Countdown to XY: A Nostalgia Thread

Day 8: Yeah, try to level all my Pokemon equally, prioritize first by level, then closest to evolving, then how strong/weak they are. Must have all my Pokemon in their national dex order when they're in the box, and usually never touch legendaries after catching them. Have multiple boxes full of UT legends, from event or whenever I caught them ingame.
Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?

I repeatedly listen to every single ounce of sound from the game to the point where I can play a game blindfolded. As of now, if you blindfold me, and just let me listen to the sounds of the game, I can tell you what route you are in, what you are doing, what pokemon you have out, what attack you used, and who you are battling, just by listening. I am extremely good at this in any version game you are playing, except B2W2, as it was the only pokemon game I haven't played.
I've been meaning to write mine, but I always forgot to. xD

Day 1: What is your first memory of Pokémon?

I remember when my friends started talking about Pokemon, I became very interested in it and asked for a gameboy and one of the games. My parents said no since I already had a Playstation, but instead, they bought me two packs of the Pokemon TCG. So unlike a lot of people, I was introduced to Pokemon through the TCG.

Day 2: What was your first experience with a shiny Pokémon?

My first shiny was a shiny Voltorb in Gold. I didn't know what a shiny was, so I had no ideal why it was blue. Funny thing is, my third shiny that I came across was another Voltorb in LeafGreen. I knew what shiny was this time and just laughed at finding another Voltorb.

Day 3: How close have you come to "catching 'em all"?

I've never completed it, not even in Red and Blue. I think the closest I've ever come was in Platinum where I got to around 350.

Day 4: What was your first level 100 Pokémon?

I've never had one. :o I think the closest I got was my Black 2 team which is all around level 90.

Day 5: What is your favorite Pokémon and why?

It has been Absol since Gen. 3, before then it was Politoed. I the main reason why I like Absol so much is it's back story. How it's a misunderstood Pokemon and being outcast by humans. It also has an awesome design and mega evolution.

Day 6: Which Pokémon rumors did you believe when you were younger?

That the Ancient Mew card was actually good and a very rare card. I remember my brother and I took really good care of one thinking we were going to rank in the dough when we're older. I think you can buy one now off of ebay for a couple of dollars. xD

Day 7: Which aspect of XY are you looking forward to the most?

The fact that we're going to know very little going into the game. I can't wait to discover a Pokemon that I've never seen before in the game, the last time I experienced that was in Gen. 3. I'm also looking forward to finding secrets on my own and just experiencing the game with knowing very little about it.

Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?

The only thing I can think of is that I like to tap my stylus on the edge of my DS when reading dialogue or thinking of a move to make. I think it's a concentration quirk because I do in other aspects of life.


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Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?
Some of these are really strange. I thought some of mine were a little odd...

Celever I do the same thing with the HP and levels. Lowest level first then with the lowest HP. So things like Chansey for Example would only ever end up at the front when everything else was a level above it.

I also do the closest to Evolution thing too :o It seems weird to power grind something to evo level, then not use it for ages because the rest of your team has to catch up :| I STILL do the B Down thing subconsciously when catching. What other odd things.... Oh I hate having the same type twice on a team. And will avoid it at all costs unless that is the reason for the run (IE Water mono, Rock mono etc). I also LOVE having 12 type teams (As in every mon with 2 types and none of the types overlap) you can get some pretty snazzy teams doing that (like my Platinum Team, Torterra, Magnezone, Heracross, Lapras, Xatu and Houndoom). I always buy 48+ MooMoo milks whenever I have the opportunity, and always carry a full Medibag full of Revives/Potions/Heals etc (and then barely, if ever, use them).


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Day 6: I thought Articuno was catchable in Ice Path in GSC. I spent hours looking for it.

Day 7: Yveltal and running diagonally. B)

Day 8: Whenever I play a cart I always try to keep a full team and all of them equally leveled. I also hate using HM slaves unless I only need the HM once or something.

I also thought that holding the down arrow and mashing A+B repeatedly would help you catch Pokemon easier. I still do it sometimes even though I know it doesn't work. :P
Day 1: What is your first memory of Pokémon?

