Countdown to XY: A Nostalgia Thread


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Day 5: I haven't really kept up with Pokemon XY that much, and I still have to buy a 3DS, but I am really looking forward to customization. Honestly, the reason I fell in love with PBR (yeah I loved it) is because I spent all my time trying to get more costumes. I hope XY brings that back to me.
Day 7:

Let's see. I would have to say the new Pokemon. Especially since this is the first time since Gold and Silver I can go in there without sort of knowing far too much. I will be able to just catch whatever I like, maybe even more, and make a team without having knowledge on how the Pokemon really function.

Also Inkay is the most adorable thing ever. It counts as an aspect right?
Day 5, Favourite pokémon: Come on! I change favourite pokémon every week! Right now... Escavalier. I did not like it at first, but when I learned how to play with it (in basically every tier where it is allowed) it really grew on me.

Day 6, What rumors I believed: At my school there was a saying that there were eight additional gyms in gen II (yeah, AFTER the kanto gyms), in a new area (called "the Ghost Town") that could be accesed by interacting in some way with the bellsprout statues in Sprout tower. I tried to talk to them once and gave up when it did not work.

Day 7, Aspect of Gen IV to look forward to: Other than introduction of new pokémon and moves to play around with the biggest thing for me is the 3D animations of every pokemon. The games look gorgeous to me!
Day 7: Wow almost everything, this is the game that made some people who stop playing to play again. This has everything. No complains, the only thing that this new gen has left out is split money to the player xD.
Day 5, favorite pokemon
I'll cheat here and explain my *first* favorite pokemon rather than my current. Back when the Anime was new, I was a big fan. Everyone liked pikachu, and 8-year old me wasn't gonna like what everyone else liked, that's for sure. So I picked Squirtle as my favorite. Ash's tough Squirtle Squad leader was the icing on the cake.

Day 6, rumors I believed
I didn't hear any rumors until Gen 3 came along. My memory is hazy about Ruby, since I got Emerald soon after and found it to be far superior. Some kids in my school said that if you catch the 100th rocket in Mossdeep, you could go to space and catch Jirachi. I wasn't really sure if that was true (Deoxys is the space pokemon, not Jirachi, I thought) but checked Mossdeep often. Too bad, one time I checked and it was #102. Eventually I googled it using good old Dial-up internet and put the issue to rest.

Day 7, what about XY am I looking forward to
The main adventure. I love training and catching pokemon to advance through the game. I'm replaying HeartGold for the 3rd time right now, actually, because beating up evil teams, earning badges, and becoming a pokemon master is what these games are all about. Playing a brand-new region is terribly exciting.
Day 7: Which aspect of XY are you looking forward to the most?
With most new games, I'm usually more excited about which older 'mons are getting new evos than anything else. I think It's more of an affirmation that GameFreak hasn't completely forgotten about them. My single favorite thing about Gen IV (besides maybe Cranidos and Route 225's theme) was that it "fixed" so many neglected pokes, even if some ended up looking awkward as all get-out.

But this time, I'm actually more interested in seeing how X and Y work in 3D. It's bittersweet in a way, since the main series games were one of the few major gaming franchises to staunchly stick with sprites. I know that's mostly because they're on handhelds, but I'd like to think that someone at the top in GF really wanted those pixels to stick around for old times sake. Even though I knew it would never happen, I secretly, selfishly yearned for a 2D Pocket Monsters on the level of, say, BlazBlue, with crazy hi-res characters and more frames of animation than a gif thread on GAF. But besides the workload permanently crippling like 14 animators, it would probably take the better part of a decade to make, and can't wait around forever, fellas. At least they're trying their best to emulate Sugimori's style in the third di-mention. Plus, it gives us all sorts of neat stuff they couldn't do before like character customization and changing outfits. And don't you guys try and tell me you're too manly for this "dress-up dollhouse stuff". You're playing Pokemon, buddy. That ain't a man card in your pocket, it's a trainer's license. But between you and me, it comes with more perks.
Day 7: Which aspect of XY are you looking forward to the most?

Simultaneous worldwide release! I'm finally going to play a pokemon game going in blind with no knowledge about story, mechanics or pokemon. I haven't had this experience since Gold and Silver, 13 years ago! To be honest, the internet actually took away what made pokemon fun in the first place: Surprises! You can only truly surprise a person once, and I'm glad that this time, after 13 years, it will happen through a physical copy and not through the internet.
Sorry this is a bit late. I fell asleep for a bit after a long day of class. :]

Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?

