DOU WCoP suspended due to Corona

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In retrospect, this wasn't a good tour format for team logos but nonetheless I had rushed to make art for a lot of the DWCOP teams. Here's a shoutout to USA West and Central - neither of which made playoffs but nonetheless I was happy with how the art turned out.




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It has recently come to the attention of the DOU council that Tier Leader candidate shrop05 has been found on numerous occasions engaging in the use and promotion of a hateful symbol. This symbol, associated with a certain DOU WCoP team, has already been banned in China, the EU, a handful of American states, and a number of other territories across the globe. This is a sad revelation, and I leave the evidence here in a hide tag so as not to harm anyone unprepared.


This is all we have access to, but I'm sure there have been more incidents in private Discords, unfortunately.

In light of this new information, the #shropfortl movement is officially CANCELLED. As we currently still have only one Tier Leader, a new candidate has been chosen in his stead. We have come to the consensus that umbry would be the best choice going forwards. As a proud woman with a strong anti-pogarina stance, I'm sure she can bring progressive change about the DOU community. She's also the GOAT at oldgen singles, which is convenient since it should increase DOU's clout in the wider Smogon community by a factor of approximately 98x, going by recent events.

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