CAP 9 Colossoil Playtesting

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If you want help or to show what you were running, post it like Umbreon Dan did. You don't need pictures, but without EVs, nature, items, and each team members contribution, it's almost impossible to see what your team was. I'll point out a few things that I think would help:

Latias: Don't use Psychic; it's a horrible attacking type. Steels and Dark types are everywhere, and other Psychic types aren't exactly rare. Poisons are rare and non-Lucario fighting types aren't common enough to merit its usage. When you have Dragon STAB, there is no reason to use Psychic. That said, you need something to hit Steels. Surf and Thunderbolt are your best options here. Grass Knot is also not the greatest move on Latias... I'd consider Calm Mind to boost attacking power.

Colossoil: What are you trying to do with it exactly? You got your physical attacks, Encore and no set up moves like Substitute, and Moonlight, which is a very shaky recovery move. State the purpose (besides just using "Collosoil") and that will help tremendously.

Ampharos: You wanna get rid of water types, eh? Celebi resists water, has a recovery move, and has grass attacks which will do plenty to Colossoil. It could even Baton Pass boosts to your team mates. I'll admit Ampharos is pretty cool looking, but there's a reason its NU: limited movepool, no good recovery, and poorly distributed stats.

Lucario: Filling up space=not good. Each Pokemon should have a place on your team. However, it fits decently into your team, even if it was just put there. Moveset would be extremely helpful.

Sorry if it was a little snappy; it wasn't meant to be. Can't help with Vappy or Arcanine without more info.


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Congratulations to The Chaser, for winning the custom title of "CAP Playtesting Expert" for Colossoil Playtesting!

Technically, Fuzznip was #1 on the ladder after the close of playtesting, but he already has access to a custom title. So, the CT is awarded to the runner-up, The Chaser. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who participated in playtesting.

For anyone that hasn't seen it yet, be sure to read the latest issue of The Smog. There is a great article by Plus on the results of Colossoil playtesting. Check it out.

The isolated playtesting for Colossoil is now closed, and the CAP ladder has been restored. Now everyone can have fun seeing how our narwhal performs with all the other CAP pokemon running around!
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