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Art credit: Meesh ~ Thank you Lego and Nitachi for getting this cute Shaymin for me!

Hello friends! Welcome to my flower field domain. The main purpose of this thread is to share my small but beloved collection of on-going projects and trophies with the community. Some of these will be available for trade (Fully Redistributable).

Main interests:
- Pokémon with cute guts (PID rngs, funny interior values, IVs that spell out something, etc.).
- Gen 8 Pokémon that look hacked (Crossovers, stuff people don't know about, etc.).
- Matching personality marks on shiny Pokémon.
- Baby (level 1) evolved shinies from POGO.
- Pokémon from people I like.

Currently LF:
- Anything from the "Main Interests" section.
- The following egg moves on buneary: Circle throw, Copycat, Double Hit, Flail, Focus Punch, Sweet Kiss.

My profiles:
- Sword (Mica/293249)
- Let's Go Eevee! (Mica/828141)
- HOME (Skadiv/225040)
- Pokémon GO (Skadiv6984)

Other platforms:
- Discord (Skadiv#6984)
- Reddit (u/Skadiv)

Sprite and symbol acknowledgements:
- Bulbapedia Origin Marks
- Gen8 Sprite Project [Thread]
- msikma

- Follow the site and forum rules.
- Keep in mind that I only trade cloned copies unless stated otherwise.
- Only offer OT or self-obtained Pokémon. I will not trade other people's pokes.
- Only make an offer if your Pokémon has a similar level of proof to mine or if you had/have an existing trade thread.

Some disclaimers:
- I do not own CFW consoles.
- All cloning will be done through AnuBirb in the Smogon WiFi discord.
- I run legality checks on anything traded to me so please don't be naughty.
- All of my Pokémon are dumped because I love seeing internals.
- All apriballs utilized are obtained through the AnuBirb giveaway or given to me by friends who can inject, unless stated otherwise.

Special thanks to:
- Lego for teaching me all sorts of RNG, helping me with everything and for being a great friend.
- Max. Optimizer for the incredible thread inspiration and for reviving my interest in nicknames.
- TyVip for aiding me with the sprites for my thread and for the Pokémon format.

Finally, I'd like to send a big thank-you to everyone in the Smogon WiFi discord for being so kind and welcoming! Stay awesome.
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My special few
- NFT -
These are the Pokémon with my OT that I cherish the most.
They'll all receive as many ribbons as possible and will never be hypertrained because it looks ugly.
S/O to Lego for helping me with all the competitive ribbons and most of the other ones!

"The Recluse"
Sassy | Limber | Lopunny (F) |

OT: Mica | ID: 293249

Capture proof
"Valentina" is a name that means healthy & strong.
She was found while searching for a Sandstorm Mark Lopunny in the Challenge Beach, "rare mark and yet the hunt continues" indeed. Rare marks have an appearance rate of 1/357.5 when there is an active Mark Charm and weather (see here).
Her internals say that she's extremely tall, her nature is Sassy and her IVs are oriented towards attacking rather than defending. I love how the game gave my Pokémon such a great attitude!

A detail that I highly value is that her OT memory reads: "Valentina checked a destination with Mica using the Town Map on a seaside road. The Pokémon fondly remembers that it felt good". Memories played a great part in my SwSh experience as I worked to discover new caveats for legality, including the possibility of strange weather mechanics that Challenge Beach would enable. Challenge Beach is classified as a "seaside road" which is where she obtained the memory and also managed to get the highest intensity (tier 7: fondly) on it which is still regarded as a low-chance random event since no one knows how to obtain it. This combines the rarest intensity memory regarding my favourite map on my favourite Pokémon.

She truly is priceless for me. I am happy that I managed to obtain such a great Pokémon in the first game I was able to share with this community.
Captured on: 04/22/2021

Art by Hutt gifted to me by Lego!
Lego’s reference sketch

Camp besties
Tried our best

"The Sandswept"
Timid | Berserk | Galarian Moltres |

OT: Mica | ID: 293249

Capture proof
Vurazir's name combines the word "Vuur" (Fire in Afrikaans and Danish) with "Azir" who is known as "the emperor of sands" in LoL. He wears Safety Goggles to make sure that no sand gets into his eyes.

