Countdown to XY: A Nostalgia Thread

  • What was your first experience with a shiny Pokémon?
Oh boy, it was back in my first run of Pokémon Silver. I was heading up Mt. Silver, when suddenly a female, red beaked, Golduck appeared. Being the retarded 8 year old that I was, I ran away from it. Only because, at the time, I thought female Pokémon were weaker than the males of the same species. *slaps forehead*
  • How close have you come to "catching 'em all"?
This was back in LeafGreen. I had collected around 350+ Pokémon excluding event mons. Had 700+ hours on it. Forgot it was in my pants pocket. My PC boxes were obliterated by a torrent wave of crashing water from a washing machine. I weeped for weeks. Never attempted it again (Though I subconsciously start filling it up my dex with each new addition to the franchise).
  • What was your first level 100 Pokémon?
This was also back in LeafGreen. I was on Two Island, when I noticed my Charizard was around lv. 96. I had some Rare Candies on hand (since I never use them, I always save them for that one special moment/ Elite Four is tearing me a new one). Used the few I needed to level him up to 100. Ever since that point, every in-game team I had, I somehow always got them to the max level before I got tired of playing and periodically quit (this includes B2).
  • What is your favorite Pokémon and why?
herrderrCharizardherrderrNostalgiaherrderrAwesomeDragonThat'sNotDragonherrderr (you can only imagine how I reacted when I saw MegaCharizard.)
  • Which aspect of XY are you looking forward to the most?
That's... a good question... I never really thought about it until reading this. Hmm... right now... the game as a whole. But, I'll answer this question the same way I would've answered it back in January: A new region to explore, with new Pokémon to see.
  • What are your Pokémon "quirks"?
If you mean by PMD Red Rescue team then Jolly, and I wholeheartedly agree that I am a Squirtle at heart (even though my fave's Charizard)
  • What is your favorite region and why?
Even though I started with Pokémon Red, I definitely have to say Johto. Kanto brought the magic to me. Johto ENHANCED that magic exponentially. I didn't know about the Internet at the young age of 8, so I knew not that Japan has the games for several months before we get a crack at 'em (hell, I didn't even know about Japan). I never knew about pre-release pokes until DP, but that's another story. Anyways, ever since I heard about the sequel to my favorite handheld game had come out, I just had to get my hands on Pokémon Silver (Lugia looked better on the cover than Ho-oh did imo). Once I saw the updated overworld graphics, with new Pokémon I've never seen before, AND better music. Being able to co-operate with Lance just to battle him (again) at the Pokémon League WHO NOW HAS A CHARIZARD(!). Not to mention it's a direct sequel where you play 3 years from the events of RB/RG AND travel BACK to Kanto, AND battle Red.... I was hooked. There was no turning back from the "world of Pokémon" at that point.

I would continue to play each gen when it came out, I was never coming back. The fanjoy I experienced when I learned of the existence of HG/SS was immense, to be sure.
Kanto introduced me to the franchise, but Johto is what made me a lifelong fan.
Yes! Exactly!
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Each region has its own strengths.

I think Unova's strong point is its city and town design. Each city, in my opinion, was interesting and memorable, and they never became repetitive because each one had its own quirks that made it unique. I guess Unova was a bit linear in its layout, but I think that BW2 added enough extra content to minimise that problem somewhat. Humilau City has plenty of alternate paths to reach it once everything is unlocked (Underwater Tunnel, Seaside Cave, or even via the Giant Chasm), and the Clay Tunnel and Relic Passage add alternate pathways to various locales. I thought the plane from Mistralton to Lentimas was a nice touch too, although admittedly you'll only take that flight once and then never again! Unova is also fairly rewarding for explorers since you have plenty of hidden cave and the like to find, like Mistralton Cave, Relic Passage/Castle, Clay Tunnel, Abundant Shrine, etc. And the exploration of these kinds of places is actually rewarding, unlike most of the underwater caves in Hoenn ("oh look, another shard"). This was supplemented well with the seasons, which altered certain locations to provide different experiences (Twist Mountain and Castelia Sewers being the main areas affected).

I think using "it's too linear" as an argument is pointless anyway, because the later generation games are so closely tied to their plots that you are forced to progress through the region in a linear fashion regardless. If you want to see a real Pokemon game that isn't linear, play gen 1, since in those games you have more freedom about which tasks you do in which order. Gen 2 also gave players some freedom in mid-Johto, although not to the same extent as gen 1. This freedom is probably the strongest parts of the early gen games. I prefer Johto over Kanto overall, since there were more interesting places to explore.

