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I have been using the SubPunch set w/ Encore and I must say, it really is amazing, for the circumstances. It is hard to set up when everyone and their mother is running 3 Colossoil checks, but when you have the opportunity to Encore something, you can take out 3-4 pokemon easily.

As for teammates, I've found SpecLens Yanmega to be quite effective. It kills off Celebi, Machamp, and Colossoil with ease, and makes big dents into teams. With all the Grass Knots being thrown around, Yanmega will have plenty of opportunities to come in, which has always been its biggest problem. If you decide to go down that route, Colossoil can spin away SR, making Yanmega even more deadly.

Also noting that Guts/Flame Orb has been pretty underwhelming, but my Subpuncher did enjoy a WoW very much.
This is a good point. As a dedicated spinner, Colossoil is probably the best in the game since he's almost unblockable except by a Scarf-Rotom. Even if you go Rapid Spin, Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Earthquake, you open all sorts of doors for Salamence + Gyarados (double Intimidate), Yanmega, etc. I can't wait to see what Syclant thinks :D

Oh and Swords Dance Breloom can ravage a lot of current teams with a little help from Starmie (Gyarados + Latias + Salamence) and Rotom-A (Gyarados, Latias, maybe Salaemence).
Im think Colossoil is performing a lot like Arghonaut in terms of living up to its concept. Its got enough punch to cause some distortion by discouraging certain move sets and strategies (I have seen less tricking and multiple status pokemon) but one pokemon by itself cannot accomplish such a high bar set by the concept.
My Sets for Colossoil

Hey everybody! For anybody who needs help with sets for Colossoil, look at this thread because you can get some really good sets for him for LNT. Here we go!

Choice Band
Ability : Rebound
Item : Choice Band
EVs : 252 Att, 252 Spe, and 4 HP.
Zen Headbutt

This is a really effective set for Colossoil, giving him a attack power of 565 in total.

Earthquake is for those steel and rock types, Crunch is for Ghosts, Zen Headbutt hits fighting types hard, and Megahorn takes out dark types hard.

Counters for this set are mainly fast fighting types. Scarfed Heracross can give it a Close Combat to OHKO it. Weavile can Brick Break and Ice Punch it for massive damage as well. Machamp can come in if it is locked on to Megahorn and can send it to oblivion with Dynamicpunch. Gyarados can also come in on a locked Earthquake and can Dragon Dance up during the switch. There are other counters, but mainly the locked on move can decide what to counter it with.

Stalling Rock
Ability : Rebound
Item : Leftovers
EVs : 104 HP, 152 Def, 100 Att, 152 SpeDef
Nature : Bold
Moves :
Protect / Substitute
Earthquake / Stone Edge / Return

This set is meant for stalling. Since Colossoil has great HP but mediocre defenses, it is sometimes a mixed bag.

Toxic is your main stalling move and with Moonlight, it can be one tough rock. Protect is for making your opponent's pokemon lose more damage every turn.
The attacking move is all up to you. Earthquake is quite a powerful move. Stone Edge has a high critical hit ratio to get through Cursers. Return is a powerful move overall.

Once again, that dreaded Heracross gets mentioned. It can get through it's defenses and can Close Combat it to Oblivion. Weavile is also a problem because of it can use Brick Break and Ice Punch. Machamp can also Dynamicpunch to send Colossoil to hell. With Earthquake, Gyarados can not be hit physically, but it can be toxic stalled. Most fighting types gets through this set.

Choice Scarf
Ability : Rebound
Item : Choice Scarf
EVs : 252 Att, 252 Spe, 4 HP
Nature : Adamant
Moves :
Zen Headbutt

Choice Scarf makes an excellent revenge killer, having the ability to outspeed other Choice Scarfers with 94 speed or less.

Finally, Heracross is not a problem with Zen Headbutt and it can outspeed thanks to its respectable speed. Earthquake hits steel and rock types, Crunch takes down Gengar, and Megahorn takes down Dark and Psychic types.