This is one of the Pokémon that fits the "Pokémon that look hacked" criteria in my interests as this mark on a Galarian Moltres was previously thought to be unavailable. The explanation can be found here. When posted in different servers, It got called out for having an "illegal" sandstorm mark which needless to say, gave me happy brain juices.

Vurazir's memory is also obscure: "Vurazir went to a Pokémon Center with Mica to buy TR66s. The Pokémon definitely remembers that it got sleepy." This memory makes no sense to the regular user since TR66 (Brave Bird) cannot be purchased in a PC, however, the memory is perfectly legal as it is triggered by Wild Area vendors. The "It got sleepy" feeling was chosen since Vurazir's characteristic is "It takes plenty of siestas!".

Naturally acquired Pokérus around 11/07/2021 (~1/22k chance).
Vurazir was restored to a previously dumped version and his sick iteration was given away.
Everything about this Pokémon looks/sounds suspicious and I love it.

Art by julesdrawz gifted to me by Nitachi!
Sandstorm art background

"The Recluse"
Serious | Bulletproof | Jangmo-o (F) |

OT: Mica | ID: 293249

This little baby was first encountered as part of some weather research, dumped and trashed by resetting my game. It was only afterwards when looking at the pokemon I had caught that I noticed her crazy IVs plus the rare mark. She was then revived into the game and promptly ribboned.
She is named after "Lorica squamata", a type of Roman scale armour due to the resemblance with her design and to her defense oriented IVs.

Impish | Overgrow | Rowlet (F) |

OT: Mica | ID: 293249

Hosted by Lego in the Smogon WiFi discord from 10/01/2021. This little bee bird remembers getting soaked in the rain, which matches the thematic Dive ball. She is the next iteration of a Rowlet who used to be in my possession but somehow got sucked into a void. No idea how it got lost but I'll make sure that Bee doesn't escape in the same manner.

Jolly | Synchronize | Lv. 15 Mew |

Pound | Confusion | Mimic | Swift
OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040

The Jolly nature and 30 speed make Oliver, by far, my luckiest transfer until now!
I'm really happy that the good rolls were on him and not on random fodder.
BIG s/o to Lego for all of his help! I'd still be a huge PoGo noob if not for him.

Brave | Victory Star | Lv. 15 Victini |

V-Create | Incinerate | Flame Charge | Work Up
OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040

PoGo Victini is a cute mess.
This mythical encounter, unlike others, was set to not have an infinite amount of balls.
If one were to get rid of all of their normal poke balls and great balls, an ultra ball catch is possible.
There are also reports of users being able to feed them berries through an encounter HUD which is still a mystery.
Great and Ultra ball PoGo Victinis are way more elusive than regular poké ball ones, which makes me appreciate this little guy even more.

Brave | Snow Warning | Alolan Ninetales (F) |

OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040

Jo is the first half of the fox duo that represents someone important to me.
She was initially transferred from POGO when Alolan Vulpix/Ninetales would get the moves Tackle/Tail Whip/Ember/Quick Attack when moved to HOME, making her one of my favourite "Pokemon that look hacked". The daycare grandma couldn't fend off the gamefreak FBI man so she sadly lost those attacks with the patch, but she is still loved nonetheless.

Quiet | Drought | Ninetales (F) |

OT: Mica | ID: 828141

Sefina is the second half of the fox duo that represents someone important to me.
Her internals say that she's a massively big mon. Combined with her high IVs, I think of her as a muscular but measured Pokémon.
She was encountered by chaining in LGE and her capture was assisted by that somebody. After evolving to a Ninetales, she was moved over to Sword to sit pretty in my boxes next to Jo.

Sassy | Pressure | Raikou |

OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040

Sassy, fat and not very agile. Raikou represents one of the three cats which I had the pleasure of living with.
Moose is a mischievous feline, possessing a dangerous combination of street smarts and not having a care in the world.
There's not a moment in which I don't miss this cheeky fella. Hope to visit him soon.

Lonely | Pressure | Suicune |

OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040

Suicune is named after my fave cat, brother of Moose and Oscar. His temperament, habits and personality fit this Pokémon like a glove.
He's the type of cat who always has something to say but only if he deems you worthy enough of his time. Often choosing to express himself through indecipherable chattering or by harassing online onlookers with walls of text after comfy keyboard strolls.

The nature and speed roll he got through HOME make this Pokémon a fitting tribute to him.

