this slate is happening.

Happy subbing!
Stats Changes:+10 HP
Movepool Additions:Light Screen and Weather Ball
Justification:More HP for more survivability. Light screen to make it be dual screener because it already has reflect. Lastly, Weather ball to replace Power gem and can use other type in other weather too


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Aerodactyl Rework
New Typing
: Rock / Flying
New Stats: 100/135/105/60/105/110 BST: 615
Movepool Additions: Diamond Storm, Dragon Ascent, Accelerock

Aerodactyl simply cannot compete with Pokemon like Runergrius and all of the existing Flying types around. It has no real niche, and all of the special walls sit on Aerodactyl like nobody's business. Now it distinguishes itself as the sole physical Flying type in the tier, with great STABs like Diamond Storm giving it a big bulk bump. DAscent gives it strong Bird STAB and hits almost all of Diamond Storm's resists, while Earthquake wraps up its great coverage. Accelerock gives it a defined role as a revenge killer as well, further differentiating it from Runergrius
New Stats: 100/60/95/135/105/120 BST: 615
Movepool Additions: Weather Ball, Aeroblast

The boost to speed lets it outspeed Octillery and Cobalion, potentially OHKOing the former and Taunting the latter, and perhaps giving Meteor Beam a chance. I think Taunt is key to Aero as it can defeat many walls, especially Cursola, with the move. By checking Octillery/Unown-M cores and Gligar/Cursola cores it should become worth using on more teams.

Hurricane and Power Gem were also terrible STAB moves, in a tier where the other Flying and Rock types ( except Stonjourner ) get much better ones.
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New Role(s): Special Wall, Defensive Pivot
Typing: Rock / Flying
New Stats: 110/80/110/90/135/90 (615 BST)
Movepool Additions: U-Turn

So, I kinda wanted to veer a different direction than just giving it different offensive capabilities than Runerigus. Instead, I wanted to capitalize off of it's unique defensive typing, and I focused in on that, providing it U-Turn to make sure it could switch in without completely disrupting the flow of the game.

New stats: 110/60/120/115/105/110 (+10 HP, +15 Defense, -20 Special Attack; 625 BST)
Movepool additions: Scorching Sands, Roost

All of our current physical tanks focus more on face-tanking than stalling, and we don't have any mons that focus on spreading burns besides the fairly mediocre Walrein. With Sand active, Aerodactyl is an effective physical and special wall with Roost to ensure its longevity.

New stats: 100/99/94/108/89/140 (630)
New moves: Diamond Storm, Roost, Brave Bird, Beak Blast

Like Noivern, this new Aerodactyl has blazing speed and a wide array of utility that becomes irreplaceable in the meta. It now is the fastest Pokémon naturally tied with Skymin which it forces out, has great STAB moves both physically and specially, has enough attack on both sides to offensively check threats but not to break walls, can go mixed, can set Rocks, can Defog away hazards, has reliable recovery, can burn unprepared Pokémon that make contact via Beak Blast, has Diamond Storm to bolster its physical bulk, and has great natural special bulk in sand. It can even run an effective PP stall set with Pressure/ Beak Blast/ Power Gem/ Roost/ Defog.

Like Noivern, it does have a few drawbacks in heavily relying on Boots, as well as being weak to common Scarfers/ Priority like Weavile and Togekiss. I also didn’t give it U-Turn because that’s broken. Hope this is enough for poor Aerodactyl to get a place in the meta without being somewhat broken :)

(like noivern, i scaled noivern’s stats to 630 and made some tweaks)

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