Since Colossoil outspeeds scarfed Heracross and can Zen Headbutt it, it is no longer a problem besides if you're locked onto Earthquake or Megahorn. To be honest, there are really very little counters thanks to it's great speed thanks to the Choice Skarf. Choice Scarfers which can outspeed Colossoil and can hit it with a fighting moves are counters. Scizor actually is really effective to this set, allowing to do massive damage with Bullet Punch. Metagross can also hit it with Bullet Punch, but it fears Earthquake. Besides this, there are no counters for Colossoil when discussing this set.

Ability : Guts
Item : Flame Orb
EVs : 252 Att, 252 Spe, 4 HP
Nature : Jolly
Moves :
Sucker Punch
Stone Edge

Looks familiar? It's most of the Choice sets, besides Zen Headbutt was replaced by Facade. This is the only set you will be using Guts in.

Facade hits really hard with Flame Orb. Sucker Punch is a good move to use against Gengar. Earthquake once again hits steels and rocks hard. Stone Edge can be used against flying types.

Scarfed Heracross and other fighting types that can outspeed and OHKO Colosoil. That kind of stuff counters Colossoil in this set.

Ability : Rebound
Item : Salac Berry
EVs : 252 Att, 252 Spe, 4 HP
Moves :

Something a little different. This takes advantage of Colossoil's ability to use Endure and try to sweep with it's boosted speed.

Endure and Flail are your main moves. It starts pretty good sweep. Earthquake takes out rock and steel types. Crunch takes out Gengar and other Ghosts.

Scarfed Heracross and it's fighting gang. We discussed it about 1000 times, so you know the drill.

Perish Trapper
Item : Leftovers
Ability : Rebound
EVs : 252 Spe, 100 Def, 152 SpeDef, 4 HP
Moves :
Mean Look
Perish Song

Another Perish Song user. And guess what. It has Mean Look. Put it together, and you got another Perish Trapper!

The Basic stuff you would see for a Perish Trapper really. Mean Look, Perish Song, Protect, and then substitute. Pretty basic for a Perish Trapper.

The counters you've heard.

Team Options :
Since Colossoil has a weakness to fighting, so having a psychic type and a ghost is recommended. Starmie can come in on that dreaded Heracross and resist Close Combat. Other psychic types that can resist are basically great teammates with Colossoil. Grass types are also good teammates for the soul purpose of bulky water types.

Other options :
Colossoil has a huge movepool, so there a multiple options to use with Colossoil. U-Turn can be used, but it's not quite the best user for it. You see, Colossiol doesn't really need U-Turn to be awesome. It also has Rapid Spin, but it's not the best user for it.Drill Peck can be used, but is not needed at all. It also has Ice Shard so it can strike first. It actually is a good user for Ice Shard really. Rock Slide can be substituted for Stone Edge if you don't like it's 80% accuracy. It can also Screech for lowering your opponent's defenses. It is also a decent user for Taunt. It can also be like a lead like Ambipom if you know what I mean. It has Fake Out, U-Turn, Taunt, and Earthquake, so it could be a lead to stop Stealth Rock.

EVs :
252 in attack and 252 in speed are the usual EVs.

Opinion :
If this was a pokemon in another generation, it would probably be OU. Great movepool, great stats, great ability, and great coverage. With such ideas that can be put together, you never know what Colossoil would be using. It does have a good typing somewhat. It's not effected by Psychic which is very good. A great addition to Create A Pokemon.

Counters :
Scarfed Heracross. This thing outspeeds everything except the Choice Scarfed set and will Close Combat the thing to hell. Other fast fighting types make good counters as they can outspeed it except for the Choice Scarfed set and can OHKO it.

Besides that, what else?

Suicune also makes a good counter, taking any hits Colossoil throws at it, and can Surf it away. It does need to watch out for a Choice Band STAB Earthquake, however. Other bulky waters like Milotic can take a hit from Colossoil and can Surf to do a lot of damage.