A few months before Red and Blue came out I got a promotional video cassette in the mail. Obviously this was well before anyone knew what it was so I popped it into my VCR to see what all the fuss was about. I guess it was mostly focusing on the anime, but I remember thinking it looked dumb and immediately lost interest.

Couple months later the kids on the block are playing and one kid has his GameBoy and he's playing Pokemon. We all crowd around him seeing what this new phenomenon is and realize we HAVE TO HAVE IT. I get a copy of Red and start with Squirtle.

Day 2: What was your first experience with a shiny Pokémon?

I was playing through Gold and ran into a Geodude on my way back to New Bark Town after defeating Clair. When it came up it was a different color. I thought it was kinda weird but thought nothing of it and just killed it. I didn't realize what I did until many, many years later.

Day 3: How close have you come to "catching 'em all"?

Not close at all. I only catch the Pokemon I think are cool.

Day 4: What was your first level 100 Pokémon?

I would say my Blastoise in Red, but I don't think the Missingno. gitch counts. My first legitimate level 100 was an Infernape I raised in Diamond, which also happened to be my first experience in EV training. It was a Jolly Swords Dance set with Flare Blitz, Close Combat, and Thunderpunch. He followed me to Platinum, then to White. Unfortunately my backpack was stolen out of my car last year while I was at work, which had my computer, my DS, and my copy of White.

Day 5: What is your favorite Pokémon and why?

Slaking. Normals have become my favorite type and he's an absolute monster. I've been working competitive teams around him since DP.

Day 6: Which Pokémon rumors did you believe when you were younger?

Pikablu. Which turned out to technically be true, but given what little information with the limitations on our internet at the time, it was a pretty big deal.

Day 7: Which aspect of XY are you looking forward to the most?

Playing the game day one, not knowing any more than the rest of the world. When B/W and B/W2 came out I followed all the CoroCoro leaks and Smogon speculation up until the Japanese release date, and then I had to disconnect myself from the Pokemon world until the US release date. I'm excited to not have to do that this time.

Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?

My starter always has to be at a higher level than all my other Pokemon. If something else gets to be a higher level, I stop what I'm doing and train my starter. My starter can also never go into the box until postgame.
Day 8: I always put my pokemon in orders based on their types, a box for legendaries, a box just for starters.

Also I check my party nature and stuff to decide what personality they have, then Nickname them based on that...

I don't know if this count, but after clear ANY Pokemon (except RGBY) game I train 6 Feraligatr to play the game only with them, because I can, named them after Giant lizards (Godzilla, Bifrost, Reptar, Gogira, Hook and Wheel gator) giving them moves based on their names, with the exception of Godzilla, Bifrost moves are always 3/2 Ice moves, Reptar always have rock moves Hyper beam/Giga impact, Gogira use Tail based moves, Hook use only claw based moves and Wheel gator mimics the boss of the same name, using only Dive, Dig, Crunch and Rock slide/Whirlpool.

Most of my pokemon got their nicknames from Megaman characters.
I like to try out pokemon that I haven't use yet, preferably "crappy" pokemon. I don't like demolishing everything with powerhouses like Starmie or Lucario but I try to use the best of less strong and overlooked pokemon. For example : Camerupt actually have a very good typing after testing it, Kingler owns with its amazing defence and attack, Dusclops in XD was a great supporter in my XD team thanks to WoW and Helping Hand while dealing decent damage with shadow ball...
Day 8: Quirks? I always have a full team of pokemon (HM slave can be used only when necessary), and I like for their levels to be within 3 levels of the highest. Normally, I'll have an "ace" pokemon that is the highest, and a pokemon bringing up the real. Here's an example of my former Platinum team.