I do like Hoenn. It's bright and colourful, and there are some nice locations (Fortree City and Sootopolis City are both interesting ideas that were pulled off well in my opinion). The exploration potential is high, even with the small rewards. There's also plenty of variety in the environments, even though it seems a bit implausible at times. That comment is directed mostly at the desert on Route 111, which seemed like such a random spot for a desert. I mean, you walk up Route 111, which is mostly fairly grassy with some ponds, and all of a sudden there's...a desert? And somehow, despite there being a raging sandstorm there all the time, the desert is always neatly separated from the grass of Route 111, and never increases and decreases in size even slightly? I guess placing Petalburg Woods right next to a beach seemed a bit silly too (which is not to say you can't place a forest next to a beach, but you'd think that the appearance and the Pokemon population of the forest would reflect its relative location somewhat). I do like variety, but I prefer it to be realistic!

I like Sinnoh a bit less than the others. I do like the idea of a central location that you visit often that serves as the "origin" of the region. Mt. Coronet wasn't that bad, and the region was more "plausible" than Hoenn. However, I thought the region looked a bit drab at times, especially in DP (Platinum improved this a bit), and the city design was bland overall. Pastoria City in particular felt like just a bunch of houses placed randomly placed on a piece of land with little thought, and most of the cities wasn't really interesting to explore. They did experiment with the design with Sunyshore and its solar panel paths, but I thought it looked like a mess. And then of course there were those snow routes, which were horribly slow and linear, with little reward for exploration.

I guess if I had to pick a favourite, I'd go with Unova, followed by Hoenn. However, I tend to change my mind a bit. Ask me next week and I might have a different answer!
This is a really tough question. There are so many things I would like to change, like Flareon's movepool, or encountering Pokémon in caves other than Zubats. In all seriousness though, I would increase the AI's difficulty. In pretty much every Pokémon game, the trainers are usually too easy. They tend to spam moves like Leer and Helping Hand while almost never attacking. When they do attack, it's almost never with a decent move. Come on, Game Freak, I know that the games are targeted for kids, but could you please increase the difficulty of these games? Challenge Mode in BW2 was a step in the right direction, and I do hope it's unlocked from the start in XY.
I think yesterday's responses were some of the best yet!

Day 10: If you could change one thing about the Pokémon games, what would it be?
Add a true day/night system to Gen 3 (as in, it gets darker at night).

Seriously: As soon as I found out about the Day/Night system in Gen 2, this has always bothered me and eaten away at my soul and sanity from that point on.
Although it's probably such a minute detail, I honestly feel like I would've liked Gen 3 more (not that it's not already a wonderful generation...) had this feature been kept (taking for granted all the other advances in Gen 3 :P).
Day 10: Either remove Trade evolution or give an alternative that is maybe harder to achieve, but still achievable in game without needing to know someone or buy another DS and game just so a handful of your Pokemon can evolve. Granted since I have a DS and 3DS this hasn't been too much of a problem but its about to become a problem again soon when we go exclusive to the 3DS. It's super inefficient to have to trade a Pokemon and then have it traded back anyway. It doesn't really encourage meaningful trading and I don't think anyone would be sad or miss trade evolution as a feature as long as an alternative was established. Milotic's change in evolution method is proof it can be done (even though it also became a trade evolution).
Day 9: Hoenn...tree house, underwater trenches, desert, volcano, cable car, soot, meteor falls, space center, tide in shoal cave, dewford island palm trees, ocean currents, seaweed, rainforests, pacifidlog I need to mention anything else?

Day 10: IVs! Or at least have items that can boost IVs and not make them this permanent-ink tag on a pokemon's forehead that screams: "YOU ARE DESTINED TO REMAIN HORRIBLE FOR ALL ETERNITY"
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<&Stellar> TheMantyke:
<&Stellar> go to my nostalgia thread
<&Stellar> today you have the opportunity to rant about ivs

There are a lot of neat ways Pokemon pushes the "every Pokemon is different" stigma. Some of these ways are pretty creative and awesome. At the base level, you have simple stuff like gender and moves so that every Pokemon has a personalized set up. Then you have the more complicated stuff like nature and EVs that not only make your Pokemon unique, but allow you to fine tune your Pokemon to be the best Pokemon suited for your team.

Then there's the IV system. I must admit, I applaud gamefreak for essentially giving Pokemon genes, but there's where my applause ends. The IV system does give the games an easy way to make each pokemon unique but... it makes hundreds and hundreds objectively worse than others. I can see where some players would be a little dissatisfied if the IV system didn't exist and one out of every 20 Pokemon would have their stats diversified by their nature alone, but that dissatisfaction is nothing compared to the disappointment of realizing half of your Pokemon are straight out worse than others.