Grass Knot also screws over Colossoil. It takes some massive damage from Grass Knot. Roserade can also Leaf Storm or Energy Ball Colossoil. Sceptile outspeeds Colossoil and can Leaf Storm or Energy Ball it.

Gengar is also an issue. With Focus Blast, it can outspeed Colosoil and can kill it off. Alakazam can also use Focus Blast and OHKO, but Focus Blast does have some shaky accuracy.

Besides all of this, find a fast fighting type that can outspeed Colossoil, and you're good.

Conclusion :
Well, that's about it! I know there is some good sets that I missed, but I think I got most of the very good sets. Colossoil, overall, is an awesome pokemon.
This is the set that I've been running for Colossoil

Colossoil@Flame Orb
Jolly: 42HP, 252ATK, 216SPE


Screech is there to weaken the enemy even furtherer/encourage switching so then I can hit 'em with a Pursuit. EQ for obvious reasons and Moonlight to heal damage. I Screech a Gallade with this guy once and killed it with a Pursuit, which dealt 124% damage to it. Not sure if it ran or its owner thought I ran less speed than I did. It was OK overall, but my CM Cresselia gets more credit for my team victories
Colossoil isn't the same as breloom; facade is not a good move in this case. the reason for using facade on breloom is because breloom lacks powerful attacks; facade outpowers any of breloom's moves. however, colossoil's STAB earthquake does more damage, and crunch is doing almost as much.

I'm not liking the idea of moonlight or screech on a flame orb pokemon. it's not exactly built to last.

also, there's something i'd like to point out to anyone using the spread 252 atk / 216 spe / 40 hp: x-act's defense effort values app. using this, it is easily determined that the spread 252 atk / 216 spe / 20 def / 20 sdef provides better overall defenses (or 252 atk / 216 spe / 40 def for more physical defense)
Hey guys, here's the Colossoil set I've been using. May I present Stallbreaker Colossoil.

Colossoil @ Leftovers
Careful : 56 HP / 120 Def / 80 Sp Def / 252 Spd


This is a Colossoil that is much in the vein off Stallbreaker Gliscor, designed to shut down stall. Taunt prevents set-up, Moonlight heals Colossoil, and Crunch and Superpower provide the best coverage Colossoil can get with two moves. Now granted, there isn't any stall on the Playtesting ladder, but I found Colossoil to be a good tank to use.

Imo, I think some people aren't playtesting Colossoil right. Now no-one is using secondary effects because of Colossoil, but how are we supposed to know if this CAP was a success if we just assume Colossoil is doing its job.

In terms of partners, I found Roserade to be a very nice offensive partner for Colossoil, blowing away bulky Water and Ground types that would be willing to switch-in on Colossoil. Roserade is also one of the best sleepers in the Colossoil metagame, as Colossoil doesn't stand a chance against STAB Leaf Storm coming from base 125 Special Attack.


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Rebound seemed exciting at first but, now people are mainly using Guts now for offensive power.
I've said this before, but I think that Rebound's main strength is that just knowing it's out there makes people want to be more careful about using things that Rebound can... rebound. Regardless of how effective it actually is during playtesting.


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ScarfCollosoil is pretty underrated:This set can work as a lead and as a key part in a u-turn team or just by itself. It wins so many battles it is unreal.

Collosoil@Choice Scarf
Adamant: 252atk 252spd 4hp

Brick Break

U-Turn for scouting, EQ and crunch for stab, and bb is mostly filler. This set is designed to work like scizor, by scouting and pulling in the appropriate swithin. It is by no means weak, using speed and power to overwhelm the opponent. It also has the surprise factor that can cause opponents to give away their starmie, hoping to get off a free hydro pump.
I've found that outside a lack of SR setup, colossoil makes a pretty good lead:

Colossoil @ Colbur Berry (fighting resist)
--Sucker Punch
--Rapid Spin
--Taunt / Crunch / Pursuit
EVs: Max attack, 280 speed, rest in def.

