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Now I know I'm not the best artist here on Smogon but I've decided to post my art for the fun of it. I used to use a style which I believed was unique and abstract, so here it is:

This is Stantler, fading in green.

Next is Horsea.

Followed by my twist on Loudred:

I always thought the Whismur line would become assosciated with Dubstep, which coincedentally is my favourite genre of music, so I decided that Loudred could be rebranded. The colours are from UFK Dubstep, blue and black.

Actually, Whismur itself would represent classical music.

From the 19th January 2013, I moved on to more generic art with my new photoshop :) My first piece:

Now, I'm not THAT good. I drew these whilst looking at pokemon cards, scanned them on to the computer, and worked my amateur magic.

Note: Requests will be finshed on the weekend only.

Josia Richter FINISHED
Corkscrew FINISHED
fryfrey FINISHED
Matezoide FINISHED
Princess Bri FINISHED
Shining Latios FINISHED
SnowPeashooters UNFINISHED


formerly Doran Dragon
goddamnit, the exploud line was my favorites...

now all ill think is WUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUBWUB

its certainly out there man, keep on keeping on :)
Sorry for double posting.

In celebration of The Olympics, here's Lapras for Team GB!

I'm doing China, Somalia, and Jamaica also, so to keep you occupied, here's a Fearow:

As said before, feedback is greatly appreciated.
No, I don't have Photoshop. I use a program called Scratch, actually, and it's not even intended for art.

Here's a Chinese Shelgon:
I love that chinese shelgon!
The way you make things look like they are painted on a wall is really good.
It looks a bit like graffiti.
If you have time could you draw
duncparce. it's my favorite pokemon
ever since I realized how stupidly annoying it can be.
Some of these are excellent while I find others fairly lackluster. For instance, your Fearow is fantastic, but I find your Stantler's very meh.

I don't know why. Just thought I'd give my two cents.
Thanks for the feedback! I know what you mean with the Stantler; the lineart is pretty rough. Especially the hind leg. For me though, I still like the Stantler. The only pokemon I'm not overly pleased about is Lapras.
Is it at all possible you could draw a braviary in front of the American Flag? i've always thought that it would look cool, and based on what you've drawn, you can easily do it. Thanks, i love your artwork :)
Aargh! Sorry Espeon65 and Josia Richter (again), but due to birthdays, holidays and school I might not get these requests done in the next week. I'll try my best.
Mmmm, churning these out like a boss! Espeon, your Braviary:

Man, this was a bitch to draw.

EDIT: I know this makes me look like a douche, but if people can tell others about this thread I'd be really greatful, as only four people have commented on this thread, and I'm in need of feedback. Thankyou!
Are these done by mouse? Very impressive. I like how you add background to each of your images, even if they are just simple colours. Most artists tend to forget background, and it takes something away from the final product. I would suggest trying to add shading to some of these pics, even if it's simple, just to see if it changes anything.

May I request a nincada?
thanks a lot I love the color blue with the read and yellow background is really nice.
Is there any particular way you choose the colors or do you just go with what you think is most fitting?
I just look at which colours would fit each pokemon the best. I never use the original colours, too boring! Thw red and yellow background is the original derp background.
Furosuto, your Nincada. Sorry for no shading, but when I tried, it didn't look right, especially with this style. That, and I'm a rubbish shader, so there's something I need to work on...


Don't let the bed bug's bite...

Oh, and avatar version:

EDIT: AAARG! It's gone weird and I can only post avatar size. Sorry!

EDIT: Fixed!
Damn you School for my infrequent art posts!!!!

Anyways, did these for my Art Class, it's this style from this artist who I've forgotten the name and am too lazy to find out. For all the idiots out there, I didn't take these photos. Thanks Google Images!

You should try these, they're really fun!
Hello! Sorry for my infrequent updating, school work is really slowing me down. Anyway, I've painted Stephen Fry (In my GCSE Art lesson...)

Now. Due to me being banned from posting artwork in the CAP Art Submissions (Please don't ask why), I've decided to post what I would have submitted anyway, but on my art thread:

I've dubbed this guy Soilorb. I'm unsure about his colour scheme. Anyway, it's a shelled worm with an orb on top. If anybody wants to continue this concept or this art, or even steal it from me, be my guest. And here's the shiny:

PLEASE COMMENT ON MY SHADING! I say this because I feel it needs improving.

Expect more frequent art posts! EDIT: Or not...

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