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Welcome to the Sample Teams thread! This thread is meant to highlight the best of the best teams in the Doubles OU tier. Sample Teams are exemplary teams that have proven themselves to be good and are basic enough for beginners to use, allowing them to pick up the fundamentals of teambuilding and doubles play. Sample Teams will be hosted in the 2nd post in this thread.

Additional Resources
The sample teams listed below have been curated as effective, yet easy-to-use teams that new and experienced players alike can use with good success. However, it is by no means an all-inclusive list of teams that are worth trying out. Here are some other places worth checking if you're still wanting more teams:

  • Team Bazaar
    Just because sample teams are included in this thread, doesn't mean every team posted in the DOU forum has to be top-tier. Remember the core purpose of the Team Bazaar thread, which is to be simply a thread where anyone can share teams they like! If someone liked a team enough to post it, chances are you might like it enough to use it! Feel free to make suggestions to other people's teams and talk about them!

  • Teambuilding Competition (hosted by NotlPrimRose)
    Each week, Doubles OU players are challenged to build the best team around a particular Pokemon or theme. At the end of each week, people vote for the best team, which is inducted into a "Hall of Fame." Some really solid teams have emerged from this competition, including some past sample teams!

  • Post-tournament "team dump" threads
    After high-level tournaments like Doubles Premier League, Official Smogon Doubles Tournament, Smogon Champions League, and Doubles Invitationals conclude, it is common for players from those tournaments to post "team dump" posts where they provide importables and descriptions of the teams they used.
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art by SnorkleDove

Whimsicott Offense by Z Strats, edited by emma
:whimsicott: :landorus: :tapu-fini: :celesteela: :naganadel: :incineroar:

Pheromosa PsySpam by DaWoblefet
:pheromosa: :amoonguss: :naganadel: :tapu lele: :heatran: :necrozma:

Rain by Actuarily
:kingdra: :ferrothorn: :politoed: :zapdos: :urshifu: :tsareena:

Sand by fespy
:tyranitar: :excadrill: :latios: :zapdos: :tapu-fini: :incineroar:

Hazard Stack Semiroom by Crunchman
:volcanion: :dragapult: :mew: :diancie: :rillaboom: :porygon2:

Cosmic Power Metagross by Paraplegic
:mew: :metagross: :rillaboom: :tapu-fini: :landorus: :naganadel:

Lurantis Semiroom by MADARAAAA and SMB
:lurantis: :incineroar: :tapu-fini: :porygon2: :zygarde: :mew:

Meteor Beam Celesteela Semiroom by Z Strats, edited by emma
:amoonguss: :celesteela: :zygarde: :kyurem-black: :incineroar: :diancie:

Calm Mind Fini Offense by dnagerbdager
:kyurem black: :tapu fini: :heatran: :mew: :landorus: :zeraora:

Fullroom by Paraplegic
:amoonguss: :diancie: :porygon2: :necrozma: :indeedee-f: :volcanion:

Nihilego Offense by SMB
:nihilego: :celesteela: :mew: :amoonguss: :incineroar: :kyurem black:

Naganadel Hyper Offense by Mishimono
:genesect: :naganadel: :rillaboom: :zygarde: :urshifu: :heatran:

Porygon2 Semiroom Balance by MajorBowman
:dragapult: :volcanion: :metagross: :kyurem black: :rillaboom: :porygon2:

Dragon Dance Kyurem-B Balance by Nido-Rus
:dragapult: :urshifu: :zeraora: :kyurem-black: :amoonguss: :incineroar:

Shift Gear Genesect Offense by Nido-Rus
:zygarde: :genesect: :zeraora: :rillaboom: :urshifu: :volcarona:

Rain + PsySpam Offense by Nido-Rus
:pelipper: :tornadus: :mew: :ferrothorn: :urshifu: :tapu-lele:

Triple Choice User Offense by Z Strats
:rillaboom: :kartana: :heatran: :zygarde: :urshifu-rapid-strike: :zeraora:
My thought process for this team is super straight forward I just wanted to make an offensive team around eject button rilla because I felt like it would be broken (it is). I added kart because grass spam good. I then added tran and zygarde because kart/tran/zyg is a really strong and threatening offensive core that beats almost everything. Urshifu was added because f/w/g core good and it's the only good offensive water ohking both of the main tr setters is really nice too. Lastly I added zera because I have a zera fetish but also thought a fast taunt was important for this team and another fake out can't be a bad thing, knock is needed for pult too.

EVs are literally all 252/252 because I suck at EVs and think having everything 252/252 is epic you should almost def change EVs. Tran is specs because power good and to convince Shadow to use a good team it has to not be good but epic and triple choice is super epic but you can prob change that too. Other possible changes is going LO > band on urshifu and maybe something > thousand waves on zygarde, I tried toxic out because I love toxic but on this team you just want to kill everything and toxic is a waste. I experimented with coaching on zera too which is cool but I don't think you can afford to run it over anything else.