Gentle | Pressure | Entei |

OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040

Entei was obtained through a PoGo trade with Lego.
He represents the eldest of the three cat brothers whom I adore.
As the king of the house, everyone knew not to mess with him. Even if he is a loving goof.
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Treasures from my friends
- NFT -
These are the Pokémon that hold a special meaning to me due to the OTs and effort that they put into them.
These will also get ribbons in the future.

Lego's Vanitas
"The Pompous"
Sassy | Natural Cure | Roserade (M) |

Petal Dance | Petal Blizzard | Toxic | Attract
Characteristic: Somewhat Vain
OT: Lego | ID: 073145

Vanitas is a Galar RNG by Lego, found on frame 874 million. This translates to roughly 48 hours of waiting before the seed was encountered and subsequently hit. Lego managed to finish his own RNG tool with the help of shiny finder before the frame was hit, allowing him to test it 864k frames before the encounter.
0 attack, Thorny mark and "Somewhat Vain" characteristic were the set parameters for this project. However, since Vanitas wasn't the target gender, he was given to me as the search for his sister continues.

His name means "Vanity" in Latin, a term highlighted in this Pokémon by the characteristic, synchronized nature, Thorny mark title (Pompous) and the ball of choice. Additionally, this Pokémon's memory is: "Vanitas practiced its cool pose for the move Petal Dance in a Box, wishing to be praised by Lego. The Pokémon definitely remembers that its feelings were complicated." which further adds to his character.

Anubis' Apophis
Timid | Levitate | Lv. 5 Gastly (M) | (★)

Headbutt | Thunder | Mega Drain | Poison Gas
OT: Isaac | ID: 477978

"Apophis" refers both to the Egyptian god who embodied chaos and to the near-Earth asteroid (99942 Apophis) discovered in 2004.
The reason for this name is tied to Gastly's chaotic shiny factor, which should result in g8 stars but doesn't do so in practice.
He is a xor8 shiny caught by botting LGPE's GO Park at 13865 encounters after missing one at 7738.

Gen 6+ PIDs with a xor value of 0-15 indicate that the Pokémon is shiny. 0 is square and 1-15 is star.
The way GO Park generates shinies makes the xor value 1-15 15/65536 of the time and 0 65521/65536 of the time.
It's like rolling another shiny on an existing one. Double shiny!

However, the gen 8 games have an override to always display GO shinies as square.
If not for that, this would be the equivalent of an overworld star shiny in SwSh.
His unusual sparkle is masked for now.

Anubis' Daedalus
Docile | Shield Dust | Lv. 39 Snom (M) |

OT: Anubis | ID: 069958

"Daedalus" is a name of Greek origins that means "craftsman".
It's a nice fit on the surface because some grubs must make a little cocoon in order to protect themselves during a stage of their metamorphosis.
However, that explanation isn't the real reason behind his name. His Origin Seed has 6 Ds ([...]DD5[...]) which is what inspired the choice. His encryption constant is also aesthetic as it is 6-digits long (preluded by 0s) and is composed only by numbers.
The best part? No one is able to tell by just looking at him. His cute entrails are a secret to strangers.

Lego's Nobara
Brave | Wandering Spirit | Runerigus (F) |

Brutal Swing | Curse | Destiny Bond | Payback
OT: Lego | ID: 073145

RNG'd by Lego in Galar. A tribute to Nobara from JJK.
The markings on this Pokémon, the chiseling of cursed stone and the shadowed grin of the official art are a perfect match for her.
Warning: Jujutsu Kaisen anime spoilers ahead.

Brutal Swing and Curse allude to her attacks due to her raw arm power and the nail portrayed in Curse's animation. Destiny Bond and Payback directly reference the last episode of S1 and the nature of her abilities. Additionally, her memory is: "Nobara went to the Pokémon Center with Lego to buy TR81s. The Pokémon remembers that its feelings were complicated." which fit her as Foul Play's description is: "User turns opponent's strength against them.". Finally, the Pompous mark acts as a link to Nobara's name, which in Japanese means "Wild Rose" and to the last episode's patterned markings [Spoiler reference].

JuanJo's Fugaku
"The 100x Victorious"
Adamant | Clear Body | Lv. 100 Metagross |

Meteor Mash | Ice Punch | Stomping Tantrum | Thunder Punch
OT: JuanJo | ID: 61666

Not only was Fugaku one of JuanJo's first RNGs, he also decided to turn him into a full Ribbon Master. Juanjo's ease for picking up gamecube RNG and the amount of effort he put into this project, including learning competitive play for the Galar ranked ribbon, make this Metagross a wonderful trophy.

