DPP Fest - FINALS [Won by undisputed]

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I defeated Eo 2-1, ggs!

Ubers - tight game, but Eo controlled it the whole way through in my opinion. Also thanks for letting me restart a zillion times to fix giritina-o

UU - mildly surprised i won given my limited uu knowledge

OU - things didn't start off so hot with team matchup. starmie got destroyed, and then I took a risk with metagross that certainly didn't pay off. zapdos played a huge role making eo use flygon/heatran in order to take it down. after that i was banking on end-game cm sweep, and i managed to pull it out

fun series, requesting my pink trophy

also shoutouts to: bkc for letting me use his uu/ubers teams in the finals and whitequeen for posting blizzspam which is my favorite dpp uu team to use


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Congratulations undisputed, you've proved once again, in practice, to be one of the hottest DPPer around.

As for Eo, nice 2nd place :naughty:
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