I feel strongly that Gamefreak should modify the IV system to give players easier control over it or to ditch it altogether. Really, the few casualties of the IV system, such as Trick Room Pokemon, 0 Speed Gyro Ball Pokemon, and weird VGC IV speed stuff are far worth destroying a barrier that prevents people from using the Pokemon they've used on their in game journey seriously and stopping players from going such obscene lengths for perfect Pokemon to the point of reading the game's RNG or outright cheating.

With game freak paying closer attention to the competitive aspects of the game this time around with X&Y, I'm hopeful they do actually modify it to be easily changeable in some fashion, or to expand and integrate the EV system with it. I've spent countless hours RNGing and breeding competitive Pokemon these last two generations. I'd like to spend all that time actually battling and playing with them in Gen 6.


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c/p'd from my post in the x/y thread because relevant and stellar told me i was ok to rant about ivs but i dont feel like typin it up again !

i know this may be slightly off topic to whatever you're discussing right now (you're not going to pinpoint stats without knowing full details, though i guess it is interesting and i know you guys don't really care about doubles outside of how topsy turvy works), but i was thinking about how they can change the iv system to make it more user friendly. simply being able to view IVs is not enough. the main problem is that even if you spend days breeding something, you're not guaranteed a hexflawless pokemon. if they made to where you still had to put the time into it, but you're sure to get the perfect pokemon at the end, people wouldn't have any problems with it. if they did, they'd just be lazy haha

oh yeah, and they should make legends come with good ivs. they are more powerful than regular pokemon after all, and it takes so much more time to get a decent legend than it does a pokemon you can breed.

quick and simple fixes for the iv system would be:

1. parents with higher IVs automatically pass down their highest iv to the child (eg if parent a has 31/x/31/x/x/31 and parent b has 23/14/13/31/31/12, the child would automatically have 31/x/31/31/31/31). hidden powers would be easy to manipulate with power item IV locks, provided you have a few mons with 30 ivs in a stat. trick room IVs could be passed down in a similar manner.

2. give legends their separate RNG method. right now, they're generated just like regular wild pokemon, which only have good stats once in a blue moon. a separate rng method for legends would ideally be something that generates >25 IV stats in at least 4-5 stats.

3. make an IV-boosting O-power. if O-powers are anything like pass powers, you have to expend some sort of currency that you get from minigames, which would further promote cooperation and the dream world junk. when you use this O-power, regular wild pokemon will use the legendary RNG i described earlier, and legendary pokemon would more frequently have 31 IV stats. it would make sense to make this expensive, and you can manipulate what kind of pokemon appear with out of battle abilities like magnet pull and static. pretty much the only things about this is that you can't catch flawless mons in pretty balls and you can't manipulate the ability, but that's what breeding's for.

hell, if they did all of this, i might not even bother learning how to rng. i mean if the minigames are trash and stuff i might...

also someone correct me if im wrong about o-powers

Stone RG

Megas are broke
W/o fucking up accidentally? Idk, it would be between 2 option:

1. Actual and wel-developed storyline: pokemon is nintendo's masterpiece in my eyes, and since 4th gen it seems like they are actually making an effort to make the villains with more sense, but i think that if they go further in depth, making the main storyline longer and with well developed characters would go perfect with the franchise. It would attract a lot of potential fans that want a cool plot in a game and give us some epic things to remember when we go through the game. Alongside this, id go with romance for the protagonist, but thats just me since i have stupid obsession with that genre.

2. Harder storyline: about 2 years ago, all the storylines in the pokemon games started becoming too easy for me, as i said for the last day, i avoid having my pokemon faint at all costs, so i tend to overlevel, and then everything is fine, but with a harder storyline, id have to actually try and have cool memories of, say, the champion battles, or the last rival battle. Plus, when i have my pseudo fully evolved by end game, the Elite Four and even the champion become stupidly easy.
Day 10: If you could change one thing about the Pokémon games, what would it be?
Personally, i think a bit more freedom in-game
battling wise, it would be nice if there was another type of hidden power lol, which idk, it's type was determined upon the placement of the last 6 evs or something
and as many have said, fixing up the ivs system so i don't get frustrated restarting/catching lots of pokes to get stuff with nice ivs. It's so sad for those pokemon with subpar ivs which never get to see the light of day except with a young kid who adores it because it's their x'th pokemon and it looks cute

Edit: also, to help us ev training fanatics, it would be ncie if there was a box which popped up after an opponents pokemon fainted, asking us if we want our pokes to acquire those evs, and also for a box showing our evs be shown during battle so we can keep count of evs without like looking at pp or taking down a tedious tally. removing the cap that vitamins give evs for would be great too
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I think TheMantyke has a wonderful thing on IVs and I would only add one more thing: there's enough diversity of gameplay choice from the species themselves and the natures without throwing IVs into it. Leave the rest of that stuff for things that don't affect competitive gameplay.

