DPP Fest - FINALS [Won by undisputed]

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Steven Snype

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Cohosted w/my homie DLE
DPP is a cool gen. Here's another tourney for DPPers to enjoy! Format will be the same as Tour Seasons 6-10.

Mandatory Homework
Sleep Clause
Evasion Clause
OHKO Clause
Species Clause
Soul Dew Clause -- This clause does not apply to Ubers.
Anything listed here is banned in all OU and UU matches.
Anything listed here and is banned for UU matches.
Best of 3 consisting of one match in DPP OU, one in DPP Ubers, and one in DPP UU.
Both battlers must post "Steven Snype sucks" at the beginning of the match.
If you tie in a scenario where Self-KO Clause would ordinarily grant a win/loss, you must rematch if the series is tied at 1-1. No player is obligated to use the same team in this rematch.
(F)Arceus is not allowed

Eo Ut Mortus vs undisputed


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undi wins ou
eo wins uu

ubers: heads undi, tails eo

[5:34pm] Lavos: !flip
[5:34pm] lynne: Flipped a coin, got heads.

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