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D_What's would-be art thread :|

Hey guys. Some people have asked me before if I'd post an art thread, and I've usually declined because ***i dont paint enough***, and that hasn't really changed. But it kinda sucks that I don't paint more often and it sucks more right now because even when I do want to, i.e. like right now, I can't :/ If you're not interested in ARTSY ANGST (artgnst? arngst. Argnts...) skip to the bottom where I'll post pointless pictures and save you the trouble of having to click links and stuff :o

Summary of my problem:

...Yeah. So, this isn't actually out of date. It's still pretty accurate, rounding down. :|
That's not to say I haven't painted at all in the meantime! I definitely have. Little things here and there, usually. A significant part of my problem is I can't finish things. I work too slowly to speedpaint and get bogged down in the details, before losing interest because it's taking so long to render a particular section. My pictures folder is full of pointless scraps and sketches.

Spoilered for no-longer-relevant!
The OTHER thing holding me back is my backlog. I've so many things I *want* to finish that I can't start a new thing without feeling incredibly guilty. An excellent example of this is something I started on January 7th, 2013...

Note: This is an outdated version. The latest one has most of the left hand side rendered, including Darkrai's arm, + Blaziken's foot and a whole bunch of other fixes (shitty contrast + lighting, jesus that's over saturated), but I can't post it because of *depressing reasons*:

Anyway, my third and MOST (de)PRESSING reason for not drawing rn is: My laptop, which I bought new a year and a half ago, is almost totally, uh, totaled. I'm really pissed about it. Forget the shitty battery or the gradually increasing patch of dead pixels on the screen, or the fan which broke 6 months into the purchase, mostly what bothers me is the consistent BLUE SCREENS OF DEATH ON STARTUP. It would help if I'd backed up my stuff, too - I might have some backups somewhere dated from the mid summer, depending on if I copied my CV or not, but I'll have to find whatever USB I used for that, IF I used one at all. I'm really hoping I didn't do all of those updates after that ;_; In the meantime I still occasionally try to turn it on in the hopes that this time it'll work and I can ninja my files off it before the whole thing collapses into itself.

So question for viewers with an opinion: I'm in the market for a laptop that'll run Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI under windows 10 that has a solid battery (preferably removable), decent screen gamut and won't break when it's 6 fuckin' months out of warranty. Suggestions? I don't have the greatest luck when it comes to picking laptops.

Anyway, it's not all bad. I got out some fun stuff in the last year, even if it's not a lot.

(You may have seen that one around.)

(The last thing I finished. It's for an RMT!)

Blissey HO: A Romance (screenplay by probably Karxrida , he's gonna want to get in on it before Disney scoop up the rights)

Random junk from eras gone by:

bw-on TCG was a fun time for me

turns out I can't paint over greyscale

i r homestuck trash, dibs on battopsprite btw #noragrets

"now i am become death, creator of injokes and poorly shopped images"


todo: fireburds

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*reserved in fervent hope that I can fill post with drawings before the next ice age*

EDIT: Look what I found! :D Missing two years worth of updates but it's still useful!

more gifs because of reasons

PU thing

Page 2 of thread:



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if you feel brave enough, or whimsical enough... or bored enough... try colouring something, and post the results here!

Hard mode:
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Just a quick comment, but god damn your art is beautiful and stunning. Hope to see more soon n_n


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I'm down for all your 'argnts'! :'D they're so gloriously detailed and beautiful and drawn in a lovely painterly style.<3<3
good luck with buying a new laptop, by the way. ;3;
even if it takes some time, it'll be thrilling to see your work in the future!<3 :'D
Man, your art is breathtaking. You work so well with colors.
For the laptop, i'd suggest something from Alienware, Lenovo, Asus or Acer. Be sure to get one with at least 8GB Ram, SSD and a solid processor.
The ASUS K501UX would be perfect, even though it is a bit pricey.


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Wow, this is so so so so so so amazing!
The coloring is epic, and I can't find any flaws on the line-art.
(Unlike how many realistic style artists tend to have very flawed line art.)
Man, your art is breathtaking. You work so well with colors.
For the laptop, i'd suggest something from Alienware, Lenovo, Asus or Acer. Be sure to get one with at least 8GB Ram, SSD and a solid processor.
The ASUS K501UX would be perfect, even though it is a bit pricey.
Thanks for the suggestions! I was looking at some Asussies and Acerpodes for a while, couldn't find anything that fit the bill exactly but that's mostly because laptops have really shitty naming conventions :/ A lot of laptops aren't available here either without going through pricey international shipping. My first laptop was an Acer and it was pretty good! Held together for ages. Wouldn't object to another one if it met my criteria (at least average performance, at least average battery, bright/low gloss screen + wide gamut, minimum 15 inches, and, uhh, not too expensive because I don't want to shell out cash again in 1.5 years). Alienware 'tops are likely out of my price range. (It's not that I can't afford them, just that I don't want to :B) Alienware are by Dell though and I was also looking at some Dell laptops. The Inspiron 17 5000 hits most of the things I'm looking for I think? Also a friend of mine works there so 15% discount and free shipping yay :o

Wow, this is so so so so so so amazing!
The coloring is epic, and I can't find any flaws on the line-art.
(Unlike how many realistic style artists tend to have very flawed line art.)
Haha lol what line art :P Nah but really it's not so much lineart as it is bold outlines; I rarely start with a well-developed lineart and even more rarely finish with it. Mostly because as part of the process I paint over the sketch so most of the lines are lost. THAT SAID, not doing a decent lineart is a bad habit and I wouldn't recommend it. A strong and accurate lineart helps flesh out the uncertain areas and is a great way to aid composition and get through tough parts. (It helped me figure out how to render Darkrai's right arm, not that anyone can see it here...)