With this set oil can hit leads like metagross and heatran with EQ (ohkoing through heatran's shuca berry) and rapid spin or sucker punch for the kill. Infernapes also go down, thinking they'll ohko after the fake out, only to take an earthquake and a sucker punch or spin.

I originally used taunt but with rebound and rapid spin there's not much use for it outside of baiting sucker punches. The addition of crunch or pursuit would make taking a choice scarf from a trick lead sting less.
Hey everybody! For anybody who needs help with sets for Colossoil, look at this thread because you can get some really good sets for him for LNT. Here we go!

*A few choice sets, one Guts set, a stall set, a Flailset, and a Perish Trapper set, plus some opinion I shortened because this post would be too long with all of them*

Conclusion :
Well, that's about it! I know there is some good sets that I missed, but I think I got most of the very good sets. Colossoil, overall, is an awesome pokemon.
Note: Guts is a ridiculously useful ability on Soil. Rebound is generally a poorer ability because not every statuser minds its own status. Rotom doesn't use physical attacks and thus barely minds burn (Rest off damage), for example. And the idea of switching in on a WoW with a Choice Item and getting a double attack boost is too good to pass up. It fact, Flame Orb+Guts is perhaps Soil's most used and usually effective set.

And BTW: While facade does hit harder than the usual normal move, Return, Colossoil has better options in terms of coverage: EQ and a Dark-type move already hit hard, and surprise burn due to Fling is always a bonus.


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@Flame Orb/Toxic Orb/Leftovers
EVs: (I'm assuming attack and speed for Toxic/Flame variants and that or Defense and Sp. Defense for Leftovers variants. Yes, this is total theorymon, big deal.)
Rapid Spin
Stone Edge/Pursuit/Megahorn/Crunch/Sucker Punch/Ice Shard
U-Turn/Megahorn/Pursuit/Crunch/Sucker Punch/Ice Shard

Major theorymon, but Colossoil has just the right stats to function as the tank of a hyper-offensive team. It can spin, it has a good movepool, and it can take status in stride with Guts.

The 4 major combos of ability/item are Guts@Flame Orb, Guts@Toxic Orb, Guts@Leftovers, and Rebound@Leftovers. Each plays differently: While Flame Orb variants have a goal of staying in for a short while and staying on the field a while (Pursuit is useful on this set,) Toxic Orb variants have the idea of "hit, maybe spin, then run with U-turn before the bad poison can outdamage burning." Leftovers+Guts variant has the idea of a "status lure+long runner:" Send out a Burn or Toxic bait Pokemon on Rotom/Bliss, then send in the narwhal. Result: A long-lasting bulky Pokemon that can spin to its heart's content. Finally, Rebound variants mainly are the most defensive in nature: Stay in as long as you can and survive.

While Crunch is reliable and has more PP, Sucker Punch and Ice Shard both make useful priority. Megahorn is a good at spearing time travelling onions, like Celebi, without having to rely on U-turn. Pursuit is good for long-hauler sets like Flame Orb and Leftovers, though it is less useful for Toxic Orb sets.

Colossoil is one of the better spinners to be had: Little poses a threat to it, and it can pave the way for powerful SR-weak Pokemon like Mence and Yanmega to sweep with less fear of the dreaded Stealth aughs rocks.

I'm really looking forward to using a Colossoil-Kitsunoh combination. It looks devastating.

Meanwhile, I've found that Choice Scarf Flygon and Choice Scarf Colossoil are a great combo, especially on a team such as SuperCyberScouts!
v2 anybody? When we're allowed to use Kitsunoh again?
ScarfCollosoil is pretty underrated:This set can work as a lead and as a key part in a u-turn team or just by itself. It wins so many battles it is unreal.

