Pending Collapse team folders by default

How do you want team folders displayed?

  • Expanded by default

  • Collapsed by default

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It'd be really nice if team folders in the team selector were to be collapsed by default rather than expanded, as when you have a lot of teams in a lot of folders it's still near impossible to find the one you're looking for which kinda defeats the purpose of grouping by folders to begin with. And it would just overall be a lot cleaner
Is it possible to make it session based?
Like open by default but if you close a folder, it stays closed until you leave the site/client


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Poll seems fairly decisive...
Something something faster horse, when I posted my fix idea (show "no folder" folder on top, if the topmost team was "no folder"), everyone seemed fine with that one, too.

Since that's the solution I'm using in the new client, I think that's worth trying first.

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