Daily Deathmatch 2019 (Survivor Leaderboards)

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For the following month, all DDs will be uno now.

How will this work?

Uno Winners earn the standard winning points of 10.

The person with the least # of cards after that earns the second place points (5)

Everyone else earns participant points, and host points are being abolished.


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And March is concluded!

Now for titles:

Congratulations to Zaivik for winning the month! They also got most Seconds (12) and Participations (38)
snipes the most Firsts (8) though.
Guishark (the coolest user) gets most Hosts (13) because he's epic
Also yahboyboter, cheese555 & KingRion on most Special Points
Good luck in April!
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First Uno DD!

Date/Time: 1st April, 12PM
First Place: GeneralGunderson
Second Place: Morgan (Tactician)
Participation points awarded to: AHelpFuLツRayQuazA, Alexander489, g$u$i$s$har$k, Jennisa, Kaif ☆彡 Plays, LinkyD.0, Yahboyboter
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Uno #2

Date/Time: April 1st, 6PM
First: Rach
Second: Guishark
Participation points awarded to: Mitsuki, Alexander489, TheSeelGoesMeow, joshyboy11, myster17, Kazuya★Miyuki.


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Date/Time: April 2nd, 6PM
Theme: Hidden Type Spotlight
First: LinkyD.0
Second: TheSeelGoesMeow
Participation points awarded to: Alexander489, myster17, RockyBearBro.

DD Shark Fact:
The Portuguese Dogfish shark is not a dog. It is, however, a fish.

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