However, if I were to side-step the issue of IVs entirely, the number one thing I would do is completely revamp the entire concept of field moves. Rather than require pokemon to learn very specific moves necessary to traverse the terrain, make as many moves as possible "map" to field moves. "I have a Machamp on me but I have to go back to the Pokemon Center to get the one that knows how to push boulders around" is one of (if not the most) immersion-breaking elements of exploration. Rather than feeling obliged to keep specific moves which may be substandard to your team, encourage players to keep a diverse team that can accomplish many different things.

Badges would become linked to these new field moves once more, and there'd be overlap so you wouldn't be necessarily forced to keep a specific type, just to keep a wide variety.

e.g.: Many water type moves would enable the pokemon to use Surf, Waterfall and Dive as we currently know them. Badge 5 allows the Surf capability, Badge 6 allows Dive and Whirlpool, Badge 7 allows Dive.
Many physical flying type moves would enable a pokemon to be ridden the way we ride bikes currently, as well as go over water and fly over rocky ledges. The same badge that allows Surf would grant this capability.
Many normal and fighting type moves would enable a Rock Climb, Strength, Rock Smash, Ledge Climb set.
Many normal, steel and fire moves would allow for Rock Smashing, Cutting, and Burning of obstacles.
Many Fire, Electric, Psychic, Fairy, Grass and Steel moves would allow for flash.
Many psychic, ghost and fairy moves would enable the use of teleportation, taking the place of fly for instantly going between cities.
Many ground type moves would allow you to instantly escape a dungeon.

Additionally, more field moves for waking up sleeping pokemon, traversing dungeons, etc. How cool would it be if using a machine pokemon just as Metagross, Magne-, or Porygon- let you brute force your way through Card Key doors?

Basically, the game needs a lot more options for exploration. HMs are an awkward relic of an old generation.
Can't find my old post, so I'm gonna answer the questions I haven't answered yet in this one :toast:

Day 7: Which aspect of XY are you looking forward to the most?
OH MAN. That's a tough one, because there are so many aspects I'm looking forward to! I guess the new mons (particularly Inkay, Fennekin, Meowstic, and Xerneas) are pretty high on the list, as are Pokemon Amie and the ability to customize your appearance. I absolutely LOVE the idea of being able to pet your Pokemon and feed them macarons and make them happy ^_^ And being able to finally have a trainer that looks like me and can change clothes seems awesome!

ALSO ALSO ALSO, bench sitting. It always annoyed me to no end that you couldn't sit on benches in the previous games.

Day 8: What are your Pokémon "quirks"? I always press B whenever the Pokeball wiggles-- a vestige of my early days as a Pokemon trainer when I thought that would actually do something. I also tend to fly back to areas with really pretty music and just listen. I always have my starter as my highest-level Pokemon by about 10 levels, and the rest of my mons have to be within 1 level of each other (with the goal being to have them all the same level except the aforementioned starter). I make a point of talking to everyone in every city and battling every trainer on each route because otherwise my experience seems incomplete somehow. OH and I always buy my items in multiples of 6, which I know is sub-optimal specifically for Pokeballs because of the 11-for-the-price-of-10 thing, but I get really nervous when I get things in quantities that aren't a multiple of 6, so I forgo that deal the majority of the time.

In fact, ever since Pokemon came out, I've felt urges to do pretty much everything in multiples of 6 because of the 6-Pokemon-in-your-party thing. I realize that this is a symptom of OCD, but it doesn't significantly impact my life to the point where I need to work on eliminating it :/