Holy lmao I love this one; the lighting and coloration are precise and bold, but it's the use of colorful outlines that make it stands out and seemingly alive. Great drawings dude!
Thanks! I think looking back I'd probably reduce the blue lighting from the front because it's a little too strong. But the drawing led very easily from the OU checks thing so I think I definitely hit a rhythm while I was doing it!


I took apart my laptop last night in a fit of frustration, man, the guys who fixed it last time (toshiba) did a number on it. Two of the screws in the casing were flat out missing (and seeing as my major problem with it is caused by a flexing set of internals, that could very well be part of the problem) and when I went to take out the HD, one of the four screws holding it in was literally hanging in the socket. A loose screw, INSIDE a laptop. Fuck sake! Not that I can prove it now because I've already opened it and I'm well outside of warranty anyway. I think I'll write a complaint though.

Hopefully it's the laptop itself that's borked and not the HD, it seems sturdy enough. I've asked my mom to pick up a SATA enclosure so I should hopefully be able to check it for my files before the end of the week. God I hope they're intact :(


yeah I'm bitter
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Goddamn your art is great.

I don't believe that the Darkrai and Blaziken picture is incomplete, because it looks gorgeous. Can't wait for you to finish it.
Sort-of update:

I got my friend to inspect my hard drive. It was in fact damaged, but today he messaged me saying he was able to pull everything off it anyway :) so that's a lot of grief and several hundred Euros saved! I'm gonna buy a laptop now that I know I don't have to start everything all over again. I'm thinking I'll do some Splatoon stuff too? Since it'll get me doing things that aren't Pokémon but is still really colorful. So yeah. Watch this space!

Edit: some off-laptop stuff:

Not particularly well done, but they're functional!

Edit edit: tfw you want to move your files to your new 8 gig SD card but your images folder alone is 9 gigs
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Laptop: Get! I still have to get an enclosure for my HD, so I don't have access to most of my stuff. But I got the vast majority of my softwarez installed (SAI is a godsend, anyone with a wacom should spend the 50 dollars on it. For a badly translated Japanese painting tool, it runs incredibly smoothly, has great options for painting, is so lightweight and I STILL have the same installation that I had 7 years or so ago) though I lost access to my copy of Photoshop. Never really used it anyway.

As a warm up in the meantime I doodled an inkling. It's nice to have my hand around a pen again.
Yay I have my files :D
And I found the latest version of my Darkrai thing! I only really have the arm to do and some "adjustments". But my adjustments are kind of infinite. I have illustrated said adjustments as follows:

Reminder to self: Currently in the "too yellow" stage. Jeezus it's like you pissed on it. Maybe add more red. And a bit of blue?
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Voted for this one in the Smog Awards, still a winner in my book, I just love how the colors all seem balanced despite how you managed to fit a rainbow in there.
...there were awards? :V [edit: oh yeah heheh ]

Thanks! Honestly I struggle with simpler palettes, especially in earthy or pastel tones. It's a very hard rut to get out of when you love splashing random colours everywhere *u* Actually, I'd rather appreciate a tutorial in it from yours truly! ;D
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I'm trying out the Pomodoro technique in order to keep myself occupied and productive. It's... KIND OF working. I was gonna do 25 minutes of new sketches/doodles, 25 minutes of darkrai, and 25 minutes of hitting my backlog, but... I got distracted while doing the sketch. So, productivity ++, but goals --. 1 out of 3 isn't terr... no. 1 out of 3 is pretty bad.

Here's the sketchy fruits of my shitty labour. I wanted to try something a little more understated with less light. I probably overthought it.

EDIT: it keeps hapening

only this time it happened in exactly the opposite way
i miss blue and this sucks ;_;
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I think I spot one of the fossils! :'D
first, lemme say that every time I see your art I die a little because it's sssso good! :'D I'll never understand how you refine your art pieces so well, they're all amazing aaa!
I think the rocks next to Darkrai could be lightened (because its lighting is harsher than the rocks around it, if that makes any sense) and shadows could be darkened near the foreground but wowow it's beautiful and I love it! >:000 especially how the lava and rocks spash outside of the canvas haha. you clever ;v; >wo)b
Thanks! I really value that kind of critique, because I am an absolute slave to monitor differences. The last edit I made before uploading it was actually darkening darkrai and lightening/desat-ing the background, beacuse it was too indistinct on my laptop. But now that I look at it on my phone, it's really flat! There's pretty signficiant differences depending how I view it so any edit ends up being basically a guess. Darkening the foreground would help with that, definitely. And after uploading I noticed I missed a layer of yellow light on the boulders at the back :( So thanks for reminding me! Hope you can find the other two ;D
quick thingy I did today. I overdid it, but the process was fun.

E: I also realised while doing it that if I charge 4 euros per picture, then I can paint my way to booster packs! God bless, magicmadhouse.co.uk. God bless and god speed.
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Good gracious, I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but since I'm not an artist myself I felt like my feedback wouldn't be useful to you from a constructive artistic standpoint, but here it is anyway:

The first thing I noticed while taking a look at your "OU Checks Compendium", "Pest Control", "P.U. Checks Compendium" artworks is that you really manage to get the maximum out of the available color range.
I also noticed that you place great emphasis notably on details. The scales of Serperior's skin as well as the leaves make it look authentic and lifelike. In addition to this, the same can be said about Jumpluff's blossoms as well.
I genuinely applaud you for the painstaking work and the notable amount of effort and time you put into the creation of these brilliant artworks, keep up the great work. Again, my feedback might unfortunately not be as useful to you as the one from your fellow artist colleagues, but I was still somehow able to leave you a couple of encouraging words. I wish you lots of perseverance and most importantly lots of fun for your upcoming projects.
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