crazy_man's Hidden Power Breeding Program (Now with Nest Ball Treecko)

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So you sent me a 3 IV poke.

You are new here so I'll let it slide, but when someone trades you a 5 IV pokemon (especially a specific Hidden power pokemon) they expect a 5 IV in return.

That can get you in trouble if you don't disclose that you are sending less than perfect pokemon.

Any who, thanks for the trade.
No its cool, it would be quicker for me to just breed with what I got to 5 IV.

You are new here so I cannot really be mad at ya.

Enjoy your new poke and learn from your mistake is all.
I always forget this but, as far as the IV spreads, did you want:<br />
<br />
Panpour: 31/x/31/31/31/31
Pumpkaboo: 31/31/31/x/31/31
Mudbray: 31/31/31/x/31/0 (b/c of Brave)
Dhelmise: 31/31/31/x/31/0 (b/c of Brave)
Oranguru: 31/x/31/31/31/0 (b/c of Sassy)
Drampa: 31/x/31/31/31/0 (b/c of Quiet)

Hey! Just realized and then checked my boxes that I already have an HP Fire Roselia which I just requested LMAO! So:

1) I'm hoping you haven't started that one yet and,
2) Replacing it with HP Ice Helioptile and,
3) Is it possible to do that for Gen 6 so I can MT it Hyper Voice?
New to thread:





I've moved all of my breeding pokes to Gen 7.

And ironically I did just finish Roselia, but that's fine I can make the change.
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Alright just to re-recap out trade, it's:

YOU GET: Panpour, Pumpkaboo, Mudbray, Dhelmise, Oranguru, Drampa
I GET: Treecko, Taillow, Tangela, Litleo, Froakie, Snivy

Correct? 6 for 6
Recently hatched:

31/1-10/30/30/30/30 Male Timid Taillow /w Scrappy (Timer) knowing Boomburst

Just hatched:

31/30/31/30/11-19/30 Male Naive Froakie /w Protean (Dive)
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Recently hatched:

31/2-10/31/30/31/30 Female Modest Tangela /w Regenerator (Great) knowing Leaf Storm, Giga Drain, and Leech Seed

Just hatched:

31/2-10/31/30/31/31 Female Timid Litleo /w Unnerve (Repeat)

Just hatched:

31/11-20/30/31/30/30 Male Timid Snivy /w Contrary (Friend) knowing Glare and Mirror Coat

I haven't had any luck finding Treecko in a Nest Ball.

I recently offered some of my pokes for one in the ST/SQ thread hoping that stirs interest.

But if you are fine with it just in a pokeball I'll go ahead and breed the final poke.

Nevermind, found a Nest Ball Treecko.
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Awesome! Yeah, I'll live with it being in just a Poke Ball. You have all the others in their matching ones so, it's perfectly okay to do that. Go for it! =)
New addition to thread:

Leech Seed



Just hatched:

31/2-10/30/31/31/31 Male Timid Treecko /w Overgrowth (Nest) knowing Leaf Storm and Leech Seed

I can trade for the next 30 minutes, then again in an hour and a half.
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