Day 9: What is your favorite region and why?
Johto, hands down. Everything about it was amazing: the designs of the new Pokemon, all the new areas to explore, the music, the radio (especially Buena's Password-- I loved getting all those free vitamins!), the gym leaders (this is the last gen where the gym leaders are actually unique IMO), Sudowoodo blocking the way and having to figure out how to get past him, the Dragon's Den quest, the first Battle Tower, the Tin Tower, the Whirl Islands, the lighthouse, MOUNT SILVER WITH MOTHERFUCKING RED... I could go on forever. I've probably explored Johto more than any other region including Kanto (well, maybe not, because Kanto is half the GSC/HGSS games but let's ignore that lol), and it never gets old. Yes, there's the nostalgia factor, but I don't think that's the only reason it's my favorite, because I played RBY first anyway. I just think Johto nailed the flavor aspect of the Pokemon games perfectly, even in the 2nd gen when there weren't so many fancy graphics. But 4th gen Johto was also amazing with Pokethalon (the best minigame thing in all the Pokemon games except for that surfing Pikachu one in Yellow version) and the Safari Zone (though it was kind of annoying with the arrangements of the decorations actually affecting which Pokemon appeared). Having your Pokemon follow you was also an amazing feature of 4th gen Johto, and I really wish they would bring that aspect into the rest of the games because it added that much more realism to the journey.

Granted, Kalos actually has a good chance of usurping Johto's position as the #1 region-- I love what I see so far! But I will reserve judgment until I can actually explore Kalos :3

Day 10: If you could change one thing about the Pokémon games, what would it be?
I don't have that many gripes about the Pokemon series, because it is absolutely amazing.

HOWEVER, if I could change one thing, it would be to eliminate all the event legendaries and make them into regular legendaries instead. After all, not all of us can get to Game Stop for every single random event, but it sucks to miss out on things. And unreleased event legendaries like Azure Flute Arceus are just a total bummer because everyone WANTS to go to the Hall of Origin but no one can without cheating.

If I could choose another thing, it would be to incorporate 3rd-gen-style Secret Bases into every game. Those things were a lot of fun, and it also made it really easy to level up and/or EV train your Pokemon. I didn't really like 3rd gen much otherwise, but Secret Bases were awesome.

EDIT: the post directly above mine has some awesome ideas, too. HMs are annoying, and having (for example) Flying-type mons be able to FLY automatically upon receiving the 6th gym badge without having to take up a moveslot would be fantastic.
Day 10: If you could change one thing about the Pokémon games, what would it be?

As much as I dislike, like others, the concept of IVs making a vast majority of Pokemon inferior for the competitive scene... I'll go with something a bit different.

The lack of freedom in the games. Kanto had a fair share of freedom, and Johto had some, albeit this was partially what caused the horrible levels of wild Pokemon in areas, which made the games very bad in terms of grinding.

However, we keep getting more and more advanced games, which could easily make the games scalable to a degree. After the initial bit where you linearly go from the starting town to the central hub sort of town, you have free reign over where to go, parring actual story content like the villains and whatnot. Beating Gyms will cause areas, depending on the order you beat the Gyms in, to scale to new levels. This includes the Wild Pokemon, as well as the trainers. Now, this is something that needs basically 4 or 5 variants of each trainer in the mid/late game, not including possible rematches, but games nowadays should be able to do something like this.

Why would this be a good thing? The main draw is, of course, a far wider access to different Pokemon earlier on. An excellent example here would be, say, Heatmor. Frankly, Heatmor sucks. Yet, in one set of games, it's limited to Victory Road, and in another, it's Post game. Also applies to Durant, but Durant doesn't suck. Has anyone ever used either in-game as a team-mate without trading one prior? (Don't answer. It's definitely at least a huge minority) The other thing is being able to choose how you progress through the Gyms, so you can pick off the easier typing out first or whatever you might've planned.

Now, a common thing I see against this is "but scaling a game removes difficulty, as well as the real need for grinding".
Now, if Pokemon was a regular RPG, yes, scaling would pretty much suck. However, the scaling here doesn't directly correlate to your own strength, just the approximate point you are at in the game. This also means grinding is still as present as always.

tl;dr linearity
Day 10: Wishlist

I don't have too many complaints, but there have been far too many games where the wild pokemon are lacking in diversity as well as trainers/gym leaders/E4. It seems like XY is taking steps to fix this by having an absolutely huge diversity of pokemon on the routes (according to recent interviews at least), but I really want to see gym leaders step it up a bit.

Johto was the worst regarding this. Falkner could have rocked Hoothoot instead of Pidgey. Why the hell didn't Bugsy have Heracross as his ace and some Johto bugs (Pineco or some shit) rather than a full Kanto team? Wouldn't it have made sense for Morty to replace at least one Ghastly with Misdreavus, the only ghost-type introduced in the region? At least the last 3 gym leaders had ace pokemon that were actually from the region.