Collosoil@Choice Scarf
Adamant: 252atk 252spd 4hp

Brick Break

U-Turn for scouting, EQ and crunch for stab, and bb is mostly filler. This set is designed to work like scizor, by scouting and pulling in the appropriate swithin. It is by no means weak, using speed and power to overwhelm the opponent. It also has the surprise factor that can cause opponents to give away their starmie, hoping to get off a free hydro pump.
If you're using a "filler" move why not use Selfdestruct? It may not be as good as Explosion, but It's still likely to KO anything that doesn't resist it or isn't a physical wall or tank. Plus, with Dark and Ground STAB you can discourage the Ghosts, Rocks, and Steels - the only types not to take full damage from normal - from switching in. Bronzong, Scizor, Forretress, Aerodactyl and Spiritomb are the only common things I can think of that resist Selfdestruct and avoid Super Effective damage from Collosoil's STABs.
Alright. Last weekend I had a bit of practice with Colossoil, and it proved interesting. That is, I think Colossoil is just a little bit to fast. Perhaps something along the lines of a base 80 speed would work? (outslows Hera)

But those are just ramblings, THIS is the moveset I used.

Colossoil @ Leftovers
Rebound (most of my team had to be immune to the T-spikes)
252 Att, 252 Spd, 4 Def
Ice Shard

EQ is my most powerful attack, and just about any smart Colossoil user uses it, so it is self explanitory. Crunch is the same. Megahorn is mostly for other Colossoils, and Ice Shard is to pick off weakened foes.

WHAT MOVES AREN'T ON THE SET: Rapid Spin, Pursuit, Stone Edge, U-Turn, Superpower (Brick Break), Sucker Punch, Taunt, Moonlight.


Rapid spin: I found it unnecissary. When the ladder goes back to normal, I will use this though.
Pursuit: The threat of Pursuit is almost always better than the move itself on Colossoil, as Latias and Azelf aren't going to switch out on a potential Pursuit all of the time.
Stone Edge and (fighting move): I didn't find them necisary, and couldn't see myself using them.
U-Turn: Why do a lot of people run this? I don't see it useful on non-choice sets.
Sucker Punch: IS gave more coverage (It is the best option against Flygon), and I didn't want to have to rely on THIS for priority.
Taunt: It's in the same boat as Pursuit, I didn't need it.
Moonlight: Moonlight? On a team that leads with Tyranitaur? You jest.


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So, I found out something pretty interesting/horrifying: Adamant Collossoil can ohko opposing min/min Collossoil with CB/Guts Earthquake. Might be a reason to run a more defensive build.


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So, I found out something pretty interesting/horrifying: Adamant Collossoil can ohko opposing min/min Collossoil with CB/Guts Earthquake. Might be a reason to run a more defensive build.
Or don't switch colossoil in on colossoil, switch in a Skarm or something.

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ditto to polelover, Kitsunoh sounds like a good combo. Does anyone besides me think that nature-wise Soil is gonna go the same way as Lucario? People will be running Adamant first, and go Jolly in a long time? (Note that this is for offensive sets, as defensive sets are probably running Impish/Careful, right?)
wow! i love all these new pokemon you guys are making and testing! i've just been reading all their pokedex entries, is there not one for this new collosoil yet? great work guys, its amazing! x
with the playtest almost at a close, i think i'll post the team i used throughout the playtest.

Infernape @ Focus Sash
Ability: Blaze
EVs: 64 Atk / 192 Spd / 252 SAtk
Naive nature (+Spd, -SDef)
- Close Combat
- Fake Out
- Fire Blast
- Stealth Rock

not a bad lead, but i'm wondering if azelf might have served me better. i'm glad i had it though, as forretress was a common sight as a lead during the playtest. stealth rock was pretty important to my team, with is balanced, but leans toward offense.

