Daily Deathmatch 2019 (Survivor Leaderboards)

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Date/Time: May 8, 12 PM
Theme: Outlaws Chaos
First: Alexander489
Second: abd1710
Participation points: guishark, yahboyboter, tushavi, myster17, theseelgoesmeow, elbowskinn.


Stay safe everyone.
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Date/Time: May 9th, 6PM
Theme: Hunger Games Spotlight
First: xdablordx
Second: Master Jenny
Participation points awarded to: Whimpering, TheSeelGoesMeow
12 PM DD on 11th May. It was won by Gimm1ck who beat Mitsuki in the final. The other players were myster17, Alexander489, Wingdingnoob and Zorquax. The theme was eeveelutions.


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posting on behalf of zyg, om, abd

Date/Time: May 12th @ 12pm
Theme: Bounty
First: Tushavi
Second: Mitsuki
Players: TheSeelGoesMeow, myster17, zwerdjib.

Date/Time: May 12th @ 6pm
Theme: Poles
First: Mitsuki
Second: myster17
Players: KasaiTamashii, zwerdjib.

Date/Time: May 13th @ 12pm
Theme: Golf Outlaws Chaos (with 5x multiplier in gang members)
First: OM
Second: Lumaerix
Players: cheese555, myster17.

Date/Time: May 13th @ 6pm
Theme: Hide & Seek Tag
First: Prof. Spalding
Second: Wingdingnoob
Players: Alexander489, TheSeelGoesMeow, myster17, Taranza 42.


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Post for abd1710

Date/Time: May 14th, 12PM
Theme: Hunger Games
First: Guishark
Second: myster17
Participation points awarded to: LS's Ghost, Alexander489


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Date/Time: May 14th @ 6pm
Theme: Exclusions
First: Mitsuki
Second: Alexander489
Players: myster17, TheSeelGoesMeow, Master Jenny, Wingdingnoob


Stay safe everyone.
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Date, Time, Mime: May 15th @ 12PM
Theme: KITD
First: KasaiTamashii
Second: KaifPlays
Players: Mitsuki, abd1710, Tigermatt03, Alexander489, creepus2000, myster17, cuddleszz, Saint_Apex.


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Date/Time: May 18th, 6PM
Theme: Dragon Orbs (Spotlight)
First: phantomgenius
Second: Whimpering
Participation points awarded to: Tushavi, Cheese555, Immortal Folly, M3mesz, myster17, TheSeelGoesMeow, Toni◕‿◕XY, Wingdingnoob.
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