DPP Cup V - Round 2

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Calling act I am not available this weekend unless he responds soon I don't think I can play he doesn't seem much active.
Extension deadline has passed, thanks to everyone who played their games but I'm gonna have to make activity decisions now on the remaining matches.

Activity Win

vs Kiyo - Kiyo seems to have missed the scheduled time.
shadow_sneak vs dom - dom missed the original scheduled time and they haven't managed to set a new one and get the match done since.
Nelson vs landon288 - landon288 hasn't replied to a scheduling attempt since last friday.


sig vs Veteran In Love - They scheduled in pm I presume, both called activity originally and nothing has been heard since.

New Pairings

Conflict vs Metacomet
Shadow_Sneak vs Confide
Veteran In Love vs Updated Kanto
Nelson vs Eternal Spirit

Deadline is Sunday 22nd midnight EDT.
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