Fugaku was traded for a copy of Vurazir.

Lego's AAAA
"The Treasured Memory"
Gentle | Clear Body | Lv. 5 Beldum |

OT: Lego | ID: 01390
PID: 13901390

They are beauty, they are grace. They are a child with no face.
After struggling against VBA being a menace for the longest time, this shrieking baby was finally obtained and hatched in Meteor Falls.
I honestly don't know how Lego pushed himself to do all of this but mad props to him for the sweetest sapphire egg RNG I've seen.
I received two versions of this baby so one sits as a lvl 100 meta in my party while the other one is still smol.

Lego's moodE
"The Treasured Memory"
Naive | Inner Focus | Lv. 5 Snorunt (F) | ★
Spikes | Blizzard | Mimic | Double-Edge
OT: LegoFig | ID: 21059

This sweet Snorunt is a retail emerald egg RNG done while Lego was in class, hiding his console in his bag.
She represents moodE, the angery glalie bot that protects and \ohko's users across all sorts of platforms. \sprite nithin
There is a second iteration of this pokemon, a level 100 and battle ready Glalie in gen 8 that obtained the Master Rank Ribbon.

The Chaotician's Mikasa
Naive | Protean | Greninja (F) |

Dark Pulse | Hidden Power | Gunk Shot | Hydro Pump
OT: Ghost | ID: 33552

Deadly and in possession of a pretty red "scarf", Greninja is the perfect embodiment of Mikasa Ackerman from the AoT series.
This particular Pokémon was given to me by Max. Optimizer and is an especially cherished friendship token since he calls me "Micasa".

She also represents my excitement for the series in a similar way that Lara the Marowak does. Lara holds a "group" aspect since I watched the series with Lego (who contributed to Lara's RNG by M.O.) while Mikasa (my favourite character) represents my personal enjoyment of the series.

Shinzou wo Sasageyo!

Big S/O to The Chaotician for allowing this wonderful Pokémon to be sent my way.

Max. Optimizer's Lara
"The Strutter"
Adamant | Rock Head | Lv. 100 Marowak (F) |

Double-Edge | Stone Edge | Knock Off | Bonemerang
OT: Tybur | ID: 002000

As taken from M.O.'s description:
The nickname is a reference to Lara Tybur from Hajime Isayama's ❝Attack on Titan❞ manga series, host of the War Hammer Titan.
Po Town, her hatching location, is a reference to the Liberio internment zone in Marley, a ghetto-like place surrounded by walls that functioned as a place for Eldians to live.
The Liberio internment zone incidentally became the battlefield for Lara Tybur and Eren Jäger.
Her ID number 002000 is a reference to the pilot episode of ❝Attack on Titan❞, called ❝To you, in 2000 years❞.
Her in-game hatching date of April 7th 2013 is a reference to the airing date of the aforementioned pilot episode of ❝Attack on Titan❞.
❝Usurper, Eren Jäger. Do you have any last words?❞

Save RNG'd by Lego

Nitachi's WOW LONG BOY
Brave | Air Lock | Rayquaza | ★

OT: Nithin | ID: 006345

My gosh that is one big boye.
Nithin trusted me with naming his child and I had no other option but to point it out.
This sky noodle is fated to constantly leave people in awe of his size.
W.L.B. is the first shiny Rayquaza that I've ever had which makes him even more special to me.

TheXReturns' Magearna
Mild | Soul-Heart | Magearna |

OT: TheXReturns | ID: 726866

Being as lazy as I am, original-colour Magearna was never meant to be mine.
However, because he is an absolute star, X decided to gift me a clone of his own one so that I too could enjoy this pretty bunny.
I adore this cute robot and its bouncy ears.

