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I'm hard at work on Nerina's thing. Finally broke through the face barrier (and broke a lot of faces in the process), but now I'm questioning my approach since the face is like one twentieth of the entire thing and a lot of the detail's going to get lost in the mix. Maybe I should have done a bust? Idk. Incidentally one twentieth is only slightly less than the percentage I feel I've finished - holy shit there's so much to do!

(Can't upload an actual screenshot or preview because of internet shenanigans, whoops)
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Was back in the hospital for most of today so I knew I wouldn't get much done, so to keep up momentum I threw myself into some quick-ish CAP planning for CAP 24.

Thought "Tardigrades" + "Succulents"; something hardy that survives easily in the desert. Probably stores nectar inside its hide, sort of like a camel or a cactus. Maybe the nectar leaks into the ground while it sleeps, nourishing the soil?

Thing is, I don't know where to take it. Less is definitely more, but a) I don't know what colours to use (examples included, but there's lots I haven't tried) or which details to add, if any. Dunno.

EDIT: my momentum is doomed anyway, I'm supposed to start back at work tomorrow on top of familial concerns. This is likely dead-ended.

Hiya Smogon! I'm not dead but my updates certainly have been, huh??

Quick recap: broke my legs, had to relearn to walk, was out of work for several months, hit by a couple of moderate to serious family tragedies, ended up being the family therapist, went back to work too soon, got depressed and burned out from all the juggling, had to quit my job when it became too much, was unemployed and still p.down for a few months, landed a new job, am currently acclimatising to said new job. So, uh, lots of stuff, and drawing never took priority on a *good* day, let alone a string of bad ones.

It's not all bad, though! I've been feeling a little steadier lately, mentally and physically, and signed myself up for art classes last week. Haven't done much yet, but I'm excited all the same. And I kept a few projects on the backburner - had to shelve the commish because a) ridiculous multi-year delays on top of big life events made it a bit of a joke in any case and b) I'm not good enough yet to take it to where I want it to be. The flip side of this is that it gave me more drive than I'm used to draw stuff that I usually don't. This, combined with an unfortunate lack of interest in SM and USUM, has fairly radically changed the content of what I've been drawing in the meantime. But I still love Pokemon and I'm not ruling out coming back to it! It'll always be there for when I'm feeling confident and productive and don't have any outstanding unfinished things to do*, and at some point I'd love to return to doing the occasional Smogon banner or article header.

(*Of which I have. A Lot.)

Art class 1 warmups. Gestural focus really. I like movement, and if I can't find it, I like weight!

Main project that's occupying my time. Project brief: invent 3 superpowered characters. Have them fight in a chaotic, intimate 3-way battle where each person has equal importance to the other two. So far it's been REALLY DIFFICULT but I'm persistent.
Character reference designs

Attempt 1 (Scrapped)

Attempt 2 (Scrapped)

Current state of progress on my Worm (...Ward) Tarot sequel. (See page 2 of this thread) Pairing the previous one off with the character's sister. I'm too ambitious, it's not going well what is that fist even FOR

Other random stuff



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I can't imagine having to go through everything that you have over the past few years, but I'm glad you're doing better now, and that you're taking everything in stride. I never took the time to properly browse through this thread before beyond the first few posts, but now that I have, I can definitively say that your art is a joy to see. You have such a great grasp of color, texture, and composition! I remember seeing those rainbow-colored logos from the first page and being totally floored by how cool they were. It’s great that you’re doing well enough to keep drawing again!

Both attempts at your superhero project look really good, even if you yourself aren't satisfied with them. It’s gotta be such a hassle to stage Castling in that kind of scene given how detailed its design is, and I admire the effort that must go into composing a scene featuring all three of those characters. I like the sense of depth and perspective in the first one, while the second looks like it’d be more intimate and chaotic, with more interaction with background environment. Whatever direction you end up going with though, I can’t wait to see the final product! And judging by the quality of the tarot card on the last page, I'm sure this new one will turn out awesome. Really looking forward to seeing the end result!

Your work is a treat and I'm happy that you've mostly recovered and you've got a new job and art classes to keep yourself steady. Best of luck!

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