Beej is a penis @ Leftovers
Ability: Guts
EVs: 252 Atk / 216 Spd / 40 SDef
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Earthquake
- Pursuit
- Sucker Punch
- Ice Shard

originally, i used this set with a toxic orb; i later switched it to leftovers. it became somewhat bulkier, but i think it was better off with the orb. anyway, you wouldn't believe the amount of salamences i surprised with ice shard. pursuit + sucker punch kicks ass. this set was supposed to cover my team against rotoms but those fucking substitute rotom-w were everywhere and colossoil often died before getting the job done. 40 sdef evs guarantees colossoil will survive a a modest rotom-w hydro pump or a timid LO latias surf (including stealth rock damage). my team was built mostly around this guy, and he's an important electric absorber for my team. when i sacrificed it too early, i sometimes had trouble with LO jolteon. i used adamant because my team has plenty of lucario checks, but i think i was swept by a porygon-z once.

Celebi @ Leftovers
Ability: Natural Cure
EVs: 252 HP / 216 Def / 36 Spd / 4 SAtk
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Grass Knot
- Recover
- Thunder Wave
- Reflect

celebi was insanely popular during the playtest. mine runs reflect to keep colossoil away, and it helps a ton against bounce gyarados. has a lot of trouble with steels, and sadly my team doesn't pack many fire attacks. celebi was definitely the defensive pivot of my team; it handled almost all the threats that it was asked too and wasn't really afraid of pursuit at all.

Vaporeon @ Leftovers
Ability: Water Absorb
EVs: 244 HP / 252 Def / 12 Spd
Bold nature (+Def, -Atk)
- Surf
- Wish
- Protect
- Ice Beam

meh. this didn't do as well as i could have hoped; celebi was more useful most of the time. when i was building this team, i think i put this guy here because i was expecting gyarados to be common. however, celebi almost always handled gyarados, so i think a steel-type might have been more useful than this (maybe a wish jirachi). still, it came in handy a couple of times, such as against various scizor and heatran.

Gyarados @ Leftovers
Ability: Intimidate
EVs: 72 HP / 252 Atk / 184 Spd
Adamant nature (+Atk, -SAtk)
- Bounce
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Taunt

excellent pokemon in this metagame. my evs are a bit weird; i ran just enough speed to outrun jolly tyranitar and starmie at +1 and put the rest in HP. skarmory was everywhere, so i quickly switched earthquake out of this set for taunt. this tore up teams that depended on celebi/skarmory/toxic vaporeon to stop gyarados, and taunt even caught a couple of substitute rotom-w off-guard. mostly though, this pokemon was used to clear the way for...

Lucario @ Life Orb
Ability: Inner Focus
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Close Combat
- Extremespeed
- Swords Dance
- Crunch

jolly lucario was quite useful; in the early stages of the playtest, most colossoil were adamant. they gradually switched to jolly, so this became less useful; i generally had to preserve lucario until after colossoil was out of play. i definitely think jolly was the better nature choice during this playtest.

What w/ me being horid at playtesting, I pretty much gave up my chances at building a set after I lost 15 times in a row. Including one spectacular double Freeze IceBeam by my wonderful vaporeon. (hehehe). Anyway, I was running...
1. [B]Lead Arcanine[/B]. (Gets rid of leads that set up w/ roar, plus a will-o-wisp to annoy people, extremespeed, and flare-blitz)
2. [B]Vaporeon[/B] (to mess w/ collosoil. What with it's epic defence, and hard hitting surf, I thought it would be perfect...)
3. [B]Latias[/B] (type coverage for Dragon and Phycic, as well as Grass not for an unsuspecting Collosoil)
4. [B]Collosoil[/B] (Dark S.T.A.B w/ Crunch, Moonlight for recover, Encore to mess up spikers ect. and Earthquake for Ground S.T.A.B)
5. [B]Ampharos[/B] (get rid of all those annoying water leads! Plus Signal beam for Collosoil, and Toxic for annoyance)
6. [B]Lucario[/B] (pretty much filling up space, basic fighting attacker)
Yeah I know... my team sucked. Either that or I was doing it wrong. And I like to spell Colossoil Collosoil.
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