TyVip's Leg
Bold | Cotton Down | Lv. 1 Gossifleur (M) |

Stun Spore | Poison Powder | Growth | Leech Seed
OT: Lego | ID: 073145

This little Sport Ball Gossifleur is a birthday gift from TyVip.
He was hatched by Lego, holds a Galarica Wreath and remembers buying a salad: "Leg went to a Pokémon Center with Lego to buy Salad Mix. The Pokémon definitely remembers that it got sleepy." which I love. This little flower with a funky memory sits amongst my treasured gifts.
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Cursed area
- NFT -
This section is dedicated exclusively to the most unholy Pokémon in my collection.
I present to you:

Careful | Mimicry | Lv.1 G-Stunfisk (F) |

Yawn | Curse | Pain Split | Astonish
OT: TyVip | ID: 828588
Hatched from an Egg
04/25/2020 was the day I innocently stumbled upon G-Max Copperajah's den.
It only took around 2 hours of casually seed checking like any normal human being to condemn the next 5 months of my life.
Please refer to this very informative collage which samples only a tiny bit of what my discord experience turned into.

But the bullying wasn't enough, our boy TyVip had to take it one step further.
He set ToxicBot (running SysBot.NET) on a mission to get me a flawless shiny egg in gen 8.
And guess what? Of course he gets it.

He cloned it and now has "Mica" in his collection, while I get to keep dear Skadiv here.

S/O to Anubis for fixing the PKHeX legality issue and thus finally freeing me from Stunfisk.
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Misc. Pokémon
- NFT -
Some of these Pokémon are Fully Redis. but for the purpose of this thread I won’t be offering them.

Sephirona's JOLTANK
Timid | Compound Eyes | Lv. 100 Galvantula (M) |
Sticky Web | Bug Buzz | Thunder | Energy Ball
OT: Rona | ID: 06969

RNGd and given away by Sephi; I received this spooder as a birthday gift from Max. Optimizer after picking him from his thread.
JOLTANK has amazing art and no mercy for little splatted Spheals.

Christian's Zeke
"The Rank Master"
Adamant | Grassy Surge | Lv. 100 Rillaboom (M) |

Wood Hammer | Grassy Glide | Knock Off | Superpower
OT: Christophe | ID: 857696

As taken from M.O.'s description:
The nickname is a reference to Zeke Jäger from Hajime Isayama's ❝Attack on Titan❞ manga series, host of the Beast Titan.
Challenge Beach, his hatching location on the Isle of Armor, is a reference to the docks of Paradise Island with the help of which Marley's warriors go ashore.
❝Isn't war a terrible thing?❞
Bred by Christian, hatched by Max. Optimizer

Max. Optimizer’s Reiner
"The Once Well-Trained"
Adamant | Solid Rock | Lv. 100 Rhyperior (M) |

Earthquake | Stone Edge | Heat Crash | Stealth Rock
OT: Brian UM | ID: 194969

As taken from M.O.'s description:
The nickname is a reference to Reiner Braun from Hajime Isayama's ❝Attack on Titan❞ manga series, host of the Armored Titan.
The Safari Ball in military camouflage colors was chosen in order to reflect the ❝warrior❞ theme.
❝I don't know... what's right anymore... But... I do know that I have to face the consequences of my actions... and carry out... my duty as a warrior to the end.❞

Max. Optimizer's Krüger
"The Great Friend"
Adamant | Long Reach | Lv. 100 Decidueye (M) |

Leaf Blade | Poltergeist | Swords Dance | Shadow Sneak
OT: Kai | ID: 815356

As taken from M.O.'s description:
The nickname is a reference to Eren Krüger from Hajime Isayama's ❝Attack on Titan❞ manga series.
He was an Eldian spy that had infiltrated the ranks of Marley, while secretly helping the Eldian restorationists under the code name ❝The Owl❞.
❝The only truth in this world is that there is no truth. Anyone can become a god or a devil. All it takes is for people to believe it.❞

Xen's Electivire
Naive | Motor Drive | Lv. 1 Electivire (F) |

Seismic Toss | Teleport | Reflect | Toxic
OT: Xen | ID: 093810
Name still undecided.
Funnily enough, GF's filters do not allow this sweet girl to trade in Galar which makes her even better for me.
Xen was kind enough to go back and clone the buzz so that it could evolve on my end.

TyVip's Noir
"The Shivering"
Timid | Competitive | Galarian Articuno |

OT: TyVip | ID: 828588

The name Noir is a reference to Haru Okamura from Persona 5.

Rain Moon's Bethabara
Calm | Psychic Surge | Lv. 100 Indeedee (F) |

Expanding Force | Follow Me | Helping Hand | Protect
OT: Rain | ID: 055136
Originally RNG'd by Rain for M.O. as a thoughtful gift.