Swampert Lv 78
Tangrowth Lv 76
Magmortar Lv 77
Heracross Lv 76
Mismagius Lv 77
Togekiss LV 75

Keeps things balanced, nothing tends to overpower one another, and I feel like I'd raise pokemon similarly in real life.
Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?
Hmm, I'm not sure what would be classified as "quirks", but here I go:
I tend to balance the levels of my Pokemon.
I tend to always leave a spare slot or two for an HM slave (Even in gen V)
Ever wild battle I hope it's a shiny and I mean every.
I tend to save my master ball(s) in each game even though I end probably not using them (including my B2 which has a complete pokedex)
I tend to put the healing item (Shell Bell then Leftovers) on my starter or my most liked Pokemon in said team.
When foe's health at low HP, I sometimes like to hit them with NVE moves just because it can finish them anyway.
Sometimes I run in circles just for the heck of it, especially in Pokemon centers.
I like to give some caught Pokemon nonsensical nicknames (and by nonsensical I mean ranging from weird names, to simply smilies or random numbers).
Because of past experiences, I tend to have Magcargo as my choice of egg hatcher and Tropius as my HM slave, especially post-game.
In B2 I organized my Pokemon by their dex number. I get OCD about it when something is wrong.

I could go on...

Day 1: What is your first memory of Pokémon?
I remember receiving the Game Boy Color from my older brother as a gift since he didn't need it anymore. Pokemon Red or Blue (forgot which) was the first game I had. First memory would be that I enjoy it far more than any other gameboy game I had. I had most of my gameboy memories in Pokemon Yellow, however.

Day 2: What was your first experience with a shiny Pokémon?
Seeing a shiny Lotad in Ruby or Sapphire (forgot which since I had both). I ran away because I didn't know about shiny Pokemon so I just... ran. I regretted this later on obviously.

Day 3: How close have you come to "catching 'em all"?
I've successfully caught them all in Black 2. Closest before that was in Diamond with only a few event Pokemon missing.

Day 4: What was your first level 100 Pokémon?
Not 100% sure, but Chairzard was one of the first IIRC. In first gen (not remakes) I never leveled a Pokemon to lv 100. I skipped gen II so I didn't have on either, so my Chairzard would be the one in my Leaf Green. I remember battling transforming Ditto in Ceruleun cave lol.

Day 5: What is your favorite Pokémon and why?
Metagross. Looks amazing, has awesome stats, Steven Stone using it made me fall in love with it, especially after I stood in awe after my Blaziken's Overheat didn't OHKO it.

Day 6: Which Pokémon rumors did you believe when you were younger?
The Jirachi-space ship one. I am not quite sure where I first heard it, but probably serebiiforums, even though part of me knew it was probably false, I went to try it anyway. Other than that I don't think I believed a rumor.

Day 7: Which aspect of XY are you looking forward to the most?
Using a fairy type Pokemon. 3D graphics, diagonal movements, mega Pokemon are all great and it was really hard to choose, but among all Fairy type is the most "new" and important thing (probably) and using a new type is exciting, especially when you already like some of the Pokemon that have it like Flabebe and Gardevoir for me.[/unhide]
Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"?
I have a few irregular regularities:
  • I always play in "Set" battle mode. I've gotten to the point where I feel like Shift is almost cheating. Granted, I didn't even think to do this until maybe last gen, but now I can't go back to "easy mode". It's good remedial training for the battle tower/subway/hax factory, too. Not saying this at all to brag, or even imply that it's made me a better battle; I just love a challenge.
  • I nickname everything. Forming a bond with your crew isn't just something Nintendo spews out every single gen as their "theme" for this year's project, it's one of the things that sets the series apart from other RPGs. While most games are content to take the "RP" out of the "G", it's great that Pokemon still treats the whole thing like a personal journey. It's no exaggeration that I've spent more than 10 minutes on a naming screen before trying to come up with a nickname that's clever but not too esoteric. I had a Sandshrew named Petrucio at one point. Would anyone get the Shakespeare reference or should I just go with "Sandy"? Well, it's a guy. How about "Stabbington"? First world problems...
  • I never use my Master Ball unless I find a shiny. That is, I would only use it on a shiny, but I've never actually encountered one after I got it. Everyone else seem to save it for the "version legendary", but I don't care about that. Now, if a pink Furret jumps out the grass and I accidentally KO that tube sock monster with a crit I'mma flip out.
  • I've only used the stylus and touch screen when I was curious. Maybe it's a subconscious fear to scratching or smudging it, but I've never once used the "poke" functions of the bottom screen on my DS. Thank all that's good you aren't forced to like some games, 'cause I think that would drive me up the wall. I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as neurotic, but I guess I am when it comes to handheld screen. And not being able to look china dolls in the eyes, but I'm working through that.
Hoenn is a fairly diverse region. There's a forest, volcano, falling ash in a route near said volcano, mountain, desert, and of course, water routes. (So many water routes, like half the region is water. In fact, Hoenn looks like a land/water yin yang, but then it fits the land vs sea theme, but I digress.) Even with the numerous water routes, it's the underwater that makes the water routes in Hoenn less monotonous and more beautiful. There aren't really any other regions with such a varied ecosystem, unless Kalos can outperform Hoenn in that regard. Even the man made buildings such as the Mossdeep Space Center, New Mauville, and the Weather Institute are wonderful. That, and the Pokémon in Hoenn are among my favorites (starters, Ralts family, Zigzagoon, Flygon, Roselia, Wingull, Castform, Metagross, the list goes on and on). With such a beautiful ecosystem, and the diversity of Pokémon, it's no wonder why Hoenn is my favorite region.
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I just love everything Johto, mainly for Geographical reasons. Olivine City is just my favorite city in all of Pokemon in general. The seaside city is just beautiful to look at with all the ships and the dock and the lighthouse. I like how Cianwood City is an island that is just out of the way. I also like the Japanese influence on some of the towns, like Ecruteak, and I love the big city feeling of Goldenrod. The great music of all of the cities really just adds to it.