Tapu Fini + Porygon2 Balance by Z Strats
:tapu fini: :kyurem-black: :porygon2: :heatran: :landorus-therian: :zeraora:

Necrozma + Tapu Lele Offense by emma and SMB
:urshifu-rapid-strike: :tapu lele: :amoonguss: :zapdos: :heatran: :necrozma:
Urshifu + Tapu Lele + Amoonguss is a solid core that aims to take advantage of Psychic Terrain blocking priority (especially Grassy Glide from Rillaboom and the plethora of Fake Out) and removing Misty Terrain so you can use Spore with Amoonguss and do major damage with Expanding Force Necrozma. Urshifu removes common Psychic resists and immunities such as Incineroar and Heatran, and is one of the few reliable Porygon2 and Kyurem-Black killers in the tier. Urshifu is Choice Scarfed to provide immediate Speed and help against one of the team's bigger threats in Nihilego. Zapdos and Heatran patch up weaknesses to Kartana, Genesect, and Rillaboom with Zapdos providing very needed reliable Speed Control so you can do major damage with your threats, as well as a way to hit Tapu Fini for super-effective damage. Eruption Heatran is a strong Grass-type killer, and is a very hard to deal with with Tailwind support. Necrozma rounds out the six as the team's win condition. Expanding Force in Psychic Terrain is incredibly difficult to switch into, especially if you can get to +1 by crippling would be checks such as Heatran or Incineroar with Meteor Beam. People's Psychic resists are frail Kartana, -SpD Genesect, Heatran, and changing Psychic Terrain. Heatran drops to Earth Power, while switching terrain isn't a reliable answer since you can leverage your Tapu Lele for Terrain Control.

This is a very offensive oriented team meant to spam Expanding Force in Psychic Terrain to kill everything. The only real pivots are Amoonguss (Spore + Rage Powder) and Zapdos (Volt Switch + Tailwind) which you'll want to use to either support the team or get in and out. Terrain Control is super important; Psychic Terrain not only powers up Necrozma but also blocks priority which can easily mess up our momentum. It also allows you to fire off Spores with Amoonguss, since people's Sleep checks are generally only Misty Terrain. Amoonguss also helps if Trick Room is up, as you can generally click Spore for free.

Long and Detailed RMT

Porygon2 + Diancie Semiroom by Memoric
:porygon2: :diancie: :volcanion: :rillaboom: :landorus-therian: :dragapult:

Coaching Zeraora + Zygarde by YoBuddy
:tapu fini: :rillaboom: :zygarde: :kyurem-black: :zeraora: :mew:
This team is based around Coaching Zeraora boosting Zygarde, Tapu Fini and sometimes Rillaboom and Kyurem-Black. Typically Dragon Dance Zygarde is used with Coaching but I prefer the immediate power with Choice Band. With Coaching and Electroweb support Zygarde can throw out boosted Thousand Arrows immediately, without needing to spend turns using Dragon Dance or being neutered by Landorus. Tapu Fini is also very threatening with Coaching support. At +1 defense Fini doesn't get OHKO'd by 252 Adamant Rillaboom Wood Hammer in Grassy Terrain and lives 2 Grassy Glides in Terrain. Coaching goes through Protect so you can use Coaching on Fini in front of a Rillaboom while healing 1/8th per turn. Setting up on Rillaboom is not your objective but it forces your opponent to have more Fini counterplay alive than just Rillaboom. Life Orb Kyurem-Black takes care of Grass types for Fini and Zygarde and is a strong lead when paired with Zeraora. Mew provides extra speed control for the team and can heal Coaching boosted allies with Pollen Puff. This team doesn't want the opponent to set up Trick Room but has sufficient counterplay with triple Fake Out, Pollen Puff, Zygarde can OHKO Porygon2 with +1 Banded Superpower (depending on spreads) and the ability to boost Fini with Coaching/Calm Mind. I tend to try to get damage early with Zeraora supporting Zygarde and Kyurem-Black and set up Fini to win once the opposing Rillaboom has been weakened.

Dragon Dance Zygarde Balance by Paraplegic
:amoonguss: :zygarde: :tapu fini: :incineroar: :metagross: :nihilego:
This team is a bulky offense centered around being able to defensively react to things effectively without being too passive. The central piece of the team is dragon dance Zygarde, and the team is designed to generate free turns for it to take over games. The combination of Incineroar and Amoonguss provides ample opportunities for Zygarde to set up between intimidate, fake out, and rage powder. Tapu Fini provides a boatload of defensive utility while also presenting the option for more set up so it can be an asset offensively too. Nihilego offers the ability to snowball and serves both as a secondary win condition and as a great way to wear down and/or break the common means of reacting to a boosting Zygarde. Metagross rounds out the team as a utility pick, giving the option of stealth rocks to assist with the pacing of the team, toxic to prevent opposing defensive boosters from getting out of hand, and uses shuca berry and ice punch to ensure you have ways to react to ground types like Landorus-t and opposing Zygarde so you dont become too weak to them. Steel roller serves both as a strong nuke option to click on applicable turns, and a means to shut off misty terrain so you can spore things with Amoonguss or set yourself up to toxic something when necessary.