Rain Moon's Shockmaster
Quiet | Transistor | Lv. 100 Regieleki |

Thunder | Electroweb | Volt Switch | Protect
OT: Rain | ID: 055136
Botted by Rain and caught in 5 balls.
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Current Projects


Shiny Lopunny count: 9
Sandstorm mark Lopunny is the bane of my SwSh experience.
How to get one if there is no Sandstorm in Fields of Honor, the Soothing Wetlands or Challenge Beach?
You have to be a bit silly with weather.

Marks are generated from the weather you're standing in when the Pokémon spawns.
Not many people know that you can extend the weather transition time, so this Lopunny looks illegal.
It is the only way to get this mark on this Pokémon and so I need it.

Met location: the Soothing Wetlands
Shiny Emolga count: 6
The resets for this squirrel are eternal but the met location makes me happy.
How? Like this. I like the idea of cross-boundary marked shinies and emolga seemed like a good place to start.
I went 7-8 times over odds for the last shiny so I decided to give it a rest, we'll get there eventually.

Shiny: Yes
Copperajah+ grade curries made: ~2400
One can always dream, right?
The brutely estimated rate of appearance for a curry mon with a full bonded + full friendship party of 3 is of ~1/5.
Wooloo, Joltik, Budew, Cutiefly, Ferroseed, G-Meowth and Milcery all share the same non-overworld slots in the route I chose.
This is a full odds shiny hunt and possibly one I'll never see through.

Shiny Rockruff count: 10
"In Norse mythology, Hati Hróðvitnisson (first name meaning "He Who Hates, Enemy") is a warg, wolf that according to Gylfaginning chases the Moon across the night sky" - Source

A gift for a dear friend.

"The Furious"
Acrobatics | Attract | Mean Look | Toxic
A tribute to Megaera from Hades by Supergiant Games.

Past gen RNG

Smooth like egg

Art peeled by Anubis.
This cabbage will be a PID search for a E995E995 Shaymin.
The IVs are still undecided.
Might also receive ribbons depending on how lazy I feel.
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All of the Pokémon from this point onwards are FT and Fully Redistributable

Pokémon that look hacked

Each will be explained in their About sections

Jolly | Intimidate | Lv. 100 Luxray (M) |

Thunder Wave | Protect | Volt Switch | Superpower
Met Location: Fields of Honor
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
EVs: 252hp / 6atk / 252spe

Shiny saved in overworld | Capture proof
Keros is the product of a bingus glitch shiny hunt in the isle of armor.
It consisted of saving before encountering several Shinx in Challenge Road. Static Pikachu lead made it easier.
Once a shiny was encountered, they would stay in the overworld while I searched for raids to activate the Bingus Zone glitch.
After bingus was active, I waited until Keros (as a little shinx) decided to finally walk into me.
The proof video shows the change between an area (Fields of Honor) and "Challenge Road".

Keros, however, is unglitched on paper.
Luxio spawns in Fields of Honor so if it wasn't for the glitch proof, anyone would assume that he was caught there.
I love having a Pokémon that I know is odd but no one else can tell.
He is, as far as I know, the first bingus shiny caught in gen 8.

"The Peckish"
Timid | Static | Lv. 60 Emolga (M) |

Volt Switch | Light Screen | Discharge | Agility
Met location: Soothing Wetlands
OT: Mica | ID: 293249

Capture proof
Lorenzo is a cross boundary marked Emolga, he was lured by whistling.
I appreciate his interlaced IVs.
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Jungle's Celebi
Quirky | Natural Cure | Lv. 60 Celebi |

Magical Leaf | Future Sight | Life Dew | Heal Bell
OT: オコヤのもり | ID: 200807

Hasty | Lightning Rod | Lv. 25 Pikachu-Gmax (M) |

Celebrate | Wish | Double Team | Thunderbolt
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Watchtower Crystal (Celebrate + Wish) G-Max Pikachu event (10/10/2021-10/24/2021).
Hosted by notzyro on 10/11/2021. The watchtower crystal den events can be shiny but cannot be rolled like a regular den. This den was found by creating save files until the first frame of the watchtower was a square shiny (read with a CFW console). Only then was a code utilized to spawn and host the raid. Beast ball catch took 20 attempts!
Beast ball proof
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Pokémon GO

Docile | Sand Veil | Lv. 1 Garchomp (F) |

Sand Tomb | Tackle | Sand Attack | Dragon Breath
OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040
First self-caught baby shiny :)

Bashful | Intimidate | Lv. 1 Salamence (F) |

Ember | Leer | Bite | Dragon Breath
OT: Skadiv | ID: 225040
Given to me by my friend Benny.