Gen 3 fixed this alot, and then Gen 4 did with Platinum, although DP wasn't fantastic. Crasher Wake, for example, could have had Gastrodon over Quagsire since the former is actually from Sinnoh. The E4 was horrible in DP; thank god Platinum came around to fix it.

And more recently, Gen 5. Would it really have been so difficult to give Elesa something better than 2 Emolga and Zebstrika? Joltik / Eelektrik / Zebstrika, there you go. I made it more interesting without too much of an increase in difficulty, and even did something about the ground weaknesses. Roxie should have had Trubbish over Koffing.

I feel like Gamefreak has many opportunities to give the region-specific pokemon a chance to shine and all they do is fall back on old, less interesting pokemon.

A minor issue, but I'd like to see if fixed with XY. Also, hard mode from the beginning please. Thanks.

cant say

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DAY 9:

My favourite region has always been Hoenn. Cobraroll pretty much explained it perfectly imo. You pretty much do 2 laps of western Hoenn before going east, but it's doesn't feel repetitive because you go through the area a different way. I remember catching a ride with Mr Briney Peeko for the first time and wishing to get Surf so I could go back and see what that ship sitting in the middle of nowhere was all about. Don't have the go-goggles? Better explore this volcano first. Most of the areas have a reason to revisit. Also, the caves of Hoenn are easily the best, no 2 are the same. You have the dark cave full of scary Sableye, the man made Rusturf Tunnel for a nice shortcut, the (I imagine) hot Mt. Chimney with plumes of ash rising from the ground, Meteor Falls, and Shoal Cave with its changing tides. And even though the map is covered in water, there's enough to do in there to keep it interesting, like diving for shards or fighting the currents to find the mysterious cave that unlocks the Regis. And all the different places to make a secret base! Seriously, why hasn't that come back? There's just so much going on in Hoenn I love it

Day 10:

Like others have said, I would like to have a harder difficulty level. Sure they introduced challenge mode in BW2, but they way you got it was bogus, and it only affected gym leaders iirc. Another thing, I never really liked the whole 'silent protagonist' thing. Sure it lets you use your imagination to fill the void, but I'd like maybe to have options with responses (other than y/n) that could even change how people interact with you in-game. Maybe like a positive / negative / neutral response sort of thing...
More side quests would be cool too, like random NPC's needing help catching something, or kids getting bullied so you beat the other kids in a battle. Just little errands like that would be a nice idea to extend the story line a bit would be cool.

I would have said character customisation, but that's going ahead next gen! So hopefully they do a good job with that
This is a tough one because everything anybody would want to change has a downside if you think further into it:
More Freedom/Less Linear
So remember when you had the freedom to battle Chuck, Jasmine or Pryce back in gen 2? And all of the levels were exactly the same? And then for the rest of the game the levels went down? And then you got to Clair and she was the mother of grinding? This will inevitably happen as it is literally the only way you can have "freedom". The only way you can have freedom is by battling the gym leaders in any way you want and travelling to whatever cities you want. Making the games less linear will also hurt the level curve massively; all of the enemy bases would have to be the same level as another given that you can go to either one any time.

lol. Fixing up the IVs is dumb, and once I learnt about it it was one of my favorite things about the games. Yes, they are agitating if you want to use in-game teams competitively, but that is only really thing, since if you want to wifi battle you just hack in some Pokemon like everybody else does. It makes every Pokemon unique which is obviously good and it is interesting to see how this Claydol benefits with good Special Attack whilst this Claydol has really bad Speed etc.. The only way IVs can be improved is re-working the system, but with custom IVs everything will have 31 IVs in each stat. Another way is to reduce the amount of help/hinderance they have on a stat, but then it is pretty much a waste of data.
Day 10:
I don't want people to freak out about this but I would like a better use of HMs. Not more HM usage but better use. Maybe a mini-game or something when you use them or something RPG like where only like level 40+s can surf or move the rock. Make them more important and fun to use.

Also, the game levels with you. So it takes the mean level of your party and the opponents have levels -+5 of you except for gyms and Elite 4 which have 3+ more than you until level 70. Could make the game broken with a level 65 and 5 level 1s but it'd add diversity because you didn't have to battle gym leaders in any order. Maybe you pick a city to live in and the Prof visits you in that city. So having a house in Goldenrod in Johto and having Whitney as your first gym battle?


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If I could change one thing... it would be the Gyms and the Elite Four. More specifically, how they respond to your challenge.