We all have them. Some are small: pressing B + down when catching Pokémon. Some are big: organizing your boxes alphanumerically. What are the things that make you "you" when playing Pokémon?

I'll update with my answers to the first eight questions before tomorrow evening!
Day 8: I always have to button tap the A button while trying to catch a poke. Its how I ball. (Pun intended) Some other ones are going for varied movesets in game, and I always have to have a fire starter or houndoom on my team. Otherwise it never feels complete.
When I EV train I just grind up to 255 EVs in a stat, and then (if I really want that extra 1 point) use EV-reducing berries instead of counting up to 252. Also, I have a box of all my legendaries (bar the ones I am using at that moment) and I order them by the primary type, but I put the primary types in just some random order.

Furthermore, in any 5th gen game, I always beat the E4, and then catch a Ferroseed in Chargestone Cave, which I then battle against the level 60+ pokemon trainers in areas inacessible until that point have. I always win with just a Curse/Leech Seed/Gyro Ball/Filler Ferroseed, too. Ferroseed is just that bulky, and max power Gyro Ball is that strong.

Furthermore, I always use my starter the entire game (although usually replacing it for the post-game).
Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?
We all have them. Some are small: pressing B + down when catching Pokémon. Some are big: organizing your boxes alphanumerically. What are the things that make you "you" when playing Pokémon?

-Interestingly all my team pokemon have to be male
-I've never had a living pokedex but as soon as I finish each game I always go for a regional pokedex. When I do this the pokemon I catch have to come from the first available route. I always try and do this within a week.
-I always list pokemon in regional dex order.
Sorry this is a bit late. I fell asleep for a bit after a long day of class. :]

Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?
We all have them. Some are small: pressing B + down when catching Pokémon. Some are big: organizing your boxes alphanumerically. What are the things that make you "you" when playing Pokémon?

I'll update with my answers to the first eight questions before tomorrow evening!
1: I always have my boxes sorted by region and National Dex number.
2: However, I have to have all my legendaries in one separate box (sorted by region) until the point I have reached their number, and can put them in the region boxes.
3: I always need to have bred Pokémon in a separate box until I incorporate them into my team/my other boxes.
4: In recent games, I've been challenging myself to catch all the legendaries in Pokeballs.
I always have to have certain Pokemon female and certain male. I always have female Skarmory, female Kingdra, female Tyranitar, female Reuniclus, and I always have male Scizor, male Abomasnow, male Samurott, just for example. I am pretty OCD about this so I always try to have the genders the way I want them.

I also arrange my Pokemon's move slots in a certain way. In general, the main non-attacking move is in the top left corner. This is stuff like Swords Dance, Toxic, Stealth Rock, Spikes, etc. Usually I put moves of the same type diagonal from each other, so if it is a Dual Screen set, it would be like, Reflect in the top left and Light Screen on the bottom right.

So for example, on my Charizard Sunny Day set, I put Sunny Day in the top left corner since it is the main non-attacking move of the set. I give him Flamethrower, which is a fire type attack. Since they're both Fire, I put it on the bottom right.

I do this same pattern on Pokemon Showdown and it really drives me crazy when a Pokemon has two support moves...UGH. It also drives me nuts when I use an importable of someone else's team and I am freaking out and saying "YOU PUT ALL THE MOVES IN THE WRONG PLACES!!!!" I have literally been known to select the wrong move because I just select the slot by habit of my pattern.
Day 8: I don't like having Pokemon that are the same or similar color on the same team.

I want my team to look good standing together, so sometimes I make decisions on teams by arranging their sprites in Photoshop.
Day 8: Pokemon quirks...hmm, I guess one thing is that I always have to have a Flyer and a Surfer in my party. At all times. Along with that every Pokemon in my team (at least in-game) has to be able to battle, so I hate having HM Slaves. Currently, my two Pokemon in Black 2 are an Omastar and an Unfezant, both at level 90.

