crazy_man's Hidden Power Breeding Program (Now with Nest Ball Treecko)

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I am interested in a few of your HP Pokes:

HP Fire Froakie (Dive Ball)
HP Grass Blitzle
HP Ice Pansage
HP Fire Flabebe
(Dive Ball Piplup when available)
(HP Electric Torchic when available)

I can offer the following Mons from your Wants List (or you check my thread :) ):

Shiny Amaura, Timid, in Pokeball, not sure about the Egg Moves
Comes with the Moves: Rock Polish, Earth Power, Stealth Rocks, Hyper Voice.
This was TSV-Match back in Gen6. Not nicknameable but I can Egg-RNG it in Gen6 to mine (or your if you want) TSV so you can nickname it.

Edit: RNGd you one in Gen6, just in case you are interested, if not, no problem :)

Shiny Brave Wimpod, Gen7 Egg RNG, Nicknameable on my sister's cartridge
Jolly Arceus, 20th Anniversary Event, Legal Wondercard, gen6 RNG, 31/31/31/31/31/31 Jolly
Rash Yveltal, Gen6 RNG on my Y-Cartridge
Adamant Solgaleo (crappy IVs but matches your Ball wants)
Modest HP Fire Magearna, SRd by me, 31/02/31/30/31/24
Naive Diancie, got a Legal Wondercard with crappy IVs and a restored Wondercard (was legal but I used it a second time) for 31/31/31/31/31/31

For the proofs please CMT.

Tell me what you think :)
How about the Shiny Wimpod and Rash Yveltal for the 4 pokes I have atm.
Leader Wallace

Just hatched:

31/even/31/30/31/31 Male Modest Omanyte /w Swift Swim (Net)

I just realized we never discussed what I would get in the trade, lol.

What else you got to offer than what you listed? Or check out my wants list on post #3.
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i am pretty sure i have a bold kyoger and mild groudon on my shop. the only issue is i am pretty sure they are in great balls, as thats one of my favorite non-special pokeballs.
Hello peeps.

My summer job is finally over and I am back to a place that has reliable wifi and where I can actually have a decent amount of time to get back to breeding!


Leader Wallace

I'm able to trade at any time today.

Just post, pm, or vm when online.
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