Let's take the Gyms first. At the moment, they appear to be pointless obstacle courses with random trainers strewn about. The Gym Leader is usually the most revered person in town, yet (s)he hardly does anything but standing there, and when you battle, the only difference from battling an ordinary trainer is a longer dialogue and a harder battle. And you get a badge afterwards. But apart from that, it is extremely unceremonial. Meet Gym Leader, battle Gym Leader, get badge, bye.
The gyms are dungeons or obstacle courses, that's fine, but those features seem so tacked on at the moment. It's like, "why would anybody spend their days in here?". In the Anime, gyms are training centers for people and Pokémon. The Gym Leaders tutor trainers, learn about their respective Pokémon type, and some gyms even have some community function (like Celadon Gym making perfume, for instance).
I was disappointed with the gyms in generations 2,3 and 4 (In generation I, I was too young, and everything was new and cool anyway). Luckily, Generation V breathed some fresh air into the concept. Striaton Gym is a battle-themed restaurant. Nacrene Gym is a museum AND a library, and you battle in its cellar. How cool is that? Driftveil Gym is a mine. However, the rest of the B/W Gyms were disappointing random mazes again.

BW2 had a few more interesting concepts, though. I fell deeply in love with Aspertia Gym, it really stunned me with its back-to-the-roots appearance. It has a classroom. A locker room. A little library. And - unique to the gyms so far - an actual battlefield. A large, flat, fenced-in area covered with sand. Arenas are marked in the sand, using actual marking equipment lying in the corner. There are even rakes to level the field again after every battle. There are grandstands. Floodlights. THIS is what a Gym should be. It is so clearly a place where young Trainers study with the guidance of a Gym Leader, where they learn to battle and where people can watch.

Another interesting Gym was Nimbasa gym. The strobe lights flickering back and forth. The music, subtle at first, then growing in intensity as the challenger proceeded through the gym. The shower of confetti, the lights going on, and the deafening music as Elesa appears. And, best of all, the spectators. This is what it should be like, when the best trainer in the city battles a travelling challenger. Music, lights, an actual crowd. Also, a field of battle. Your Pokémon clearly duke it out on the catwalk going through the gym. Your battle against the Gym leader is presented like a big event for the locals. People actually gather to watch the battle.

In future games, it would be cool with every gym having a puzzle, but also a clear battle arena you face the Gym leader on. The Gym shouldn't be a pure puzzle either, they could use some subtle hints indicating that more things went on in there than standing around, waiting for challengers. A locker room, a classroom, grandstands or doors you can't open. Just having a reception area where the "Champ-in-the-making-guy" stands would make the Gym seem so much more believeable. Also, the PWT has an audience. Contests have an audience. Why can't the Gyms have it too? A little cutscene before each Gym Leader battle, showing you facing each other in the arena, with some people watching the battle would be nice. It doesn't have to be Elesa's light and music show every time, but a little acknowledgement that this battle is important would be nice.

Reading the above, you can probably guess what my biggest beef with the Elite Four is. Gyms might be random obstacle courses with little going on, but they are pure festivals compared to the Elite Four. They reside in a building in the middle of absolutely nowhere. There is a small Pokémon Center/Mart, a few people hanging about, and then a big building with five mostly empty halls with powerful Trainers in them. Whoope-de-doo. At that point in the game, the player has achieved legendary status in the region. You've fought all the Gym Leaders, beaten the evil team of criminals threatening the security of the region/world(!), you've appeared on TV, in contests/musicals, heck, in BW2 you run a mall and are a movie star. And you've personally met and talked to almost every resident of the region. Now, you're up for your biggest challenge yet, you've made it through Victory Road, you battle the legendary quintet of the most powerful trainers in the region, you're trying for the very Hall of Fame. Yet nobody seems to care. The Elite Four Castle is such a desolate place I sometimes wonder if they are hiding from somebody. The gyms might be unceremonial, but the Elite Four represent a true anticlimax. If the PWT can manage to bring a crowd of spectators, a speaker and a pyrotechnics show for every battle, at least the Elite Four could send a camera man filming your challenge. Instead, you wander from empty room to empty room, battle a trainer you've never met before and won't meet again, and proceed to the next room. In the end, you face the familiar Champion, yet there are still just the two of you.

The worst offender so far in this regard is Pokémon Emerald. The Elite Four and the Champion reside in the most remote and featureless corner of the map. You've never met any of them before during your adventure (with the possible exception of Wallace, if you've played Ruby/Sapphire). Their castle is the plainest building in the region. It's a true borefest from beginning to end. And not even your mother show up to watch your challenge. At least Gabby and Ty should be there.