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Day 9:

Hoenn is my favorite region by far. As khaozz13 mentioned, it's got a wide range of environments, including a lot of forests, which is a point in its favor. Each of those ecosystems is beautiful in its own right, as opposed to the blandness of, say, much of Kanto. Fortree City is what every city in the world ought to be like, as far as I'm concerned. Finally, Hoenn is home to some of the most interesting Pokemon around.
Day 7: Can I just say everything?
(skipping Day 8 because reasons)
Day 9: Unova, mostly because it's the first pokemon game I played after a long time since I played Sapphire, and, well, Bisharp.
Day 8:
I save the game constantly, if i'm playing on emulator, i printscreen every level-up, gym leader battle, evolution, capture. i also nickname all my pokemon using an aplhanumber system if i'm doing it to get a good iv pokemon

Day 9:
I love Hoenn, first region i ever played. khaozz13 pretty much summed it all up, but something personal for me is the nostalgic feeling. And also that it is like the only region i finished (never got around to finishing BW cos well i was playing on my friends game, same story with the other 3 regions),
Day 9: Unova. It has access to all my favorites, excluding Alakazam, and has a great villainous team leader in both games. Furthermore, it was my first region, and one of two I finished (although I didn't beat the Indigo Plateau, that is a part of Kanto, not Johto, so I still finished it).
Day 9: My favorite region is Unova, for various reasons. First, there is simply so much to do, especially in B2W2. PWT, the various caves, all the sidequests. I feel like i can never finish everything. Next, the story involved with Unova is amazing. I actually felt far more involved in the plot then I have since Hoenn. Ghetsis and N pushed me to the edge of my battling abilities, and yet I felt as though I respected them as opponents. And when the gym leaders stepped up to the Seven Sages to protect me, I felt like I truly had made some major friends. (Except Cilan, Chili, and Cress. Assholes ;) And finally, the pokes in Unova are among my favorites. Haxorus, Victini, Gigalith, Cinccinno, Bisharp, and Volcarana are all among my top 15 pokemon. But, here's hoping Kalos will change my mind.
Day 9: What is your favorite region and why?

Easy I like Hoenn the most because it had amazing locations like a volcano and even an underwater city, the pokemon designs were cool in particular swampert, breloom etc and I liked the storyline as well.
Day 9: I gotta say Hoenn, but my really, really close second is Sinnoh. It's all about the atmosphere for me. Hoenn and Sinnoh both have amazing atmosphere that just feels good, from the resident Pokemon to the locations and Legendary Pokemon lore. I'd live in either of these places, as long as my starter Pokemon can be Riolu.

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