Oh, that reminds me. I hate traveling with level 100 Pokemon (even if not EV-trained) because I feel like I could keep making progress.
I also like my team's colors to be varied; I don't like my current B2 team of Lucario/Zoroark/Latios/Cinccino/Reshiram/Weavile even though I love all of the mons individually, because there's too much blue, black, red, and white on the team.

cant say

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I'm really enjoying this topic, it's nice to know my quirks aren't so weird. One thing that's stuck is that my in-game team has got to be all male. I don't really know why, I think it's just for the RPG aspect of the game, so when I picture myself training up a team and going on our quest it just seems more fitting for them to be all guys, doing manly shit and battling hard together. Maybe it's just me being insecure and trying to feel like a man while playing a kids game, who really knows?

I also have to arrange my PC by habitats, and all my special pokemon and legends in their own boxes. It does my head in when I fill boxes and need to rearrange, at least now you can move multiple pokemon in BW2. I never box my starter either, or any other 'mon I've grown attached to. I t just doesn't seem right!

When I was a kid I always named my starter G-Unit. Now I've got nearly a whole box obviously called G-Units full of them. Happy I grew out of that one..


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Day 8: Quirks.

The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is that I always, ALWAYS give nicknames to the Pokemon that I raise up to competitive specs. (I raise a bunch of things, even if I know I'm never going to use them, just because I like the Pokemon.) I used to arrange my boxes by habitat, but I forgot about that in fifth-gen.

EDIT: As soon as it's possible to do so, I carry a fully EV-trained Sceptile in my party wherever I go in every game I can. I expect the same will happen with Galvantula (I've only had two games where I can do it, but I love it just as much).
Day 8:
I always call my starter Thun.
I nickname the rest of my team after legends of music theatre. Thus I get a kick every time Liza or Ethel evolves or uses Growl.

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- Aspect of Gen VI i look up to: Mega-Evos, definetely, before that i wasnt even that excited, then i got turned up by some of my all-time favorite pokes (blaziken and lucario) to power-ups, aside from that, i guess the pseudo legend of this gen, after all, i tend to get attached to them emotionally :] The champion as well, i want to know how they can surpass the genius of Cynth.

- Well, i have this obsession of NEVER depositing any main party members during my entire playthrough, not even in the after game, unless the necessity is absolute (which means no Fly) nor can they faint, not like a nuzlocke, but more like i feel i need to bond with my pokes. I also tend to train up in every single one of my games the teams i have used in other game versions, for example in HG/SS i trained up my FireRed team in 4th gen version, and in Platinum i trained my Emerald team, in BW2 i have already trained all the teams i have had in all the 5 regions.

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Skipped yesterday because I've been [kind of] avoiding XY spoilers [sometimes], but I guess the obvious thing to look forward to is new Pokemon. I still haven't decided whether I want Xerneas or Yveltal, and I'm not sure how I will. Anyway:

When I train my team in-game, I want to distribute experience somewhat evenly, so I rotate Pokemon at lower levels to the front of the team. So far I don't think this counts as a quirk. But when two or more Pokemon are at the same level, I always put the one I caught more recently in front, then the next most recent and so on. I genuinely get frustrated if I forget which one I had longer and don't know what order to put them in.

I also used to organize PC boxes by Pokemon type, but that was a long time ago. Dual-typed Pokemon could go in either box.

<- Two members of an old in-game team, both from Oreburgh Gate, not 100% sure which I caught first. Frustrating.
Day 8:
I always have my starter with me as well as having every HM covered. Whenever I play a game even if planning ahead I make sure my team can cover every HM needed. Also I only use about 6 main Pokemon a game.
I always try to train up my Pokemon equally, and I organize my party to do so.
For example if I had a Lv 32 Banette, Lv 32 Claydol, Lv 34 Beheeyem, Lv 33 Probopass, Lv 32 Flygon and a Lv 34 Delcatty it would go like:
Banette Claydol Flygon
Beheeyem Delcatty

I'm sure other people do this so this is where I get really weird. I organize the Pokemon with the same level in my party based on their HP stat. e.g:
Banette has 85 HP at full health
Claydol has 102 HP at full health
Flygon has 96 HP at full health
Delcatty has 76 HP at full health
Beheeyem has 82 HP at full health

The order would go:

Don't ask me why, it's just a habit of mine o.O


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I guess my biggest quirk is, before I turn off the game, I always save standing in the "button" of the Poké Ball mosaic on the floor in a Pokémon Center.

I also arrange the boxes the same way in every game since FireRed, based on their type/TCG type. Poison and Bug go with Grass in one box, for instance, while Fight,Ground and Rock go together in another. In case of dual-type Pokémon, I put them wherever they seem to fit best based on colour.

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