Eevees for Everyone!

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This is my first thread on here

I have Eevees with egg moves Wish, Charm, Stored Power, and Yawn

I can breed for natures and I can breed for flawless stats with no problem at all.

ALL EEVEES ARE FULLY Redistributable

There are no major rules other than please one per person.
Also please post IVs of the Eevee if you are wanting a specific Hidden Power, If you already posted and see this I ant you to Post the IVs you need

I will take about any pokemon. Bred throw away pokemon are the best for me to get.

This is a fifth gen Give away and as of now there are no DW eevees to give out

I trade on Saturdays only, if you don't like that don't post. I am on GMT-4. I can only trade from 12-6 and even then you have to schedule a time.
I know it's annoying not having wifi at home!
Anyone else out there who doesn't have WiFi at home, I feel for you!

I look forward to doing trades with raypowao, Calahagus, lmitchell, Inbred, Pink Floyd, The Silent One, nachocheese99m soul_survivor, Pokelawyer, Pareidolia, Ice Arceus12, Diet-Pepsi, captian Interlock, JetStar, Bruno Magno, Pippy, FSLAR, newb.

Orders Are Full for now. When I get more done I will reopen this
I want a flawless Eevee please. Im playing Black and I can trade at exactly 12 in your timezone.

I only have mons in BLack to trade, nothing special. havent done any trade so far because i just finished E4 recently.

tell me what you need. :)) thanks.
I'd love a flawless Bold Eevee please. I don't have much to give, maybe a less common 'mon or something with a DW ability.

I'm free pretty much all day Saturdays. I'll see if I can get you at 1.
Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. I would like one please. Can my eevee have a timid nature and have flawless stats (attack doesn't matter).
I'd like a Jolly one please, flawless. With Yawn IFP. Thanks.

EDIT: Is it possible to get it 4th Gen. If you can thats awesome I don't mind missing out on Yawn to get it 4th gen.
a modest eevee with flawless but 30 on special attack. (I want a vaporeon later with hp electric, haha.) thanks! i'll get back to you on what time to trade.


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If this is still up I'd love a timid HP Ice 70 flawless eevee if possible. great giveaway though :)

IVs: 31/30/30/31/31/31
there xD
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