Gentle | Competitive | Lv. 1 Wigglytuff (F) |

Headbutt | Minimize | Teleport | Toxic
OT: Mica | ID: 828141
Received from Lego in Pokémon GO, he got a 100% Landorus-T in return with a base 5 IV spread!
Wiggly is not nicknamed in Galar since that would not allow a change on request.
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Galarian legends + marked shinies

Jolly | Unnerve | Lv. 80 Calyrex |

Psychic | Agility | Giga Drain
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Minted Timid

Cernos is a reference to "Cernunnos", the Celtic deer-like god.

"The Sociable"
Jolly | Vital Spirit | Lv. 60 Rockruff (M) |

Crunch | Scary Face | Stealth Rock | Stone Edge
OT: Mica | ID: 293249

Puppy daycare paid off! This dog is well socialized and ready for a home. Found while watching Kiki's delivery service.

Jolly | Sand Rush | Lv. 70 Lycanroc (F) |

Crunch | Scary Face | Stealth Rock | Stone Edge
OT: Mica | ID: 293249

" In Norse mythology, Sköll (Old Norse "Treachery" or "Mockery") is a wolf that chases the Sun (personified as a goddess, Sól) " - Source
The Beast Ball choice for both Sköll and Hati alludes to how the two of them chase the respective celestials around the globe, leaving behind a trail.
0 attack is ironic because Sköll will chase the sun for eternity, she's not strong enough to catch it.
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Galarian host den RNG
All of these are from dens I personally hunted for.

Brave | Surge Surfer | Lv.40 Alolan Raichu (F) |

Thunderbolt | Body Slam | Surf | Play Rough
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den RNG and host proof
This den event was the first instance in which A-Raichu could be obtained in a Sport Ball.
I hosted this raid in multiple servers including the Smogon WiFi and Smogon Main discords.

Naive | Cursed Body | Lv.58 Jellicient (F) |

Water Sprout | Brine | Whirlpool | Hex
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den Host proof
"Absolute Chonkers Special" man I sure loved my host copy-pastas.

Galarian non-host den RNG
All of these are from dens hosted publicly and from sources I trust.

All Balls -Beast
Impish | Blaze | Lv. 60 Litten (F) |

Flare Blitz | Pay Day | Revenge | Crunch
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den RNG by Lego
Hosted by Lego in the Smogon WiFi discord from 10/01/2021. Caught in all available balls!

Impish | Overgrow | Lv. 60 Rowlet (F) |

Brave Bird | Leaf Blade | Shadow Claw | Energy Ball
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den RNG by Lego
Hosted by Lego in the Smogon WiFi discord from 10/01/2021. Dive ball catch will be kept uncloned and will be cherished in my trophy collection. Lost a repeat ball catch due to not saving the game UwU.

Naive | Torrent | Lv. 60 Popplio (F) |

Moonblast | Hydro Pump | Aqua Jet | Ice Beam
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den RNG by Lego
Hosted by Lego in the Smogon WiFi discord from 10/01/2021. Couldn't get it in Beast before burning out.

Adamant | Guts | Lv. 59 Obstagoon (M) |

Snarl | Counter | Take Down | Headbutt
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den RNG by Xen
Hosted by Xen in the Smogon WiFi discord from 03/25/2020.

Mild | Wandering Spirit | Lv. 60 Runerigus (M) |

Brutal Swing | Slam | Earthquake | Shadow Ball
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den RNG by Lego
Catch proof
The beast ball for this catch was obtained from the DA seller and reset with every attempt.
Hosted by Lego in the Smogon WiFi discord from 04/27/2021.

Timid | Anticipation | Lv. 40 Hattrem (F) |

Dazzling Gleam | Psybeam | Mystical Fire | Disarming Voice
OT: Mica | ID: 293249
Den RNG by Lego
"Tatiana" is a name that means Fairy Princess. Russian in origin.
Hosted by Lego in the Smogon WiFi discord from 02/28/2021 when GF slipped and somehow released this den.
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