Dragon Dance Dragapult Offense by shrop
:blastoise: :rillaboom: :diancie: :kartana: :heatran: :dragapult:
This team was made at a time when porygon2 semiroom was the most popular archetype. Because of this, I wanted to build around diancie which is generally very strong into those style of teams because it can basically ignore porygon2 and can set/turn off trick room as needed. Weakness policy and great bulk makes it super awkward to play around even with things that typically should check it like tapu fini and rillaboom. I decided to pair it with blastoise from there because it is great for letting diancie freely get up trick room and click diamond storms and acquire boosts. You get bonus points if you flip turn off diancie and set TR on the same turn. This stacked weaknesses to grass so DD dragapult felt like a great addition as the grass types in the format right now are setup bait for it. Clear body and ghost typing is wild for a setup mon because you don’t have to play around intimidate cycles and fake outs. From here, I added the common double grass duo of rillaboom and kartana to make sure that tapu fini wouldn’t cause issues and it rounds out the “fast mode” of the team. Heatran was the last mon added because eruption is incredible in both tailwind and trick room and it can safely switch in to a lot of threats in the meta.

Spectrier + Blastoise Balance by Memoric
:kyurem-black: :blastoise: :heatran: :kartana: :spectrier: :landorus-therian:
This team was built around the premise of getting a dominant situation with NP Spectrier along with Blastoise, who handily functions as a great way to deal with Genesect. The decision to build around Spectrier is centered on the idea that Spectrier absolutely destroys a top threat in Mew; with both Genesect and Mew covered, I basically have a popular pivoting duo in the metagame answered. Heatran is there as another foolproof answer to Genesect, and it itself takes advantage of the spacing Blastoise provides as it can then spam strong Fire-type attacks. Kyurem and Landorus-T are added onto the team as answers to the physical attackers that can trouble the initial attacking core, such as Incineroar, Zygarde, and Rillaboom. Kartana was added last as yet another strong attacker, one that can also provide team support in Tailwind (which is always good to have) as well as checking Nihilego and Tapu Fini. The gameplan with the team is, essentially, try to make space for Spectrier, Heatran, and Kartana, then try to get away with as much damage as possible; lean on Kyurem and Landorus-T if need be.

Lurantis Trick Room by AuraRayquaza
:lurantis: :porygon2: :tapu fini: :incineroar: :diancie: :zygarde:
The base idea of the team took inspiration from SM DOU, where Lurantis is extremely good at preying on pokemon such as Landorus-T, Incineroar, Zygarde and Kartana to get a few Superpowers off and sweep teams under TR. It also has super effective coverage on Tapu Fini and Diancie to give it a wide range of top pokemon that it beats. Knock Off gives it coverage against Amoonguss while generally being quite a disruptive move. Porygon2 and Diancie were pretty immediate choices for TR setters - I didn't want Hatterene because a Full TR route felt like a bad idea and both P2 and Diancie are extremely sturdy with good offensive presence, making them ideal candidates. Incineroar and Tapu Fini give the team some good support options, with Fake Out, Intimidate and an easy way to pivot into my main damage dealers. Fini provides Misty Terrain for the physical attackers and general terrain control, while also being a slower wincon that also provides a nice FWG core with Lurantis and Incineroar. Zygarde was the final choice to give the team a good electric immunity that can break bulky, middling speed teams without needing to set TR, the amazing spread coverage is able to set up some nice offensive pins too. Toxic is a last ditch check to pokemon like Cresselia and Diancie that have set up and I need to slowly deal with them, which is possible with Recover Porygon2.

In team preview it is important to identify which of your pokemon can win the game and play aggressively towards that. For example, if Tapu Fini with a couple of CMs can win then use Zygarde and Lurantis under TR early to get a lot of damage off and give Fini turns to CM safely. It is also important to identify how the opponent stops TR from being set up - these can include Fake Out, Taunt (which Diancie helps vs) and generally strong moves (which P2 can sponge). Some typical leads I like with the team are: Fini P2 to quickly set terrain up and provide a nice switch to Incin for T2 Fake Out pressure; Incin Zygarde for early TArrows to break down teams quickly; and a simple Incin + TR setter that gets TR up quickly (or allows for a T1 U-Turn + TR into Lurantis).

Celesteela Balance by SMB
:tapu koko: :landorus: :kyurem-black: :celesteela: :tapu fini: :incineroar:

Mew + Zygarde Offense by Yoda2798
:spectrier: :incineroar: :kartana: :zygarde: :mew: :tapu fini:

Grass Spam Offense by MajorBowman
:nihilego: :kyurem-black: :kartana: :mew: :volcanion: :rillaboom:

Diancie + Volcanion + Amoonguss Semiroom by umbry
:diancie: :volcanion: :kyurem-black: :amoonguss: :zeraora: :landorus:

Hail Offense by qsns, edited by Nails and umbry
:ninetales-alola: :kyurem: :landorus: :zapdos: :urshifu: :rillaboom:

Landorus-I + Mew Tailwind Offense by Qwello Lee
:landorus: :kyurem-black: :tapu-fini: :genesect: :mew: :zeraora:

Dragon Dance Kyurem-B Balance by emma, edited by Z Strats
:tapu-fini: :incineroar: :kyurem-black: :celesteela: :mew: :landorus:
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