Yet beating them is a prerequisite for getting to the Battle Frontier, which gets all of these elements right. You're literally met with a trumpet fanfare upon arrival. There are hundreds of people there, discussing the various facilities. Crowds of people gather around the various buildings (which showcase some really cool architecture!) to discuss strategies. There is a records room you actually can enter (unlike the Hall of Fame, which really isn't what it's made out to be). A shop selling souvenirs. It's a living, breathing place, like an Olympic village. You have crowds cheering for you during challenges. Dozens of staff members guide you through it, suggesting that a lot of logistics is required to run the place. And nobody even mention the Elite Four, even though most of them would have beaten them to be eligible for the Frontier challenges. You defeating the Champion sure doesn't seem to be that special.

It's almost as bad in D/P too, where the Battle Zone is filled with interesting people and places, whereas the Elite Four castle is a random, lonely, empty building in the middle of nowhere.

I'd spruce up the Elite Four challenge the same way I'd do the gyms. Don't make their residence a castle, have it be a stadium, preferrably in or near a major city. Add some content to the surrounding area, such as hotels and resturants for people visiting, wanting to see the Hero duke it out against the most powerful trainers in the region. Have NPCs cheering for you, a crowd of spectators watching you battle. Instead of facing the Elite Four in separate rooms, let them enter the stadium in succession. You can go to a rest room between battles, but not leave the place unless defeated or victorious. And let the Hall of Fame be some sort of museum, where you're met with a little ceremony upon inclusion, and you could visit it later on instead of just accessing the data on a PC.

Tl;dr: I'd add some acknowledgement of your fame to the Pokémon League.
I don't want to bandwagon but...let us choose a harder difficulty at the beginning of the game: AI less stupid, useful items and movesets on trainer's pokemon, etc. (NO gym's pokemon 20 levels higher than wild in the area, I said harder not boring). And I don't mean something like challenge mode: pokemon level increased by 1-5 is not harder and I'd like to choose it at the beginning of the game, not if I have one completed version of the game.
edit: and as said by Shinyregice...put some freaking EVs on trainer's pokemon, at least gym leader and E4!!
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Day 10
: If you could change one thing about the Pokémon games, what would it be?
I tend to side with Cobraroll .

Tougher Gameplay

Almost everyone who plays competitively laughs at the AI in the games. You can beat everything in-game, including the gym leader with a bit of grinding and a neutral/SE STAB move. The Challenge Mode in BW2 patched this up a little bit, but just a little. The only thing notoriously difficult was Clay. Seeing as how the Gym Leaders' Pokémon have the most beneficial ability in Challenge Mode, Sand Rush Excadrill was a pain to take down. Clay probably doesn't care about Smogon Tiers, eh? Looking back, the only respectably battles I had were with Lance (Imagine Lance with 3 MS Dragonites in his team), Cynthia and Red.

Elite 4 based on Stats

Gym leaders are monotype trainers, granted. But the Elite 4 being the same is kind of boring and takes a lot of strategy out (You can beat Shauntal with a Scarfed Modest Chandelure). An Elite 4 based on HP / Defense & Special Defense / Attack & Special Attack / Speed would be great. The champion could have a mixed team as well, with Walls, Sweepers, Wallbreakers, Stallers etc., put together.

Becoming the Champion/Gym Leader

Beating the "Champion" means nothing in the games. You beat him, you come back and he's still there. I'm sure we don't know how these "Champions" are selected, but beating the champion should make you the champion instead. Or at least, beating a gym leader should make you the gym leader (You can only hold one "post" at a time). Whenever someone reaches your league/gym, you'll get a notification. If you ignore these, or lose too much, you'll be fired. You'll then have to beat the champion again to regain your post.

More post-game exploration

X&Y probably has this covered, but I think the post-game should be bigger or at least as big as the main story, and should not contain ultimately boring quests like finding the Plasma Sages. In fact, it'd be great if the post-game had a little story going on in itself. I'd even go far to say the box legendary should be found post-game.

Battle Frontier

Battle Frontier was one the best things that ever happened in the games. I hope GF brings it back in some way (coughmegatower). It breaks the monotonous one-on-one battling with your most powerful mon. Battles with rented mons was the best of the lot and truly a fresh inclusion.
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Battle Frontier

Battle Frontier was one the best things that ever happened in the games. I hope GF brings it back in some way (coughmegatower). It breaks the monotonous one-on-one battling with your most powerful mon. Battles with rented mons was the best of the lot and truly a fresh inclusion.
The battle dome was the best Frontier place of all time. Can't believe they've only done it the once

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