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Daily Deathmatch 2019 (Survivor Leaderboards)

Date/Time: April 16, 2019; 6PM
Theme: Killer in the Dark
First: Rainshaft
Second: Whimpering
Participation Points: Gilarabrywn, myster17, TheSeelGoesMeow, Guishark, Alexander489, cleo, Mitsuki.


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Date & Time: April 17th, 2019 @ 12PM
Theme: Eeveelutions
First: BanchiHunter
Second: Gilarabrywn
Participation points awarded to: Yahboyboter, abd1710, myster17, Malachq, Alexander489, Xx69DabLord42069xX, ShadowPhoenix99, DCSyntro, Rainshaft, guishark.
Date & Time: April 17th, 2019 @ 6PM
Theme: Dexterity
First: Whimpering
Second: Alexander489
Participation points awarded to: Guishark, Rainshaft, Taranza 42, Majorly, myster17, TheSeelGoesMeow, Mitsuki
Date/Time: April 18, 2019; 12PM
Theme: The Great Escape
First: BanchiHunter
Second: Yahboyboter
Participation Points: myster17, Worst1v1Player, A Phantom, cleo, abd1710, Alexander489, M3mesz


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Date/Time: April 18, 6PM
Theme: Minefield
First: Forrce
Second: Mewniverse
Participation Points: Whimpering, Rainshaft, LS's Ghost, Gui...Shark, ElbowSkinn, Alexander489, myster17, TheSeelGoesMeow, StabbyTheUnicorn, Rach, CreamyKitty, A Phantom.
Date / time: 19th of april, 12pm
Theme: HT Dual protean
First: myster17
Second: abd1710
participation points: Gui.. .Shark, ShadowPhoenix99, Alexander489, Taranza 42, Yahboyboter, rainshaft

4/19/19 6PM
Theme: Eeveelutions
First: A Living Meme GGs
Second: TheSeelGoesMeow
PL: Rainshaft, Gui.. .Shark, Minty jester, Master Jenny, A Phantom, Whimpering, myster17, Topax, TheSeelGoesMeow, A Living Meme GGs

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